SPRUNG: Fairfax stops illegal kickbacks to real estate agents following investigation

vexnewsplaceholder4 This is a message to our dear friends at Planet Fairfax. Thanks for reading VEXNEWS.  We have the proof in the form of word just in from a consortium of Mercedes sports car drivers at http://www.pissedoffealestateagents.com.au that The Age’s annual junket for real estate agents has been cancelled for 2009. 

Could this be (a) because Fairfax’s lawyers have finally realised that this corrupt bribe is actually in contravention of Section 48 of the Victorian Real Estate Agents Act 1980? Or (b) because they were embarrassed by the expose we ran in VEXNEWS’s fine predecessor publication earlier this year.  Then again, maybe the real answer is (c) they can’t afford it any more.

Take your pick.  Either way, we take this news as a win for truth, justice and the VEXNEWS way.  Our expose of the appalling junket put on for a handful of over-fed estate agents was one of our bigger scoops of the year, but it has taken Fairfax several months to act, lest they be seen to be responding to our criticism.

16.north.korea.gi.afp The one thing we were never able to establish is where next year’s junket was headed.  We hear North Korea is nice in July. Perhaps they could relocate the whole Fairfax organisation up there.  The Dear Leader could do with some more sympathetic press.

In light of this development, we could ask, of course, what will The Aged do to hold onto its dwindling real estate advertising business?  No junkets.  No commissions.  No kickbacks.  Man the lifeboats!

Disclaimer: Of course, there’s no such website as http://www.pissedoffrealestateagents.com.au, but hey, maybe we’ll register the URL and start a blog.



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2 responses to “SPRUNG: Fairfax stops illegal kickbacks to real estate agents following investigation

  1. hobnobbit

    or could the junkets have ended because their chief supporters and organisers have left fairfax? will southeast asian tourism ever recover now that so many men have had their annual golfing holdiay binned?

  2. Captain Kirk

    Will I be home by Christmas???

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