MILLIONAIRE MOANER: Pat Dodson lives large while imposing his ideological agenda of victimhood

patdodson It takes a man as odious as Pat Dodson to take the cheer out of this Christmas season.

Appointed by the Northern Territory Government to conduct consultations about homeland aboriginal communities, Dodson has used his position of authority to denounce his ideological competitors within Australia’s Indigenous intelligentsia, Marcia Langton, Warren Mundine and Noel Pearson. 

Dodson blames them for the intervention and misrepresents the trio as arguing for the missions to return. In truth Dodson is committed to reversing Indigenous urbanisation through subsidising the homeland movement.  Langton, Mundine and Pearson have been arguing for Indigenous people to orbit between their homelands and the wider world and for stabilising communities against the effects of substance abuse, violence and poor nutrition.  Dodson’s discredited views belong to the 1970s; his persuasive targets belong to the twenty first century.

As a lavishly well-paid consultant, Dodson is visiting seventeen communities, none of them outstations. He has already gone public by calling the consultation flawed.

Such consulting positions are typically bestowed on people who can facilitate a wide range of views.  Dodson though is only interested in beating the drum of victimhood and bullying other Indigenous leaders. 

NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson and Minister Marion Scrygmour must surely be embarrassed by their incredibly poor choice.  Henderson should remove Dodson immediately. 

Patrick Dodson is a serial emotional and moral blackmailer, a wealthy Broome carpetbagger and a star among the hardcore Left which has awarded him Australia’s most questionable gong, the Sydney Peace Prize.   He is incapable of fairly facilitating consultations and has no place in telling NT homeland communities which Indigenous leaders Territorians should or should not take notice of.

The future of Indigenous homelands is a vexed one.  Outstations are expensive and economically unviable but are often safer and healthier than many of violent and sedentary townships.  They provide a service to the nation in caring for large tracts of land and are a repository of traditional culture and language but access to quality education, health and housing is very limited.

Whatever the governments decide to do about outstations, all Australians deserve better than having to subsidise Patrick Dodson’s self-interested ideological outbursts of jealousy and bile.



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