BEYOND BELIEF: The Victorian state MP caught out living in New South Wales

petercrispfraud Victorian National Party MP Peter Crisp has been accused of committing a litany crimes in order to cover up the fact that he lives in another state.

Crisp has admitted to Peter Rolfe at the Sunday Herald Sun that he lives on his orange grove in Dareton New South Wales.

Victorian law requires that he 1) be correctly enrolled at his “principal place of residence” and 2) that at the time of his election that he be correctly enrolled somewhere in the state of Victoria.

The law also prohibits gaining a financial advantage by deception, a fraud related offence that Crisp appears to have perpetrated on a massive scale. He has been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and entitlements as an MP.

His opponent at the last election Russell Savage has always maintained that Crisp had a false enrolment issue.

Crisp had responded to concerns about his false enrolment by insisting that he would move over the border. That was in 2006. As we approach 2009, it is clear that he was lying about his intentions too.

Crisp’s cover story was that he lived in a flat in Mildura, away from his family who lived on the farm. However, top investigate journalist Peter Rolfe has uncovered that it’s actually Crisp’s farm manager who lives in the flat.

A photograph of the residence is above and it’s clearly much less salubrious than Crisp’s multi-million dollar orange grove with magnificent farmhouse just 20 kms away but on the wrong side of the border.

Of course, Crisp’s wife Mary Ann and family live on the farm. As does Crisp. He always did. His deception barely survives any scrutiny at all.

There are two broad issues here. One is a political one, the question of whether in Mildura it’s OK to lie about where you live in order to get elected to a high-paying position of prominence in the Victorian Parliament. Some tell VEXNEWS that it’s not considered a “big deal” in border towns and despite Russell Savage raising the issue, because he didn’t report the fraud to the Police or other authorities that it didn’t go anywhere.

The other is a legal issue. The circumstance Crisp has created clearly amounts to a fraud on Victorian taxpayers. The Sunday Herald Sun says that Crisp could be stripped of his seat. Indeed that’s true. By his own admission and by the facts uncovered by the newspaper, it is clear he is and was at all material times falsely enrolled. Falsely elected. Falsely claiming a parliamentary salary and entitlements ever since.

The Ombudsman, whose role is to investigate public sector corruption, clearly must act. But will presumably only do so if complaints are made to him. Those concerned about the issue need to step up and stop acting so politely. Crisp is a crook. There’s other nice way of describing what he’s done here. He should be brought to justice.



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10 responses to “BEYOND BELIEF: The Victorian state MP caught out living in New South Wales

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  2. Anonymous

    Got this idea from Andy Olexander perhaps?

  3. Noel Jackson

    Crisp doesn’t seem to think the fact he lives on the other side of the river matters. It is another state. Would it be any less of an issue if he lived in Queensland, Tassy or WA?

    Fact is, he lied to the electorate. He lied to the Victorian Electoral Commission – and he’s lied to his parliamentary colleagues and he doesn’t seem to think that is a big deal.

    Robert Dean went because he wasn’t on the role at all. Doyle sacked him. C’mon Ryan, do the honourable thing and sack Crisp now!

    What a goose.

  4. Anonymous

    A bit like Steve Herbert, Labor member for Eltham

  5. What’s all the fuss about?

    This MP has done nothing wrong – nothing at all.

  6. anon

    Typical Nat!
    His wife probably has 4 legs (2 rear ones in gum boots), is covered in wool and goes baaa baaa.

  7. Beat up

    Who cares. Desperate Brumby Labor Party obviously planted this story in the media. If it was an issue then Savage would have taken it to the Court of Disputed Returns after the state election. The police would have investigated. None of this happened – and nothing will happen now.

  8. Steve Tully

    Mr Olexander was anonymously and it turns out, falsely accused of not principally residing (but being enroled to vote in) his eastern suburbs electorate during a rather nasty and intense preselection battle.

    After the false allegations were widely aired in the media, the VEC investigated the facts comprehensively at the request of the Liberal Party State Director Julian Sheezel.

    We found Olexander was correctly and legally enrolled to vote and the eastern suburbs address was indeed his principal place of residence. (Unlike Dr Dean)

    The alleged alternative Olexander address was a Docklands apartment, which although owned by him, had been let to tenants for at least 2 years prior to the false allegation being made against Mr Olexander. Those living there were also correctly enrolled to vote there (as their principal place of residence), and none of these individuals was personally connected with Mr Olexander…

    Result = not guilty.

  9. Crispy

    Actually, I got the idea from Labor MLC Kaye Darveniza who was falsely enrolled at her mum and dads place in Shepparton.

  10. mc

    He didn’t lie to the electorate. It’s common knowledge where he lives. It really doesn’t matter to the locals.

    He does need to move to fulfil the law however.

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