CORRUPT: WA's corrupt corruption commission exposed

waccc The Western Australian anti-corruption agency is very uncomfortable every time its controversial actions are scrutinised, according to close observers.

The excellent CCC Exposed website reveals that the anti-corruption agency denies its targets use of legal counsel yet when probed by a Parliamentary Inspector that reviews the Commission, CCC staff refused to speak unless their taxpayer funded barristers were present.

It explains that the CCC has been exposed making completely false findings of wrongdoing against its targets including one respected senior WA public servant who the Commission accused of not disclosing he’d been lobbied by Brian Burke.

Red-faces all round when the Parliamentary Inspector found the Commission had ignored the existence of evidence that proved he had disclosed it.

You cannot find the truth through concealment and trickery. The Commission has clearly gone past its use-by date and ought be abolished.



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3 responses to “CORRUPT: WA's corrupt corruption commission exposed

  1. Sank T. Monious

    That’s the problem with these sort of bodies.

    They don’t apply the same standards to themselves that that they apply to others. They overflow with sanctimonious piety whilst dripping in hypocrisy.

    We already have a highly resourced and skilled investigative agancy to investigate alleged criminal corruption – Victoria Police. We have an Ombudsman to investigate non criminal adminidtrative corruption and we have an Office of Police Integrity to investigate corruption and misconduct by police.

    It’s valid to have a conversation about whether these agancies have adequate resources and powers but we don’t need a plethora of overlapping agncies falling overthemselves trying to grab the limelight as they compete for available budget money.

    Why do we need another self serving bureacracy other than to feed the needs of impoverished lawyers and “investigative” journalists who will trot out any half-cocked conspiracy theory as gospel and who are too lazy to do any real investigating.

  2. Anonymous

    The Crime and Misconduct Commission of WA is a disgrace.

    Brian Burke is one of Australia’s great former Premiers. Stop victimising him. He should be back leading the ALP in Western Australia.

  3. Paul

    I find my recently found VEXNEWS very interesting via the comments.

    I certainly am not anti CCC nor anti Politions even, I am anti corruption,.

    Here in W.A. some of the claims by sanctmonious, would be laughable, trusting our cops to “investigate themselves” trusting various Ombudsmen or their Staff in W.A. is I feel fraught with danger.

    I know of “wrongdoing”, in local Government, which was reported to an Ombudsman, we later found that one of the Ombudsmans staff was the spouse of an official at that same local Government, I am advised that other unwary residents have made similar complaints re; alledged “wrongdoing”,.

    Guess how good the complaints went for yourselves

    On another incident a “Police Ombudsmans Investigator”, had irrefutable evidence pointed out her that a Cop, had neglected to interview independant witness’s, yet had accepted dishonest claims by people who had broken many Laws, in an incident where a mate of one “Julian Grill”, had attempted to run over a Citizen and deliberately crashed into a parked car in attempting to injure that resident.

    Now I understand that both of these various Ombudsmans Staff have left their previous positions, since the CCC was commenced, I would find it interesting, if the CCC is the current place of employment for either of them.

    All that most of W.A. residents ask for is an HONEST AND CAPABLE, CCC.

    It really is needed, but it may be that W.A. and/or Australia is so “incestuous”, as far as illegal Government or Burocratic activity goes, that it may be almost impossible to find suitable staff, remember that much corruption is from the Top of the Tree, not the bottom, i.e. bent Cops in the lower Ranks cannot operate indefinitely, without neglect or abetting from the higher ranks, my experience indicates to me that being bent seems to me to be the first step on the promotion ladder, with W.A. State Cops

    Perhaps we should import a complete team of suitably trained foriegners, to run our CCC

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