THE ITALIAN STALLION: Mr Australia moves to strengthen Monash council

martinogo Australian champion bodybuilder Martin Sifredi has attracted considerable attention in the Monash council election. The patriot’s message is one of personal commitment, fiscal responsibility and cultural diversity.

Some are thinking he could be Australia’s version of Arnie Schwarzenegger. Unlike Arnie, would-be councillor Sifredi has down it all naturally, the hard way.

His candidate’s statement with the VEC tells the story:

This year Monash residents have copped the highest rate increases in our history. As the reigning ‘Mr Australia” natural bodybuilder champion, I understand that achieving the best outcome requires discipline, strength and determination. That’s what I’ll bring to Monash Council. I’m from an Italian background and I love that we are a multicultural city. Our tolerance and diversity makes Monash great. I’ll energise Monash and make sure our young people have things to do to stay engaged and out of trouble. I’ll restore some economic discipline and freeze future rate increases. These are difficult economic times and the Council needs to cut its spending to stop rating families out of existence. I’ll ensure the Council upgrades our vital infrastructure and that it looks after our pathways, reserves, rubbish collection and library services. I have proven I can get results in bodybuilding. I now want to tackle our Council.

Check out his form:



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11 responses to “THE ITALIAN STALLION: Mr Australia moves to strengthen Monash council

  1. What a pisser

    Love your work Dimopoulos!!

  2. Manny

    The real Italian Stallion is running for Taylor Ward of Knox City Council.

  3. Anonymous

    the real Italian Stallion is Gyorgy Droutsas. Schlong is long.

  4. The Cock from Kooyong

    I was once a Jackaroo.

  5. Walter Plinge

    “…freeze future rate increases” ?

    Shot himself in the foot. Not a chance – he’d be only one vote and all those snouts in the council trough have to be fed. This is pure bluster.

  6. wank poof

    Dimopoulos is a tossbag

  7. i’d love to suck on johnnyCowards redundant balls. man, he rammed up the arse and booted out last nov. so sad for him and his right whingers. pssst-dont talk about julie bishop, her twat needs a checkup, it was copied onto Bolts face

  8. The Worker

    A bit of fun at the HSU ball last night i hear, you can always rely on some good old CFMEU thuggery to take the union movement back 20 years

  9. Another Worker

    Yep I was there and it was typical CFMEU thuggery going the headbutt on Sean Hudson. Charges laid apparently.

  10. No Thugs

    The HSU ban Fegan so she sends the Bully boys in, What a great Union leader she is!

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