ANGRY: Catherine Ng and Douglas Campbell dining alone, crying into their supper

catherinengmelbourne Was delightful to spot the wounded Melbourne Lord Mayoral wannabe Catherine Ng supping on Bourke Street this wet evening as we tooled around town. Naturally, the one-time friend of some of Melbourne’s more colourful developers chose the Society restaurant, once allegedly owned by occasionally alleged crime boss and developer Mick Gatto. We emphasise no disrespect is meant to Senor Gatto or any of his associates in making this observation. He is probably far more honest than Ng. Sitting alongside her was her sour faced snoozer hubby, an understandably very badly inebriated Red Ted Baillieu staffer Douggie Campbell -who some suggest has yet to face the inevitable Crying Game moment at home- who was yelling out profanities at your correspondent with all the enthusiasm normally reserved for the MUA Christmas Party. It was only pity that prevented us reporting his grotesque and repeated offensive language to the numerous VicPol members nearby. Ng, a TAFE worker, was unusually quiet, still sullen and smarting perhaps from her devastating loss. Mind you, her hair looked particularly shiny, perhaps a new wig had been ordered for her Mayoral swearing-in ceremony that never was. Why can’t friends stage a pretend ceremony in the 157 Spring Street Opposition offices, complete with pretend mayoral robes and chains from Baillieu COS Michael Kapel’s own private collection. We bags the all-black leather outfit.



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5 responses to “ANGRY: Catherine Ng and Douglas Campbell dining alone, crying into their supper

  1. Goanna

    Andrew your posts have become more irrelevant and pathetic each week. I do not support anybody on the Council, as I dont live or vote there. This is not just about this vote, it is only another in a long line in similar patetic attempts to smear somebody in your posts. And you were someone i followed with interest every day 1 year ago. How your standards have slipped. I only check yr posta every week or so now. Dont know why I bother.

  2. No Goanna - Ng

    I hear that Doug Campbell and Ng are into leather, chains and that sort of abuse. I am sure they will make up other fantasy to get their rocks off. Her loss is the city’s gain. Love the high level of commentary and publication. Goanna, above, is in reality Doug.

  3. David

    Keep it up mate. Her likes need such exposure.

  4. Steve

    I don’t get it – Doug Campbell is a cross-dresser? Or he’s married to one?

  5. No idea!!

    But I don’t think this article is very interesting!! I mean, it will not change the world…

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