MUNICIPAL MADNESS: Patriots triumph in east, north and west // Melbourne Mayoralty too close to call

Victoria has been electing local councillors across the state.

We’ll update with comprehensive tallies of who’s who tomorrow but it looks like great results in Moreland council with the election of Labor moderate Lambros Tapinos who appears to have shamed leftard competitors in the territory once considered Socialist Left heartland.

In Melbourne council, it’s all too close to call, with former state Opposition Leader Robert Doyle looking very good in early counting (with 24-28% of primary vote) with Labor moderate Peter McMullin and Liberal running-mate Tim Wilson also right amongst it. The election will hang on the elimination order of Ng and Singer, who could either elect Doyle or McMullin.

The councillors have been counted though with Karl Jetter from Doyle’s group, Kathy Oke the Green, Kevin Louey from McMullin’s group, Liberal Peter Clarke from Morgan, Ken Ong from Singer’s ticket, Brian Shanahan from Ng and Socialist Lefty Jennifer Kanis from Fowles ticket.

In Banyule, most incumbents have won it seems, with the Greens snatching a position in Hawdon Ward and it appearing that Labor Unity cult-hero Dean Sherriff may have survived a searing campaign from nasty leftists in the local press. He might have been elected with the support of Labor moderate rising star Jess Paul, the daughter of local powerbroker Michael Paul. Optimists think this development might prompt the warring tribes of the Labor Right to kiss and make up.

In the Stonnington municipality, a patriotic correspondent reports:

The votes are in – and the biggest loser may well be self-styled “Independent” candidate for Stonnington, PR sleazebag Ken Davis, and his appalling former councillor wife Sally.  Davis – a confessed liar and cheat – bombed out of contention at today’s opening of the ballot, while wifey Sally, acting as his scrutineer, had a meltdown, confronting a VEC official in an angry outburst as she watched her hubby’s campaign go up in flames.

Sally was given a sound dressing down by the official, after she defied an order not to talk with VEC staff opening the ballots.  “She immediately went into ‘Don’t you know who I am!’ mode,” reports a startled observer.  “She treated the official to a good old fashioned scolding.  His crime? Doing his job and ensuring staff weren’t being harassed by the overbearing scrutineer.”

Sally, a former Stonnington councillor and mayor, was the “brains” behind the amateurish Davis campaign, which featured posters of a wooden-looking Davis (approximate age: 69) promising a “fresh voice” for East Ward. About as “fresh” as last week’s horse manure.  Sally now works for the AEC as an “education officer”.  She made sure during today’s proceedings at Malvern Town Hall that everyone knew she was the powerbroker in the building.  After putting up with the Davis show for several hours, the frustrated official politely asked scrutineers to refrain from touching or conversing with workers.

Davis promptly engaged a worker in conversation, at one point appearing to touch a ballot paper – a verboten act which could have got her promptly frogmarched from the count.  When the frustrated official asked her to stand back, she launched into a broadside, demanding to see the returning officer and loudly proclaiming her outrage at being properly called to account.

The Davis family meltdown is an embarrassing blow to his mate, Age gossip queen, Dirty Larry Money, who had plugged his old mate and lunch buddy Kenny Boy shamelessly in his mediocre daily column.  At the height of the campaign two weeks ago, Money published a hearty plug for Davis, which included the saccherine lines:

“I feel like that Dutch kid with his finger in the dyke,” says candidate Davis who reckons that, as an independent, he is holding back the tide. “Party politics is getting involved in a Stonnington election for the first time and its ugly. Mysterious, dummy candidates have appeared in each ward.”

Davis’ claim to be “independent” is revealed as a sham by a cursory glance at his how to vote card; he directly preferenced Greg Hannan, a prominent local Young Liberal, and Hannan’s dummy candidates, Liberal members Mathew Knight and Sonja Van Buuren.  At today’s opening of the ballot, Davis’s strong preference flow to Hannan has virtually assured the Young Liberals will get their man onto council.
So far from being an independent balwark against “ugly” party politics, Davis has turned out to be a blue ribbon Liberal dummy – a stooge of the first order.   All the preference flows are here:

When all the ballots had been opened late today, the field for Stonnington East Ward had been narrowed to popular  independent councillors Judy Hindle and Anne O’Shea, Young Liberal Hannan, and patriot challenger Nick Voulanas.  Hindle, #1 on the ballot and a strong benificiary of the donkey vote, is close to a quota in her own right. But she has poor preference flows, and if she fails to get 25% primary vote quota, she could fall short.

Over in South Ward, popular former mayor Melina Sehr has stormed to a quota in her own right, and looks to have towed running mate, beefcake rower Tim Smith over the line with her.  Fighting for the final third position were dreary Tory art dealer and reigning mayor Claude Ullin, and keen young lefty challenger Jake Clifton.  Our money’s on Clifton kicking Ullin out of the council chamber in his pinstipe suits and spivvy shoes.

Back to east ward, and what of candidate Ken Davis’s background?  Research reveals he is the same Ken Davis who admitted to writing bogus letters in false names in a smear campaign against a corporate rival while he was PR operative at Turnbull Porter Novelli.   The following reports from 2001, below, tell a tale of a man whose credibility problems and family baggage have sunk his attempt to gatecrash council.  But his Young Liberal mates are laughing:

Ken Davis is being sued by DMG Radio, a competitor of his client, the Austereo network. He has admitted that, in the lead-up to DMG’s successful applications for FM licences in Sydney and Melbourne, he used false names to send newspapers and politicians a series of letters critical of the British company.

Davis denies he wrote the letters on behalf of Austereo, which in turn denies any knowledge of the smear campaign. At the time, Davis was employed by Australia’s largest public relations firm, Turnbull Porter Novelli. Company chairman Noel Turner says he was shocked to learn of Davis’s activities. “There’s a myth that PR people go around burying stories and lying about things,” says Turnbull, who claims deliberate deception is in fact unusual. “Any PR person who tells a lie to anybody is dumb,” he says. “It’s wrong but it’s also dumb. Because inevitably, these days, you get caught.”

DMG wins after smear campaign
Maria Ligerakis

MONTHS after alleging it was the victim of a smear campaign by rival radio giant Austereo, Nova FM owner DMG Radio has emerged a winner.

DMG Radio late last year commenced legal proceedings against Austereo, claiming bogus letters were sent to the media, parliamentarians and other key groups in a bid to denigrate the station.

The matter, which was due to go to full trial next month, was yesterday settled with Austereo’s public relations consultant Ken Davis taking blame for a series of bogus letters.

“Ken Davis admits that he wrote and sent the bogus letters in false names,” a written statement released by DMG and signed by Ken Davis said.

“He also acknowledges that the various allegations contained in the bogus letters were without foundation.”

DMG has received a “substantial paymentâ
€ in relation to damages and costs and legal proceedings have now been suspended.

17 August 2001

More to come, with very promising news about the pro corrupt CEO of Casey Mike Tyler forces facing a big problem in Casey and potentially very good results for patriot Councillor David Saunderson in Geelong.



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29 responses to “MUNICIPAL MADNESS: Patriots triumph in east, north and west // Melbourne Mayoralty too close to call

  1. Anonymous

    Dean Sherriff re-elected hey? Colin Brooks failed miserably again.

  2. Time to reflect on days events.

    Question: “How can someone win on 10% of the vote?”

    Well it is 11% actually and it not clear if it is Singer or Ng on the hunt. It is close by all accounts which is why we believe there will be a recount. There is a huge unknown factor with the drift away from the book at around 40% or more we try and explain how the fold up might go.

    The interesting close junctions are Singer/Ng virtually neck to neck at around 11%

    The combined vote of Singer and Catherine Ng out polls the Greens in each case.

    If Singer survives *** Morgan/Columb votes go to McMullin with drift from Morgan( now 27%) the Greens (now 19-20%) Doyle (29%) Singer 23%. Greens next eliminated bring Singer to the lead above Doyle and McMullin there is a close nexus between Doyle and McMullin exact value unknown due to drift to Doyle from Morgan But again it is close. With a McMullin/Doyle toss up Singer is best position to jump of the line either way

    If Ng survives *** Morgan flows to Ng but with some leakage to both Doyle and McMullin. Ng is now on around 26-27% McMullin who is on around 25-26Doyle moves into the front at around 31% the Greens at 18% Greens are eliminated and the drift see McMullin at 33 Doyle 33% and Ng 34% It is potentially very close and the spilt can go either way Ng is in the best position as she collects most of the ticket vote and if she is ahead then the other is eliminated. So it is a question of who goes out and what value the drift is at this stage. No one is prepared to place bets at this stage. Some think it could be decided by a hand full of votes who is excluded and who is not. There is now two major junctions points Ng/Singer and the final three.

    VEC Count under review

    To add to the frustration the VEC failed to undertake a preliminary distribution into primary votes. reason unknown. They did do a manual sort for the city Council above the line which is the same size and effort had they distributed the leadership primary vote and did a manual count we would know the result by 12 noon tomorrow.instead it will take a good 12-14 hours to complete the data-entry and chances are there will be a recount. Under the circumstances where the VEC refused to maintain an open and transparent count and rejected the Parliamentary recommendation to undertake a preliminary first preference distribution anything within 1.5% merits a recount. (Had a preliminary sort taken place a recount would only be justified if the result was within 1%)

    The Council seven have been decided on above the line preferences.
    The winners are (With Primary vote indicated) Quota 12.5%

    Candidate (Primary %)
    JETTER, Carl (21.5%)
    OKE, Cathy (18.7%)
    CLARKE, Peter (9.1%)
    LOUEY, Kevin (12.0%)
    ONG, Ken (11.4%)
    SHANAHAN, Brian (9.9%)
    KANIS, Jennifer (10.4%)
    (1% diff unknown)

    I hope I have my maths right.

    Again had the VEC undertaken a preliminary primary vote count as had been requested by most candidates the process and results would be much more clear and the count more transparent.

    Apology in the offering but not good enough

    I am also told that the returning Officer, Bill Lang, offered a private apology to Ray Collins who had been falsely accused by Steve Tully of threatening and intimidating VEC staff. This allegation was false and malicious.

    A private apology is not good enough, Bill Lang and Steve Tully owe Ray Collins a public apology for what was clearly an act of intimidation on behalf of the VEC if not defamatory against Ray Collins. Ray Collins warned the VEC that the result was close and that a preliminary sort or manual count was the best way to proceed. They would not listen and Steve Tully made a false statement to cover up his wrong decision.

    More on that soon when the count is over.

  3. The data-entry of preferences is being held in a 10 x 15 met room with 18 data-entry personal crammed in and no room for scrutineers. It is hot and oxygen is in short supply. It is reported that many mistakes in the data entry are being made as a result. First data-set should be avail;able around lunch time.

    Estimated time to data entry is 14 hours based on the VEC estimate of 15 sec per vote

    Crikey has edited comments about Bill Lang and Steve Tully. Censorship at its worst, Thanks to Vex News for publishing the facts.

  4. McPerton

    My Dear Fatty, the Dearest of Dear Fatties,

    This is a glorious day for Melbourne, a glorious day for Patriots and a glorious day for human rights. It is destined to go down in history as the day in which you ascended to your rightful place as Lord Fatty of Melbourne.

    First, I suggest a celebration – lunch at the Flower Drum from 11:00, followed by afternoon tea in the Mayoral Chambers at 4:00, then dinner from 6:00.

    Second, your term as Lord Mayor presents a unique opportunity for the City of Melbourne to become the City of Human Rights, through the enactment of a Municipal Charter of Rights and the appointment of a suitably-qualified Human Rights Ambassador.

    This Human Rights Ambassador will have the onerous responsibility of upholding the Municipal Charter of Rights and engaging in extensive study and speaking tours, where they will study human rights in other jurisdictions, especially those lovely Mediterranean and Carribean jurisdictions.

    The position of Melbourne Human Rights Ambassador should be a suitably qualified person, who has dedicated his career to the advancement of human rights, and is the undisputed leader of the Melbourne Human Rights bar.

    My Dear Lord Fatty, I remain your respectful servant and await your call.


    PS: Do you think there is room in the Mayoral Chambers to support a leading Human Rights practice? It is, after all, difficult to run such a practice from a mobile phone.

  5. Anonymous

    How in the hell does Dean Sherriff do it? How can anyone go through all that and still make it back in? The guy is a political genius. Dean Sherriff for National Secretary of the ALP! Kevin Rudd would be in safe hands!

  6. Anonymous

    Is Sherriff good or Colin Brooks absolutely pathetic? That is the real question.

  7. An observer

    Dean hails from the arse end of Banyule… the rusted on ALP dopesticks who still think the ALP is about unions and workers rights.

    Sheriff only got over the line due to Jess Paul’s preferences (but her daddy appears to have lost again).

    Sandra Macneil probably gone, still need to see preferences fall (at least Martin “Sourpus” Appleby is out of the frame… be thankful).

    Michael Paul likely to lose based on preference distribution. Will this spell the end of the childish one?

    Probably we’ll have
    Carbines (ALP)
    Mulholland (IND)
    Phillips (LIB) (brilliant performance)
    Melican (IND) best performer in all wards)
    McKenna (LIB)
    Sheriff (ALP)
    Magna (GRN) by a whisker

  8. seventimesseven

    How is Geelong going?

  9. Anonymous

    All Banyule basketcase councillors re-elected except for dale peters who retired and replaced by a greens candidate.

  10. Anon

    Hamburger head is back in Hume. The ham sandwich kid Burhan Yigit has beaten Mohamad Abbouche.

    Ann ‘I don’t pluck my eyebrows’ Potter is delighted with the result.

  11. Early analisys with 27,000 votes counted indicates Robert Doyle is set to scpare home with ALP Peter McMullin comming in second place.

    The elcton count is not finalised and the projected results are subject to final analysis. There are two very close conjuntions between Catheriun Ng and Gary Singer, Catherine Ng and the Greens with less the 100 votes difference between the the two. if teh Greens survive its a McMullin Doyle toss with Doyle winning.If Ng survies its still Doyle. Dpoyle looks unbeatable have caught all the drift.

    Inverse doney vote or well known name. A recount is looking more and more less likely as the count progresses. The only chance of a surpise win is if Singer and out poll Ng but with a gap of 600 votes this is unlikely.

  12. Anonymous

    Greens lost two in Greater Bendigo. Bendigo swings to the Right. Libs won most seats. Trouble ahead for Bob Cameron and Jacinta Allan.

  13. Fatty Doyle

    Please call my Appointment Secretary if you require an appointment.

  14. As of 18:00 50% of the ballot counted Doyle is wins under all circumstances. There is still a close nexus between Catherin Ng and Gary Singer Ng and the Greens but this fold up does not change the overall result.

    It has taken the VEC 10 hours to count 50% of the ballot. Averaging 20 seconds per ballot paper (Not 15 secs as Bill Lang claimed.

    Reports have been coming in think and many that scrutineers were unable to follow the VEC data count. Not only in Melbourne but across Victoria, The Computerised counting system is not open and transparent,

  15. With 50% of the vote counted Doyle looks unstoppable. He picks up a significant drift in what’s called the inverse donkey vote.

    There is an inbuilt bias in the data set ( the order in which the ballot papers where received and collated). The results could swing back to being closer. But all analysis of the data available shows that in all circumstances Doyle crosses the line

  16. Fatty Doyle

    I am always had a secret lust for donkeys.

  17. Roger Delta Goodrem

    [deleted – obscenity]

  18. Good on you Michael

    Micheal Paul a powerbroker, only in his dreams. He just a 2 time loser.

    Colin Brooks no better. He just a loser.

    All of Labor right tricks only worked against them.

    Their man Deor didn’t help them either. It only back fired.

  19. hazza

    DOYLE HAS DONE IT!!!!! Lets hope he makes a real difference to the notorious waste and mismanagement of town hall of olde.

  20. kk

    aaaawwwww no more fifi fun

  21. Squeaky

    squeak squeak, will Kannis be moving to live in the City of Melbourne ?

  22. anon

    The news may have a future, but it isn’t on this site. You don’t quote anyone, you don’t source, you don’t get facts right, and you rely on biased conjecture.

    This BS is the deathknell for good reporting and journalism, not its saviour.

    Give it up.

  23. Michael Paul

    Hold the presses!!!!

    New Labor star Jess Paul wins against Sherriff by around 150 votes.

    Magner loses to Briffa.

  24. An observer

    Hmmmm… I got a couple wrong…

    My only saving comment for Magner was “by a whisker”

    Sherriff is a shock (but a pleasant, enjoyable shock).

  25. Michael Paul

    No whisker involved. It was the whole cat.

    Magner’s preferences elected Briffa. He did not get to the final dance off.

  26. Pierrot and columbine

    The carnival is over. Diana Asmar wins again and the brains and integrity behind the council have left. Darebin will be the only government in the western world that can truly be called a puppet government. David on the strings, the egg on backing vocals along with Nick, where did I come from katsis beating the jungle drums. Steven TSitas on Bouzouki will make a nice touch, Vince Fontana on the Pianoaccordion too, but can they recruit Ben Morgan on the bagpipes?

  27. anon

    Pierrot and columbine has failed to mention Tim Laurence Singh on Sitar, Stanley and Chang on Flute and Trent MCCarthy on the greens favoured tambourine.

  28. Anon

    To all the Dean Sherriff followers and non-followers and fortunately for all rate payers in the Banyule electorate; he didn’t make it back onto the Banyule Council but was defeated by Jess Paul (on preferences), an amazing feat considering he had 3 “ring-ins” as well as himself running. May he now annoy another council in four years time.

  29. I heart Lambros

    So proud of Lord Tappa.
    Well done, dear boy!

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