MUNICIPAL SPEED RECORD: New Stonnington councillor may quit

smithturnbull Former national rower and likely Liberal lad Tim Smith has been elected to Stonnington Council, but he has immediately come under pressure from within his own party to stand aside because he won’t be in town to do his job – he accepted a job as adviser to Malcolm Turnbull during a campaign he never expected to win.

“This is a fine mess Malcolm’s got us in,” fumed a local Lib powerbroker yesterday as it became clear that the surging vote for popular former local mayor, Melina Sehr, would tow Smith through to council on her preference skirts.
Smith was duly elected one of three south ward councillors but has already packed his bags for Canberra.  He now faces the dilemma; deal with the dreary dustbin & bus shelter duties on Chapel St, or advise the next prime minister.  Says one local:  “He’d be mad to take his seat on council.  If he does, he’ll be subjected to intense scrutiny, and minor meeting he misses – and there would be plenty – will be declared an insult to the voters of Stonnington.”

“And if he doesn’t take the spot, he’ll immediately get the local party offside because his vacant position won’t necessarily go to a Liberal or a Lib-friendly candidate.”

“This bloke’s suddenly become the Chauncey Gardiner of Liberal politics,” our insider told VEXNEWS.

“Smith didn’t expect to win.  That’s why he took the job with Malcolm. Now he’s been elected he’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t”.

Turnbull, well aware that he’s viewed south of the Murray with distrust as a Sydney spiv who toyed with running for Labor, hired Smith last month during the local campaign as a sop to placate Victorian Liberals in the belief he was promoting a rising Victorian star.  But that is a disputed assertion.  “Smith’s seen as a brash newcomer who’s done himself no favours in his high-handed attitude to long-standing Liberals,” says one well-placed observer.  “He wouldn’t be missed on council if he turned down the seat.”




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10 responses to “MUNICIPAL SPEED RECORD: New Stonnington councillor may quit

  1. Anonymous

    Smith should take his place and then resign. His place will be filled on a countback. This will not cost the Stonnington electorate an expensive by-election, and ensures a councillor with like mind to Smith will replace him.

    It is sad that some opponents of proportional representation have been returned. These include Cr O’Shea, who really has left wing ALP sympathies yet claims to be an independent, and ultra-conservative Cr Ullin. Both interfered in the VEC representation review for Boroondara and we have to put up with the consequences. Stonnington voters are fools to re-elect them.

    Also the retiring Mayor, who elected a candidate intended to be her dummy because she polled so well, has been a contributor to Higgins News, a left wing publication of Diane Anderson, a favourite of Vexnews and the OC previously, Stonnington voters obviously do not read Higgins News. The VEC ignored Higgins News and sensibly adopted multi-councillor wards in Stonnington.

    Proportional representation in most councils gives good results. In Stonnington this time it hasn’t, but a sensible voting system can’t be judged on one bad outcome.

  2. Samantha

    Tim Smith is hot.

  3. Phoebe

    He does have Tallent, that Timmy

  4. It is difficult to keep up with the changes and bastardisation of the Local Government Act. Did the VEC publish the preference data-file? Without this information and in the absence of a fresh election would would have to recount the entire vote as there is no way scrutineers can verify the accuracy of the data file used to determine any count back.

    Elections in Victoria are no longer open and transparent. Information crucial to the count is not made available to scrutineers.

    Steve Tully, Victoria’s disgraceful Chief commissioner, has destroyed democracy in Victoria. Remember the stuff-ups of the 2006 Election count where Steve Tully refused to provide copies of the preference data files for the preliminary Count in the Western Metropolitan Regions(He stated in evidence to the parliamentary review committee that the data had been overwritten there were not even any backup files. How corrupt can the process be when the VEC IT department does not back up election count data?

    If he resigns from Stonington ratepayers will have to foot the bill for a new count.

  5. centaur_007

    No a countback would mean that Velos gets elected. There would be no new count.

  6. melbcity has a valid point.  if we can’t trust the VEC data,  (or to put it more nicely, it’s unverifiable) how can we be sure Velos is the next candidate over the line in a countback? 

  7. centaur_007

    Okay apparently Rose will be elected on a countback. The VEC is pathetic.In the candidates handbook there is no mention that candidates that are live start at 0 and only the vacating persons entire votes are looked. yet on the website this is mentioned which dates 2004!
    Also no one is able to tell me at the VEC what happens t the votes that the vacating candidate got from a candidate that was eliminated in the process. Do they bypass where they cae from which is completely stupid, or do they go back where they came from. does the computer now this!!
    Postal votes are bulshit!!!

  8. Rose?
    Rose, Corey – whoever he is when he’s campaigning. with, what a grand total of 500 votes and 4% of the vote?
    please tell me you’re kidding…

  9. centaur_007

    no not kidding.All of smiths votes are looked at that got him elected say 4000 then they are alocated to each live candidate at the value they were received. So Rose would have say 800 from Smith primary, then pick up all the rest that he got and the 389 that he gave smith. then canidates get eliminated. he would eventually pick up velos, moloney, etc

  10. that’s very funny. so Stooge III gets elected courtesy of Stooge II.
    democracy in action.

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