ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH: Catherine Ng rears her ugly head

nglashesfoes Melbourne’s sorest loser deposed Councillor Catherine Ng has had one last public sob about losing the Mayoral poll in the left-wing press, the inner-city colour gloss environmental vandal Melbourne Weekly.

The article was written by Bianca Hall, a Melbourne Times blogger linked to Catherine Ng’s campaign, after a suspicious series of pro Ng articles, so friendly they appeared to have been transliterated from the original Mandarin in the People’s Daily, the official organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

In angry and tortured language, Ng denounced her critics and apparently even poured a bucket on VEXNEWS, where news has a future.

Sources close to Ng claim she had extracted a promise from Hall to name and shame VEXNEWS for being mean to her and “calling me hag”. Hall dishonoured the promise or was perhaps the victim of legal vetting.

The Melbourne Times blogger did however assert that an unnamed publication was “linked” to those campaigning against Ng, a preposterous lie that Ms Hall neglected to even ask us about before publication. For shame! If it wasn’t such a joke, we’d be straight off to the Press Council to add to Ms Hall’s bulging file.

Like a less lyrical, considerably less popular and much more incoherent Edith Piaf, Ng insisted she had no regrets. And despite being possibly the most embittered loser of all time, who lost because of her own dismal record she insists with all the solemn blackness of one of her hubby Douggie Campbell’s black skivvies “I have my reputation. I have my dignity.”

Not so much dignity that she wouldn’t square up with a few old foes though.

First off, Her Embitteredness attacks John So for “refusing” to attend council committee meetings. More like he decided to let the other councillors deliberate without him dominating proceedings, it seemed to most impartial observers. It’s worth remembering that without So, Ng would never have been elected to the council or as chair of the council’s planning committee for seven years.

This is all the more ironic given that Ng herself was criticised for her own admission that she didn’t attend many council meetings despite being paid in full. She told a Herald Sun online forum that her attendance record “exceeds 50 per cent”, it was hardly a proud boast of great commitment to her job.

She also seems very unhappy that a “Labor hack would participate in this election”, which we can only assume refers to much respected ALP statesman Raymond Collins who authorised the material that shed light on her shame.

Collins donates his services to good causes for free. But it seems that Ng has to pay for her party hacks, with the head of the Howard Government’s “dirt unit” Ian Hanke, a proud Liberal hack, telling friends he was up for $20,000 for working for Catherine Unpronounceable for a month or so. His work is believed to have been inspired by the film “Indecent Proposal”.

Not yet done, she goes on to complain about the composition of the last council. She says “The last (term) we had a very different breed of councillor. The behaviour was not that mature, what I would call young boy behaviour… shouting, screaming, pushing chairs, pushing papers.”

Oddly, the most common criticism of Ng by council officers was that of her own bullying and childish behaviour. Who are we to believe?

She’s also quite embittered about the bloke who beat her, Robert Doyle. “He needs to actually learn more about Melbourne…” Charming.

The TAFE worker now has plenty of time on her hands and is contemplating doing a PhD (Bachelor’s degree normally comes first but she’s perhaps skipped over that requirement) on tourism and also plans a book “based on interviews with couples about how they met.” We can scarcely wait to learn more about Douggie and Catherine hooking up that first time at the swimming pool where she was reputedly doing laps and his interest in the hag must have been in part prompted by a chlorine high or an interest in the she-male form.

And of course despite claiming to be “Independent” repeatedly during her deceitful election campaign, Ng says she’s now looking at a run at state politics very soon. Gladys Liu is thought to be involved.

“I have been asked by people in my community to look at other levels of government, but as (sic) this time I haven’t made a decision.”

Presumably this means she’s been actively thinking of joining a political party all along, contrary to her false and misleading assertions of “independence”. In the end, Ng is just as we asserted, little more than a lying liar who lies. And that is the last word here until the mole (so to speak) pushes her head above the dirt in Liberal preselection where we’ll do our very best to send her back underground quick smart.



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10 responses to “ONCE MORE UNTO THE BREACH: Catherine Ng rears her ugly head

  1. firm, but fair.
    I do, however, share Catherine’s concerns about Fatty Doyle’s ignorance of Melbourne.
    he is working hard to fill the knowledge void going forward, starting with a crash course at the many & varied world class dining spots we so proudly boast.

  2. Catherine was not really cut out for it. As embittered as she is she needs to realise that she polled 4 percent below expectations. In spite her false claims of independence, she – like other Lord Mayor aspirants – managed to elect on sitting Councilor – Brian Shanahan, a fledgling ALP member, to Council.

    She also forgot to mention her illegal compensation payment paid out to Kate Redwood for her sweet-heart non performing illegal contact of thanks.

    She also should explain why John So felt he could not run for a third term because of his dislike for her. Not to forget Catherines support for other City Councillors like Carl “Jet Set” Jetter who was elected on the back of Robert Doyle’s campaign. I doubt sahe will be preselected unless she is planning on running for Richamond against Richard Wynne. Not much tallent there I am afraid.

    Ding dong the wicked …

  3. Tony Dib

    Speaking of hags, it was like a coven of witches at the Darebin Art Centre tonight when late arrival Pauline the bully Fegan smooched up to new Mayor Diana the Princess Asmar. My how things have changed! Didn’t Pauline sack Diana from the HSU? Is Diana going back to the HSU or is Fegan going to be the new CEO at Darebin?

  4. Seesmost

    Have I been sacked ???

  5. Irene Webber too

    Jail for Fegan when her rorting comes out. AND HER CRONIES

  6. loser

    mate she’s as dumb as dogshit. She may wish to back and do a PHD but mate she doesn’t get it. Love to give her a good pockie she needs it

  7. Annoyed

    She wants to do a PHD on how “tourism can alleviate poverty in South-East Asia”. Yeah, tell me another one City Mother. Is this before or after you defeat terrorism through deploying you army of security guards to roam their city streets???

  8. Lord Lesley Twentytonneguts HRH

    Please give me some publicity I crave it!

  9. John Howard

    Good luck Catherine. You did a great job. An intelligent and committed councillor with a deep understanding of local politics and difficult intricacies of planning matters. I doubt whether your replacement(s) would be understand this complex area. It’s pretty clear that you were the woman with the brains behind the disloyal and conniving So, and shame to those who spread vicious unsubstantiated innuendo about you.

  10. No Ng

    Come on she was a useless, lying conniving corrupt power seeking hag.

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