LAKE: A yoof misspent with local government cardigans for the greater good

geofflake Victorian Labor Unity member, once aligned with the NUW now warmly embraced in a patriotic bearhug of post readmittance unity, Geoff Lake has been the name on every gossip’s tongue of late.

Some have him running for Parliament, some think he’ll be the next ALP State Secretary after the next state election, some say he’s going to the Bar (the one drinking alcohol not serving it) but in fact the Doogie Howser of local government has become the national President of the Australian Local Government Association after returning to the Monash council following a break.

With Kevin Rudd making connecting with local government a top priority of his 247 administration, Lake is in the right place at the right time to boost his profile for public office. Some think he would be the perfect fit for the seat of Hotham, should the immovable object known as Simon Crean finally succumb to the irresistible force of eventual retirement.

In his very early twenties, Lake was elected the youngest ever Mayor of the Monash council, served with distinction and has continued to dominate that council from behind the scenes every since.

The Minter Ellison lawyer will be ably assisted in his new role with no fewer than eleven senior ranking staff in the ALGA which successfully lobbied Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for a local government summit a month or so ago.

Insiders explain that Lake’s quick return to the position was made possible by it being “Victoria’s turn” and that former Municipal Association of Victoria President Dick Gross was intended to take up the spot, until he ran into the anti-development jihadists of St Kilda who unseated him with campaigners including aggressive solidly built women with very short hair-cuts who wore “SICK OF DICK” T-shirts. No doubt they were.

They were municipally sick of Dick because he’d supported (and succeeded in scaling back) a big development in the beach-side suburb that is now expected to never get built. Life’s a bitch.

But not for patriot Geoff Lake who has continued his upward youthful surge among the elderly cardigans of local government with consummate skill.



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13 responses to “LAKE: A yoof misspent with local government cardigans for the greater good

  1. Liberal Insider

    I think we should start up the “Geoff for Premier” campaign. Geoff is far more beneficial for the Liberal side of politics than Labor.
    You only need to look at his past to qualify this statement. Look at just one example of Geoff’s work. He organised and ran the election campaign of numerous council candidates at the recent elections, for a fee of $6000.00, in return for three colour pamphlets and delivery and other campaign advice the ‘Book according to Geoff’. One of his Protégé Sam Aziz who stood for Casey, resigned from the Labor Party during the campaign and swapped preferences with every lib candidate before any of the ALP choices. Great work Geoff, the Liberal Party is right behind you.

  2. no fan

    Lake is a toxic prick.

  3. centaur_007

    Hahaha Liberal inside.I met 4 unrelated couples during the council elections who were voting for Lake because he was a good liberal. The guy is brilliant. There is no doubt that he is senior minister/ premier material. They managed to get 9 out of the 11 councillors on Monash ALP. Amazing stuff. Sounds like Aziz is a traitor that shoulkd be hung drawn and quatered.

  4. anon

    How is casey doing anyway?

  5. anon

    He’s a prissy little faggot.

  6. Anonymous

    Geoff is a talent. The networkers are the future of the ALP.

  7. ANON

    The networkers are nothing more then trumped up university folk that have over inflated egos about themselves and and over inflated opinions of their own ability. Have a look at the networkers, Tim Holding, Geoff Lake, Joy Banjeri, Judith Grayley, to name just a few.
    Fuck off and grow up, the world does not evolve around you like you think it does.

  8. anon

    Have a look at his expression, he looks like has been caught masturbating, actual that’s his fav hobby.

  9. Anonymous

    Diane Anderson is an arch enemy of the networkers. Geoff Lake has always been an arch enemy of Diane Anderson.

  10. mmm

    Andy why aren’t you covering the demise of Hakki and Natalie Suleyman? Surely its Labor Unity Newsworthy!

  11. Anon Annonski

    Are ‘networkers’ what they call themselves? Oh please!

  12. feather duster club

    Diane Anderson has very few enemies- only about 90% of the ALP.

  13. anan kofi

    Correction Geoff Lake has never been a member of Labor Unity and never will be.
    He is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

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