TYPICAL: Twentyman bites hand that fed him for ten years

lescnut Controversial political candidate and property millionaire Les Twentyman has had a bust-up with his employer charity Open Family.

In the way only Twentyman could manage, he has split from the charity that paid him well for nearly a decade, has launched a rival charity and has publicly savaged his former employer.

He’s all class.

Twentyman has told a western suburbs local newspaper that many charities were a “bourgeoisie” operation where very well paid CEOs and “extraordinarily high administration costs” prevailed.

Twentyman declared:

“Some charities are paying CEOs exorbitant salaries when at the other end of the scale you have community contact workers earning $20 an hour. How can this be justified? It’s just not right.”

VEXNEWS has been told that this is thinly veiled criticism aimed to undermine his longtime former employer Open Family.

Sources familiar with Twentyman’s activities told VEXNEWS “It will be interesting to see the details of Twentyman’s charity operation. Is he paying himself a salary from funds he’s raising for the homeless? What percentage of funds raised will that salary be?”

During the Kororoit by-election earlier this year, Twentyman was exposed living in a million dollar property in an exclusive riverfront estate despite pretending to be an Aussie battler in a black T-shirt who was doing it tough Mother Theresa style.

The lavishly appointed home – in the Edgewater estate in Maribyrnong – is complete with atrium, mini-waterfall and enormous oil painting of Twentyman painted by one of Australia’s best known artists.

Twentyman has told friends he intends to run against Labor moderate Marsha Thomson in the state seat of Footscray at the next state election. He claims to have already have commitments of financial support from backers like ETU union leader Dean Mighell.



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8 responses to “TYPICAL: Twentyman bites hand that fed him for ten years

  1. youthie

    He was seen at the Park Hyatt last Thursday in the ritzy Radi Restaurant and Bar, downing copious amounts of high priced red wine (mineral water is 14 bucks a bottle!). He was in the company of a number of ‘suits’ and staggered out after 11 p.m. So who gets paid too much? And were the ‘suits’ bankrolling his charity?

  2. anon

    What a selfish fat slob Lord Les Twentytonneguts HRH is.
    The sooner he he is publicly exposed as the fraud that he is, the better.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m very confused about how he gets away with all this. What a total con artist.

  4. brown eyes

    Open Family were at the relaunch of the 20th Man Fund. Some dust up LOL!

  5. Joe Hockey

    I was too. I ate the pies before Lard Lord Les did.

  6. tom

    Take a look at another “charity” paraquad. Highly paid executives and they end up distributing stuff all to the cripples.
    Their resources are also diverted to fund the never ending council tilts by the serial liar Pat Young, who happens to be a highly paid executive at Paraquad…who’s run for a number of eastern suburbs councils, most recently running a massive advertising campaign in the Maroondah election and failing to get elected.

  7. anon

    Lord Lard Arse could call his new charity “FAT CNUT FOUNDATION”.
    The motto could be ‘Give Till It Hurts – Then Watch Me Piss It Up Against The Wall.”

  8. captain marvel

    Although I’m not informed in regard to Mr Twentyman’s personal affairs,I must agree with his criticism of bloated charity executives. Pigs at the trough whilst workers slave for a pittance, and resources are scarce for clients. Also I note the comment from ‘Tom’, I know a thing or two about Paraquad’s dodgy inclinations. I suggest Vexnews direct some scrutiny in the direction of Paraquad.

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