STRANGE: Atheists swoop on Victorian schools to teach religious education

victorianatheistsMichael Bachelard’s ongoing battle with Christianity took on an unexpected twist on Sunday with his revelations that atheists have emerged as religious education instructors in Victorian schools.

The writer showed surprising signs of maturity by reporting the issue in a fair and balanced way.

He reported that the Victorian government’s accreditation body intends to approve “Humanist Society of Victoria” curriculum which posits that there is no God or any supernatural power. How they go teaching religion does seem to beyond human comprehension, so perhaps we’ll have to consult a higher power to understand it. Bronwyn Pike or someone.

Bachelard concedes:

The Humanist Society does not consider itself to be a religious organisation and believes ethics have “no necessary connection with religion”.

The possibilities are endless for Victoria’s curriculum. Couch potato classes in physical education, calling Dominos during home economics, holocaust denial in history…



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16 responses to “STRANGE: Atheists swoop on Victorian schools to teach religious education

  1. Anonymous

    The Humanist Society is a disgraceful organisation. Even people in the former Church of Diane Anderson, the Unitarian Church, think badly of that organisation.

    One of the worst performing teachers in Victoria is a top atheistic humanist. Typically he is a former atheistic communist. He even admitted recently he dobs people in to the EPA that he sees littering, but he is so dysfunctional he gets transposes numbers. More people should complain rather than pay up when they get an EPA infringement notice. It might not seem much money but an important principle is at stake. Liberty Victoria is controlled by humanists and they support the Stasiland EPA. They are disgraceful too. Julian Burnside ought to hang himself in shame.

    Ban humanists from our schools.

  2. Tsukiji Fish Market

    This was in The Age on Sunday, picked up by ABC radio and AAP Sunday and even in Andrew Bolt’s blog. The Geelong and Adelaide Advertisers had it yesterday. What value is this 2 days later?

  3. Hmmm

    “What value is this 2 days later?”
    The cartoon … I spose.

  4. Tsukiji Fish Market

    Two days to pinch and alter someone else’s work?


    Good points made, actually this story was posted on Sunday but gremlins ate it. After careful consideration, the Editorial board insisted that the humanists be duly – if belatedly – lashed. In other times, a stake might have been constructed for a good ol’ fashioned burning. Fortunately we have moved on.

    We are pleased y’all have such high expectations of VEXNEWS.

  6. Anonymous

    Vexnews is to be congratulated on its exposure of the atheists.

    I know of no worse people than many humanist society members. Margaret Tighe hates them too, and she’s a good woman fighting for the rights of the unborn and for her opposition to euthanasia, which is a terrible thing that the humanists advocate.

    Go Margaret. You are great.

  7. Anonymous

    Great cartoon. True too. Much better than first dog on the moon on Nameless.

  8. Anonymous

    Nameless is a publication of atheistic humanists.

  9. Anonymous

    They don’t all live in Manningham though. One bad clowncillor is enough.

  10. Father Ben Dover

    Has anyone seen that little blond choir boy?

  11. Anonymous

    The atheist communist regime of the Soviet Union killed tens of millions of people. Stalin wiped out anyone who disagreed with him.
    Atheists kill people.
    There are too many of them.
    Kill all atheists.
    The only good communist is a dead communist.
    Bring back hanging for all communists and humanists.

  12. Mr T.

    This situation arises because of an archaic law in Victoria. Any organised religion has the right to conduct classes in the school. (i don’t know what happens if more than one organised religion wants to conduct classes)

    I understand this is not the case in Queensland, and I am unsure of the situation in other states.

    The practical result is that those kids that don’t want to participate are treated very badly (often stuck in the back of other classes and told to amuse themselves)

    Victoria needs to repeal this law.

  13. The Mare

    I never thoughtI’d see the day, but this debate is even more vaccuous and pointless than the one about local misgovernment.

  14. Anon Annonski

    Victoria does not need to repeal the law. Its a typical too cool for school lefty topic of concern.
    Thousands of kids attend prive schools owned by churches. No one forces them to attend, their parents pay for them to do so or they recieve a scholarship.
    Contrary to the myths perpetuated by lefty wefty types – kids who have a genuine issue with religious activities are generally treated with sensetivity by the school.

  15. Anon Annonski

    PS as a former high office bearer in the Uniting Church, Bronny Pike has no qualifications for commenting on religion!

  16. Captain Marvel

    My we do get sensitive about religion and the God myth. Come on, to believe that a Divine Being created the Universe, and intervenes in all it’s workings is a little peculiar in the age of relativity and quantum physics. I hope no one out there actually believes the world is 6000 years old! I for one do not want my children indoctrinated into religion. Ethics and a knowledge of relativity and quantum physics will do just fine, for therein lay the answers. Now go ahead and berate me as a heathen.

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