HAG WATCH: Barbara Champion up to her crooked old tricks

barbarachampion2 Former Melbourne Councillor and failed parliamentary aspirant Barbara Champion is considered one of the nastiest pieces of work in the modern ALP. Even Lefty comrades of hers regard her as a “vicious shrew”, with one commenting that she is particularly prone to targeting other women, especially younger ones with her acid tongue.

“She has terrified half a generation of young SL women into leaving and joining the Greens (party)”, one explained.

Others point to her reigns of error at the Melbourne and Maribyrnong council, deemed as the “bad old days” by many developers and council officers alike when councillors like her would frequently and randomly intervene in planning applications and inconsistently apply various edicts upon them depending on which applicant had made “campaign contributions”.

Ironically, and perhaps terrifyingly, Comrade Champion is the CEO of the Playground and Recreation Association of Victoria. This is perhaps a bit like being CEO of VEXNEWS, a glorious title but somewhat lacking in salary and responsibility. It’s a significant step down from the days when the hypocritcal  leftiste greedily accepted Liberal Party appointments to be a very well paid and unelected local government “commissioner” and university deputy chancellor. She professes to be financially “comfortable” these days. Little wonder.

Champion’s bitterness about her political failures has been shining through of late with a series of mainly unpublished emails – sent anonymously – from her taxpayer subsidised PRAV work computer. These emails have mainly been sent to Crikey but also to her beloved Aged newspaper and to the local press. Naturally they attack Labor moderates.


The angry witch is even said to be embittered towards Lord Mayoral wannabe and declared future state parliamentary aspirant Will Fowles, privately saying in an email to Kate Redwood (which has been cc’d to many others) he “hadn’t done enough to hold McMullin to account” and is just “the Right’s preference feeder and dummy manipulated by that thug Ray Collins” (the Right’s numbers-man).

Fowles’ defenders – there are some who like his unique “f*ck you to your face” brand of politics – say that it is Champion that ought be held to account for her notorious romping in the back seat of a car in a public carpark with nearly struck off lawyer Dennis Galimberti. The Police caught them “going at it” but no charges were ever laid despite the obvious threat to public safety and moral decorum.

Champion’s non playground behaviour has also extended to contributing to books on menopause.

She explained she had resorted to powerful drugs to combat her health issues. She denied they had any effect on her work, saying “I don’t think that my was affected, possibly because I was the boss and (sic) able to have considerable control over my working time.” LOL, there’s a solution for all those who can’t work because they’re unwell: put them in charge.

The fascinating tell-all revealed much about her concerns including weight gain, moodiness (she reveals “I find sometimes that the tiniest matter can annoy and upset me significantly”), a reduced sexual drive and many other complaints.

Click here to read more of her fascinating self-fascinated account.



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4 responses to “HAG WATCH: Barbara Champion up to her crooked old tricks

  1. Strange but true

    Weight Gain? She has always been a fat bitch. Even when she f*cked over the City of Yarra and Victoria’s local democracy. The story of the policeman and Barb in the front seat in a state of undress is “Strange but true”. And Bob Ives was nowhere to be found or was he hiding in the boot.

  2. threesome

    Was it a pork sandwich, Galimberti and Ives the bread with porker Champion the piggy in the middle ?

  3. Shanahan

    Was that stuck off or suck off. …

  4. Thugs nemesis

    Yes and she even fooled many of us at the municopal forum into beleieving she spoke the truth.
    Her and the rat spoke about ALP solidarity.
    Fowles may be chicken S*** in this election. but he even woke up to her and the two rats Redwood and Shanahan
    The thugs finished.

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