PEAS FROM THE SAME POD: Ambitious Liberal connected with former One Nation candidate

knoxuglies Knox city council observers have been shocked that rising Liberal star and council candidate Sue McMillan has jumped into political bed with a former One Nation candidate and alleged white supremacist Ian Cameron who is also contesting the municipal elections.

Concerned locals tell VEXNEWS that McMillan, a frequent candidate in Liberal preselections in Melbourne’s south-east and who is married to a former Kennett staffer, has pooled campaign resources with Cameron who is running in a different ward.

Cameron is legendary in the area for being slightly less racially tolerant than the average Klan member, once addressing a group of recently arrived migrants as “you people” while flying the flag for One Nation, running in the 1998 federal election at the peak of the anti-Asian immigration party’s powers.

The candidate has even boasted to the local press that Pauline Hanson is a “personal friend.”

Cameron’s campaign corflutes – while bearing different typefaces and authorisers – were clearly designed by the same person at the same time as Sue McMillan’s.

Their other campaign material reportedly is very similar too.

Liberal insiders worry that the former federal wet Liberal MP Peter Nugent’s legacy of racial tolerance and reconciliation is being besmirched by what they say are “sordid alliances of convenience with extremists”.

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14 responses to “PEAS FROM THE SAME POD: Ambitious Liberal connected with former One Nation candidate

  1. Beat Up Alert

    So what exactly is the story here?

  2. disgusted

    LOL. There are none so blind as those who cannot see.

    Peter Nugent was an inspiration.

    The Pearce Liberals are just desperation.

  3. Mayne

    What Knox needs is a much loved councillor like Geoff Gough who delivers on his promises.

  4. McPerton

    My Dearest Fatty, I’m most disappointed to let you know that for some bizarre reason I have been overlooked for elevation to the rank of Senior Counsel. This is most cruel and a violation of my human rights. It is against the Charter!

    Accordingly, I think we need an extra long lunch tomorrow.

  5. Lord Fatty of Melbourne

    My dear Victor, the dearest of dear Victors.

    I suggest that we hold off the lunch for tomorrow and that we postpone it until Sunday. That way, we can bemoan your failure to become a Senior Counsel, and my failure to become a Lord Mayor, together at the same time. Why are the people of Melbourne so stupid my dear Victor? Why do they have no nous? Does the legal fraternity not know that you are now a director of Austhink? Maybe we should write them a letter telling them that you are, and then they will no doubt reconsider.

  6. Dr Dean

    What a betrayal of the Menzies legacy.

  7. Freedom Lover

    Don’t worry, I will upheld that legacy in my new position as Deputy Lord Fruit.

  8. Fatty Mando

    Speaking of being a company director, do you guys know what I’m up to now?

  9. The Cock from Kooyong

    I was once a Jackaroo.

  10. Queen Mary of Aldred

    Only I can be relied upon to defend the Menzies Legacy – after Petro, Kooyong should be mine.

  11. Anonymous

    Liberal connections? Congratulations on your exposure Vexnews. Also congratulations Vexnews on your exposure of links between Jenny Mikakos and EPA Stasi Minister Gavin Jennings with the One Nation candidate for the Council of East Gippsland, one Michael Freshwater.

  12. The Cock from Kooyong

    I was once a tennis champion too.

  13. anoonynous

    Queen Mary of Aldred, arn’t you like 22 years old?

  14. J Rat

    At least I don’t work for an ALP PR company like JA.

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