GO YOU GOOD THING: Doyle declares war on bogans and buskers

vexnewsplaceholder4 Melbourne’s new Lord Mayor Robert Doyle has decreed on 3AW this morning that Melbourne should not be a “bogan magnet” after expressing concerns about people coming into the City to get drunk.

Without wanting to commit municipal lèse majesté, it could be argued the Right Honourable to be is frequently guilty of exactly the same thing at various high-class City establishments.

Proving that he’s going to go hard, he has also decreed the standard of buskers in the city to be not up to scratch, demanding their quality be controlled by the council.

Doyle was doing a victory lap on 3AW and received universal acclaim, including from his initial promoter Neil Mitchell who loves him long time. We can only wonder how long the love will last.

He revealed that Ted Baillieu called and left a message. He hasn’t yet returned the call. Ted might be waiting a while. Robert is a busy man.



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8 responses to “GO YOU GOOD THING: Doyle declares war on bogans and buskers

  1. you beauty! well done Fatty. get rid of those bogans.
    I also heard you on Neil Mitchell this morning promising to bring back the Coles Cafeteria and cut down those unecessary trees along Swanston St/St Kilda Road, paving everything over with concrete & turning it into a much-needed tollway.
    Way to go, Fatty!

  2. I have read the Charter very closely, dear Fatty Doyle – and other materials to be used when interpreting this fine document, such as my Second Reading speech, and have come to the firm conclusion that there is no human right to be a bogan!

    This is excellent news, my dear Lord Fatty, as you will be able to eradicate bogans from the City of Melbourne and do so knowing that your actions are consistent with the Charter!

  3. guest

    Is that an old photo of Nathan “pantsman” Lambert in the green singlet above?

  4. Know nothing

    Hey Andy,

    Whats the low down on this brawl at the hsu ball last week,is it true?

  5. Fatty Doyle

    That Fifi better watch out.
    Winnie Red chain smoking, cask wine drinking single mums will soon be barred from Melbourne,

  6. Reds are better in bed

    Fatty should also take a look any shop front operated by lard arse Peter Ferne. We don’t need $2 shops in Swanston Street, close down ‘arthur daly’ now!

  7. James

    Over Two million dollars and what do we get? A used Dolye come Bogan hunter and a give me a limo and more junkets Deputy Lord Mayor.

  8. Sleeze Walk

    And what about the Sex club on Swanston? Will Robert be visiting it to weed out sleazy performers and bogans? Swanston Street is sleezy starting from Town Hall all the way to the top end

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