BOMBSHELL: Rape accuser's credibility in tatters after being caught in a lie

In a very significant development in the insanely long investigation into claims a senior Cabinet minister assaulted a woman in Parliament House a decade ago, the Herald Sun has revealed the existence of very friendly text messages sent by the rape accuser to the Minister years after the night she claims he attacked her.

It is surely now time that this outrageous farce was put to an end. We doubt there is a single person – even among the Minister’s political adversaries – who believe there is any serious likelihood that she is telling the truth.

The newspaper’s John Ferguson explained this morning that he “has seen Christmas and New Year messages sent by the woman in which she wishes the embattled MP a long and happy life.” They were sent four years after the night she now says she was attacked and threatened.

Is that really what rape victims do? Send their rapist happy greetings expressing friendship?

Any lingering doubt – and there clearly wasn’t much left – over the matter has been resolved in our view.

Interestingly, the Hun reports that the texts have been recovered from Greek telco records.

John Ferguson reveals despite the accuser claiming she had nothing to do with the Minister since the night in question that:

On Christmas Day in 2002, at 10.03am, the woman texted Mr Theophanous from overseas, declaring: “Wishing you and the family a very merry xmas.”

She also sent a Greek greeting, which when translated to English wished Mr Theophanous “many happy years”.

On New Year’s Day 2003, at 11.37am, she sent another SMS declaring: “HAPPY NEW YEAR. May 2003 be a joyus (sic) and prosperous year for you.”

Four years later, after a rash of high profile sexual harassment lawsuits in Greece made big news and big profits for the plaintiffs, the accuser talked with a solicitor in the outer suburbs of Melbourne and began to investigate how she could profit from her story.

We can only hope the accuser is brought to justice. The Police investigation her tales prompted have cost Victorian taxpayers many hundreds of thousands of dollars and deprived the government of one of its most senior ministers. At some point, it seems inevitable that her story will be exposed as a lie. Will she be allowed to get away with it?



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12 responses to “BOMBSHELL: Rape accuser's credibility in tatters after being caught in a lie

  1. Silence Dogood

    Here Here… She should be charged with supplying false and misleading information. Her ‘money-grabbing’ actions have sent the cause of women’s rights in this town backwards, and for this alone she should be outed and chastised publicly!

  2. Not Convinced

    I’m not disputing the fact that the accusations are false but a couple of text messages for Christmas and New Year greeting (probably sent to everyone in her phone address book)are not defining proof. I’ve still got the phone numbers of people I hate in my phone so that I can screen their calls if they ring.

  3. Did any of these people rape you?

  4. oh come on

    She says she’s raped.

    Then she moves to Greece.

    She gets a new phone and a new life.

    She keeps the phone number of the bloke she says raped her and then texts him which of course leaves her own number.

    She didn’t need to screen calls from Theophanous because he wouldn’t have had any way of knowing her new number when she moved to Greece.

    What woman would text her rapist at all, let alone New Year salutations ?

    This whole thing was a lie from start to finish. She should be punished.

  5. Vexed

    Yeah except what the article didn’t say is that the messages begin with “Hi Theo”..Convincd now?

  6. Anonymous

    It is totally contemptible that a man accused of rape is dragged through the media and subjected to considerable innuendo, yet a woman who makes a false charge can remain totally free and her name is never made public.

    Commo Labor MP Peter Duncan from Elizabeth in South Australia and Brian Dixon, whom Bolte wouldn’t make a Minister, were responsible for this.
    Shame on you both.

  7. H Valance

    What a [deleted]. There is a thing called KARMA. Now she will be [deleted], probably [deleted] by a group of illegal [deleted].

  8. N Webster

    ….[deleted] style!

  9. pathetic

    your comments on a case which is under police investigation walk the line. but letting the previous two comments (from H Valance and N Webster – possibly the same piece of crap) through is disgusting. you should be ashamed of yourself.

    i admire your passion in defending society from lefty skullduggery, but this is beyond the pale.

    VEXNEWS: Thanks for alerting us to the unpleasant comments, which have been deleted… our moderation software is reasonably good, but is not perfect. Due to the volume of them, we are unable to moderate every comment before it’s published. Your assumption that they had been approved is incorrect. Thanks though for your vigilance. We have banned the IP address associated with those comments.

  10. Anonymous

    Isn’t there a bigger issue here? And that is how can people be protected from these false smears in the future?

    Imagine if it was you who has the finger of false rape pointed at you. In the end the Police might say the case will not proceed BUT how much stress and anguish have you been through and the stigma will always remain.

    Something is very wrong here.

  11. R Walker of Melbourne

    Funny how this news (and it is most definitely news) never got reported in the Age. Juuuuust a little bit of bias against anyone in Labor Unity.

  12. Spudly

    Ha! This trial is still underway. Under the laws of contempt, fair and accurate reports are ok. Commentary is not. Enjoy your stretch.

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