MANNINGHAM: Voters stick with Pick and gain Mayne after hundreds of attempts

stickwithpickCouncillor Charles Pick in Manningham, whose billboards inspired much electoral respek has been returned.

Bankrupt email newsletter former publisher Stephen Mayne has finally done what many considered impossible, he’s got elected to something, as a suburban councillor. Despite running in every conceivable election, the highest office held by Mayne previously was that of President of the local kindergarten just around the corner from his home.

Now he’s just another politician, VEXNEWS looks forward to watching Mayne’s performance closely. Oddly, by comparison to some of his colleagues, the self-righteous tosser is considered one of the slightly less crazy people elected.

Spritely Councillor Bill Larkins, 82 years young, failed to be re-elected depriving him of the eventual opportunity to equal Strom Thurmond’s record.



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5 responses to “MANNINGHAM: Voters stick with Pick and gain Mayne after hundreds of attempts

  1. Walter Plinge

    Damn, damn damn. Pick – the gay ‘marriage’ pusher. A waste of space. Oh well – I see he really porked up over the past year or so. He’s going to be a tub of lard in a few years.

    And Mayne. in my ward too. Manningham Council has been declining in effectiveness over the past few years and the rate has just accelerated.

  2. Steve Roberts

    Slogan of the year! Pick’s a hard worker and he deserved to win.

    Pick Mayor Pick? Manningham Moderates can only hope.

  3. Walter Plinge

    Well, one good thing about Mayne’s elevation. Mayor and Green ideologue Geoff Gough got the order of the boot.

  4. Andrew

    Is not change wonderful ? To get rid of all that old and useless trash that did nothing for nobody beckons a new day for the people of Manninghan. And Mr Pick needs to deliver or we will vote him and his mates out next time. Its a wonderful thing, a free Democracy in action. We want action. Not bullshit.

  5. Anonymous

    hahaha… great slogan. better than my area brimbank. old eriksson (theophanous) is out hooray!

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