CHEWED UP: Show fear to Gallery raptors and they will rip you apart and feast upon you with glee

southcott Southcott was actually right but no one cares.

Yesterday Opposition Employment spokesman and toffy Adeliadian, Andrew Southcott, looked awkward and uncertain at a doorstop. Journos challenged him on a point of detail about surpluses and deficits under the Howard Government. This curious little cameo on the ABC News reflected more about the press gallery than it Southcott because he was right.

The Carey College graduate, Peter Costello, handed down twelve Commonwealth budgets two of which were in deficit. Southcott never said the former Government had not delivered deficit budgets or that there were ten consecutive surpluses. He said there were ten surplus budgets, a fact beyond dispute.

Southcott should learn from Mr Pyne: just because you have an Oxford-on-the-Torrens accent chiselled by St Peters College and the Adelaide Club is no excuse for lacking confidence in front of the most vain and ignorant of political beasts – television journalists.

The transience of those journalists also indicates that Sydney Grammar educated Turnbull and St Peter’s Collegiate Girls’ School alumnus Bishop have yet to cut through with the press gallery.

The Liberal’s narrative about undesirable deficits this financial year is not cutting mustard with economists either, even though polls indicate the wider public prefer government surpluses to deficits.



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6 responses to “CHEWED UP: Show fear to Gallery raptors and they will rip you apart and feast upon you with glee

  1. i seem to recall hearing Southcott claim 10 consecutive surpluses during that exchange.

    then again, who pays attention to what southcott’s got to say about anything.
    bottom line, when challenge by the rabid dogs he stumbled and stuttered. never a good move – especially from a fey chap who was among the worst & more clueless joint party room briefers during the Howard years.
    hey Andy, since you’re reading this: what about my racing gig? email me pls.

  2. Col William Light

    Adeliadian? Surely U mean Adelaidian or Adelaidean.

  3. Barr Smith Downer

    What is the plural of OAF? OAFs? OAFers?

  4. billy

    forget about southcott, how about rudd’s relationship with the editor of the australian?
    I found out tonight at the pub that the editor goes to rudd’s place for dinner all the time and rudd tells him what to put in the paper.
    no wonder we see nothing but rudd’s big smiling mug day after day, and nothing but attacks on julie bishop, who is actually good value, and good looking!
    you can see rudd telling the editor to get stuck into bishop, and the editor peeing his pants on his way to work the next day.
    what a shocker!

  5. Cam

    is this true?
    rudd and the editor pissing in each other’s pockets?
    newspapers can’t be trusted at the best of times, but this is bloody corruption.
    why is this not headline news on the tv?
    one of them has to go …and it won’t be krudd is my bet.

  6. Duchess of Sturt

    Andy is really an underperformer. My star has risen so much higher than his during our time in parliament. Although Andy has found time to get a couple of degrees during his parliamentary service amid watching episodes of friends.

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