CRUNCHED: CEO's cronies chopped by cross Casey constituents

caseysaved Casey council’s ruling majority – controlled by its sinister CEO Mike Tyler – has been annihilated.

The junta – headed by Labor leftist Janet Halsall – has been decimated with her thrown out unceremoniously as Mayor and councillor.

Her colleague, the sneaky Steve Beardon, once considered a master media manipulator has been a casualty too of his blind support for Tyler, losing his own seat too. Indeed some observers say Beardon has been too clever by half, running a dummy candidate and losing to her. D’oh.

The unofficial leader of the anti-Tyler rebellion, Labor moderate Kevin Bradford was re-elected in a stunning display of people power after his repudiation of Tyler’s policies and neglect which led to the poisoning of an entire housing estate by a municipal tip mismanaged on Tyler’s watch.

Tyler was present for the count and is reported have gone a very sickly shade of pale when the results were declared. We are unable to confirm whether he was looking at on his Blackberry.



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2 responses to “CRUNCHED: CEO's cronies chopped by cross Casey constituents

  1. tyler

    Wonder if I can still get the planning gig in liberal ministry?

  2. True Believer

    congratulations must go to Kevin Bradford for being re-elected after going through what was effectively 12 months of an organized vicious smear campaign led by the ex-mayor Halsall, Ceo Mike Tyler and several other councillors, not to mention the liberal upperhouse member and chief statergist Inga Peulich. It proves that smear campaigns don’t work and the people can see through the lies and bullshit which happens in local government. I feel the bells might be tolling for certain people, and idea ????

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