JENNY'S JIHAD: Banyule councillor involved in bashing a Member of Parliament

banyuleuglies2 The leafy northern suburbs of the Banyule municipality have been rocked by a vicious attack perpetrated on state Labor MP Craig Langdon by the husband of Councillor Jennifer Mulholland.

The revitalised Herald Sun reports Langdon was brutally assaulted by the hard-faced hubby involved in the waste management industry, David Mulholland at an RSL function held in the city.

The Victoria Police have been called in to investigate the Mulhollands over the complaint.

A well informed source familiar with the Mulhollands’ form says the husband would only ever operate under strict instruction from his “domineering” wife, a former political opponent of Langdon who polled surprisingly well as an independent in Ivanhoe pulling some 10% of the vote by scare-campaigning about people charged with crimes who were found not guilty by reason of mental impairment and ordered to be placed in a secure wing of a local hospital. Mulholland did her best to demonise them for political gain.

SANE Australia, a charity that works to reduce misunderstandings about those suffering mental illness, condemned the councillor, described as an “opportunistic grub” by local critics, over her scaremongering remarks about the mentally ill.

The charity expressed concern that Jennifer Mulholland’s hate-speech about the mentally ill was both “alarmist and inappropriate”.

In further developments, Cr Mulholland has been accused of exploiting her children in the current council contest.

When Craig Langdon – the victim of the vicious assault described previously – was leaving the Banyule pre-poll, the councillor invented a tall tale that the MP had attempted to run down one of her children.

VEXNEWS has learned when the councillor dragged one of her sons down to local Police to complain that the officers were none too impressed. They declined to investigate the matter, with the lingering prospect that the nineteen year old son, Evan Mulholland, and the councillor could be later prosecuted for making a false report to Police.



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81 responses to “JENNY'S JIHAD: Banyule councillor involved in bashing a Member of Parliament

  1. Anonymous

    Oh my. Craig Langdon – what an MP. John Brumby must be so proud.

    On the taxpayer’s dime he spends his “working” day campaigning for his council candidate lackies and insulting women and attacking their children.

    What a brave man.

  2. Anonymous

    How interesting. Same Craig Langdon that rented out his electorate office and pocketed the money?

    As for anon 10.21 – John Brumby has no control over this MP. Brumby is weak and won’t do a thing to bring unruly MP’s into line.

  3. Anonymous

    *Yawn*. What’s new. MP’s behaving badly – hardly breaking news.

  4. Anonymous

    Hahaha. Hilarious! Love the claim “I was drinking then found myself on the floor”. I’ve had that happen to me many times – but I don’t recall anyone to blame for it but myself!

  5. Anonymous

    When will Victoria Police re-open their investigation into

  6. anon

    Jennifer Mulholland has an embarrassing secret regarding a bizarre sex toy at a public meeting.

  7. Anonymous

    You can take the westie out of the west, but you can’t take the westie out of the man, this MP has lost the plot

  8. Granger

    Teen males! Mr Langdon sounds like my type of guy.

  9. Anonymous

    How very weird. MP’s are supposed to be leaders of society aren’t they but this guy Langdon, my god, he sounds like a nutcase.

  10. anon

    Mulholland should be MOLLholland as she has had more ‘pricks’ than a dressmakers pin cushion.

  11. Hold the Horses

    Fact, a drunk david mullholland had a “crack” over past comments, showd a bit of pissed manhood, pushed langdon to the ground and ran off relising : “I have just screwed my wifes grab at state politics” witnesses assured, stand by!!!! red wine, will be the undoing of ém all ask dean

  12. anon

    As for David Mulholland.
    This bloke is serious a half wit and has a stonger liking for the bottle than even Sir Les.
    But then again spend 5 minutes with Mrs Mulholland and it is NO WONDER the poor unfortunate little twerp has to be permanently half cut.
    David also is no sharp tool either, he has the IQ of a primate.

  13. Hold the Horses

    The police investigation will find the Mullhollands guilty as they did with Peters and Sherriff. Sorta makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing that in 2009, NO Sherriff, NO Peters and NO Mullholland. Makes ya think the party’s over, telephones, marol cars etc, etc.
    About time the community woke up to the games they play! Hey Jen, selling the town hall to pay for GPAC/Ivanhoe project must be quite a burden?

  14. Anonymous

    Just like the Police finding Langdon guilty over obtaining financial advantage by deception through renting out his taxpayer funded office and pocketing the cash.

  15. Anonymous

    NO Peters indeed. Word has it he made a killing from his charity dealings and the share market and is independently wealthy, never having to work again. Peters probably doesnt give a toss about banyule now he doesnt need it anymore.

  16. Hold the Horses

    Peters, so be it, a distant memory, I wonder what he will be up to this saturday? counting money with all his friends! or trolling a russian bridal mag?
    Lets ask the NEW Hawdon councilor, shall we?

  17. Hold the Horses

    A Wine shop in Banyule today launched a new cleanskin!

    “Mullhollands Landing” care to partake? one glass and your on the floor! nice one dave!

  18. Hold the Horses

    Pissed! one way to bugger the wife!

  19. Hold the Horses

    Spring Street,
    just up the road from smith street, the Banyule AA’s meeting place and drink tank required to get your licence back!!

  20. Anonymous

    Will appear in the years to come in the papers, we all know which MP it will be …

    A FORMER MP showed no emotion when a judge threw the book at him today, sentencing him to a hefty 13 years and 11 months’ prison, with a non-parole period of nine years and three months.
    The former MP had remained impassive throughout judge’s sentencing on 30 child sex and drugs charges.

    Two of his victims were present in court for his sentencing.

    Both had testified they had been molested by him as underage boys, and both testified he had supplied them with drugs.

    One appeared agitated in court, but after the sentencing he said he felt relieved.

  21. Hara

    BE a little balanced: its alleged that Mulholland assaulted Langdon, and also alleged Langdon tried to run over a Mulholland (and admits calling her a bitch (not the most parliamentary of language).

  22. Hold the Horses

    hey 23:45
    Prefer to be a former MP than NEVER an MP! drunk. pissed what ever, you are not allowed to assult anyone! must be hard to relise that mum (Ms Hitler) now has no hope to sit in the big read chairs!

    How far spring street?

  23. Hold the Horses

    Cannot be balanced when intoxicated! Unfortanitly langdon missed by 3-4 meters as the real witnesses say, Mullholland is so concerned about loosing her seat to a 21yo, she is clamering for excuses to explain her past years as the councilor for ivanhoe!
    20million lost, 16.9 borrowed and a defender of over development AND a supporter of the libs in this years council electiions, just ask sandra sorto passed loser in Banyule!

  24. Hold the Horses

    Whom do we tink will be the leader of a party that will take on “A mullholland” and the bagage she carries, “a drunk for a husband”, should be a law, sobriatry test for the family when entering politics, that’ll sort the men from the (givus another VB) Kids, sorry Evan!

  25. Anonymous

    MP’s should also be subjected to a lie detector test concerning molesting teen males in your care.

  26. Hold the Horses

    Flogging that old horse, oh by the way the herrod killed crist

  27. Anonymous

    It’s not old by any means. No statute of limitations on child rape, just ask Milton Orkopolous.

  28. Hold the Horses

    Why don’t yougo to the police, oh you have you say! and what no charges gee i bet your disapointed

  29. Anonymous

    Vote early and vote often. Banyule has attendance voting.

    Vote for Dean Sherriff, Banyule’s top councillor.

  30. Fugly

    Italian women do not age well. Jenny used to be rootable. Now she looks like a fat ugly troll.

  31. anus

    I don’t know why anyone is worrying about the goings on in Banyule Council; more should concentrate of what is happening in Victoria’s most pathetic council, none other than Casey Council. Would be King Maker and chief ‘networker’ has organised several candidates and funded these candidates to the tune of $6000 each in an attempt to take over this council. Candidates like Labor rat Sam Aziz, Janet (another rat) Halsall, her husband Bob (never worked a day in his life) Halsall, Wayne (I love my free yearly overseas trips) Smith Julie (A Halsall Stooge) Boustead and Rodger Hall.

    All these so-called candidates are already fighting about who will be Mayor and who will be the first to sit on current CEO and convicted thief Mike Tyler’s lap and sing his praises.

    Believe me; Banyule has nothing on Casey Council….long live democracy…..not.

  32. fairfax

    Who is the King Maker and chief networker?

  33. anus

    None other than Geoff Lake, supported by Tim (the kid) Holding and his group of networkers in the south east who continually support labor candidates who turn rat and do deals with the libs to benefit themselves.

  34. Walter Plinge

    “secure wing of a local hospital”. Ah yes — that will be the upper floors of the Centaur wing of the Repatriation General Hospital, West Heidelberg.

  35. criminally insane

    We are proud to be part of the criminally insane Craig Langdon’s neighborhood. We got his daughter pregnant don’t you know ?

  36. anon

    “Mulholland’s rootable” – YUK!
    She’s about as rootable as a Camel’s festered arse hole.

  37. Anonymous

    To the Mulhollands, we have the photos of your cohorts delivering the most disgusting pamphlet to Craig Langdon’s family, we have them and the police will be knocking on your door anytime now. Be very careful.

  38. Anonymous

    Where’s Langdon’s wife got to? Shot through. Finally she’s got the brains to leave the fiend.

  39. Anonymous

    Wheres Langdon’s wife got to? Shot through. Finally she’s got the brains to leave the fiend.

  40. anon

    David Mulholland has had teatment throughout his life for psychological and personality disorders. He also has a criminal record.
    The happy couple are the the town trollop and the village idiot.

  41. Anonymous

    What’s going on with jenni langdon??

  42. Anonymous

    Shacked up with Judy Maddigan it seems.

  43. Anonymous

    mmm. having your wife turn lesbian must do wonders for your manhood.

  44. anon

    VOTE LAST: Jenny Mulholland

  45. Hold the Horses

    How was last night dave? another function and another night on the turps,How was results of the liver function test all good i hope? Long wait at outpatients at the Austin?

  46. Anonymous

    Tomorrow’s winners will be:

    Jenny Mulholland
    Evan Mulholland
    Tom Melican
    Wayne Phillips
    Dean Sherriff
    Damian Magner
    Peter McKenna

  47. Anonymous

    what a grub of a woman.

  48. anon

    A vile unclean woman, more ‘common’ than a whorehouse tart.

  49. Anonymous

    Apparently got caught with another boy in the toilets back when he went to Marcellin. I guess hes moved onto : Running down opponents and calling oppenents bitches, teenage mother for a daughter (apparently the baby has early cases on down syndrome) hes not doing west heidelberg any favours for the reputation

  50. Hold the Horses

    WOW, reverlation David mullholland (and , lets not get confused here, david Jnr, the smarter one, well not him) handed a liberal candidate some freshly printed How to vote cards for grimshaw ward? Now lets see, Sartori? (not Sorto)
    Talk about a foot,finger,wife in each camp!
    Look up Wikpidea

    Green? next

  51. Hold the Horses

    why dont you GUTLESS black face’s stop hiding behind “Anonymous”
    and tell us that you are the “twins and big brother”!

  52. Hold the Horses

    How to give away your allegence,
    Jenny Mulholland-MUM
    Evan Mulholland-YOU
    Tom Melican-MATE
    Wayne Phillips-MUMS LOVER
    Dean Sherriff-DADS LOVER
    Damian Magner-EVERYONS LOVER

  53. anon

    Jenny whole life is built on lies, loose morals, never basing decisions on facts, revenge, using friends and seeking self promotion at every opportunity.
    David is a thick, psychologically ill,street thug that follows her around 3 feet behind like a man servant.

  54. friend of the langdons

    Any person that would write that about an innocent daughter and grandchild and referring to a baby have down syndrome, you would be the lowest form of life and whoever you came out of would be the lowest of the low. Absolute scum

  55. i’d love to suck on johnnyCowards redundant balls. man, he rammed up the arse and booted out last nov. so sad for him and his right whingers. pssst-dont talk about julie bishop, her twat needs a checkup, it was copied onto Bolts face

  56. anon

    The best thing to happen to Bolt would be to be the leading participant in a fatality.

  57. Anonymous

    $200,000 of labor (tax payer) money down the drain care of The state member for Ivanhoe. back to sad little life for steve. sherrif’s back up: 60 point plan! here we come

  58. Anonymous

    Sherriff sent out one letter! A 50 point plan that got him home.
    Compare this to 6 out of 9 candidates not preferencing him and sending out flashy direct mail.
    Sherriff simply outsmarted them. Not hard when you’re up against Colin Brooks I guess.

  59. Hold the Horses

    God help banyule, another mulholland stooge in Hawdon

  60. Anonymous

    Hawdon is between Steve Briffa who is Liberal aligned and Damien Magner who is the Greens candidate. If the Green doesn’t make it, the Liberal’s will have 3 out of 7.

  61. Anonymous

    Are people in Bundoora retarded? How can they re-elect Dean Sherriff?

  62. hazza

    and it looks like jenny’s going to be re-elected- with twice as many votes as Langdon’s stooge Walpole

  63. Hold the Horses

    hazza, you fool it’s called prefrences, she plled less than 50% writings on the wall, go to a state election with those figures and you get your ass kicked

  64. hazza

    still more than twice as many first preference votes than walpole- if you go to the figures you’ll see its true

  65. Hold the Horses

    still more than walpole, na, na,na,na,na you child! mulholland was a veteran of council, she has lost more than she gained

  66. anonymous

    Langdon will be called in to an angry Mr.Brumby’s office after spending $300,000 on Griffin and Hawdon, and losing them both!

  67. Hold the Horses

    Please explain/elaborate on how you can spend $300,000 on council elections? now with the coming news just about to be released, let us see how banyule ratepayers see the mulholland factor in this election IE Briffa and others all nicly linked back to Jihad jenny

  68. news

    Hold you Horses(walpole) you lost the election, you are langdon’s stooge. Just proves that it doesn’t matter if the labour party is backing you. You cannot buy an election victory. The votors are smarter than that, and they made the right decision.

  69. polizei

    very close in griffin.

    If mulholland was looking for a resounding victory as a possible launch into a run for parliament, she needed a result a hell of a lot better than 52-48 2PP.

    Oh dear.

  70. Hold the Horses

    got it wrong again I ain’t no Walpole, but I do have the link to briffa,Sartori and more, stand by little twin all will be revealed, oh any reason why big dave passed to briffa sartori’s HTV cards? jihad must be pissed she lost a mayoral vote and that the old pirate won’t go near her!!

  71. Hold the Horses

    now to add some more intrege, Mattew Guy was handing out for Anna Cavar, Anton and their Liberal counterparts at Viewbank Primary at or on about 3pm Saturday anyone wish to comment before i go live?

  72. hottie

    anna cavar is nice

  73. Hold the Horses

    tell me more how hottie??

  74. Anonymous

    Breaking News Vic Police have found who is conducting graffiti around Ivanhoe. Arrests imminent.

  75. anonymous

    Can you explain to me why the people we voted for on council, take turns of being mayor ?- it is phillips turn this year , was melicans turn last year , who turn next year ?

    How do they spend our money , you should go down the cost to some expensive holiday place .. yeah they are there with wives or girlfriends , who is paying us the rate payers, oh discussing business , i hear to drunk to care , shame .. shame shame you have all been in too long … time to move over and give someone who may like to try and keep their integrity … it really saddens me , people just lying their pockets …

  76. anonymous

    Who on the Heidelberg councils partner is addicted to poker machines ?????

    Lower Plenty hotel, Old E, Sir Henry Barkley.. it bloody frightening to watch !

    He hasn’t be very out there lately and didn’t have his name on a photo when he was standing next to the mayor. Been very quiet .. maybe dealing with the little wife.

    Maybe the family man needs to be home with the happy family he sold to be on the council

  77. anonymous

    Hey whoever wrote that … shhh its a secret. Phillips took his turn again so the ex mayor could deal with the home fires. Here they are raging – between wife and wild family members, who said AA and drug rehab was needed. Honesty and intergity is there until you open their front door. He will be back, with the supportive family falling apart :0) but you can at least say you made it. Just those in the community don’t look to close. we keep things like that quiet – is that right ?

  78. anonymous

    would be interested to hear more on other members of council. I am sure its out there , just look at the link.

  79. anonymous

    Who said Tom Melican

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