STOOLIE: Theophanous rival MP is family friend of false rape accuser

jennymikakosaccused Socialist Left firebrand Jenny Mikakos, a former Parliamentary Secretary for Justice, and fierce factional rival of Victorian cabinet minister Theo Theophanous is said to have a close family connection with the person at the centre of recent serious allegations levelled at him.

The Greek-Australian community is naturally abuzz with talk about their most senior and respected politician being accused in this way and many are starting to question whether political rivalries might have played a role.


They explain that Mikakos’s name was originally Michalakakos. Her father is a well-known figure in the Greek community in Melbourne. Ironically considering her Socialist Left allegiance now, Michalakakos was once considered a prominent supporter of the right-wing ‘royalist’ or ‘general’s’ cause in Greek politics.

The Mikakos father and his family formed a close association with their friends from the same region in Greece, the accuser’s family. They bonded over many years as the accuser’s family owned a milk bar in Northcote which was very close by the Michalakakos home.

They frequently discussed politics, Greek community sources say, sharing in common support for the right-wing forces back home in Greece.

Since then, the Michalakakos daughter – Jenny -  joined the extreme left faction, the Pledge Left and then later jumped ship to the Socialist Left. She went on to become a Parliamentary Secretary for Justice and now Planning. She is well known for being a particularly hostile foe of Minister Theophanous both within the Labor Party and in the Greek community.


She potentially stands to benefit also from a major reshuffle, being part of the arguably poorly represented Carr sub-faction of the Socialist Left (which boasts no ministers at all in the Brumby cabinet, possibly on literacy grounds) and from the upper house where a vacancy could arise if Theophanous was eventually forced out.

Sources say that in one proposal doing the rounds that Labor Unity would accept a promotion of  Jenny Mikakos as a loan to be compensated when Batchelor leaves his place in the lower house. They say Mikakos has been pushing Carr to deliver on an old promise that she would be promoted.

Caucus insiders have told VEXNEWS that a larger reshuffle or a Mikakos promotion is far more likely than the scenario once talked up within DIIRD and by Evan Thornley that he would be quickly promoted to take over the department, given his claimed business credentials.



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13 responses to “STOOLIE: Theophanous rival MP is family friend of false rape accuser

  1. brumby for PM

    Mikakos’s tin ear and limited capacities make her unfit to hold a Ministry. Patriots and lovers of freedom everywhere should unite to find her a role more suited to her talents – perhaps the ALP could open a McDonald’s franchise so that the Carr acolytes can have employment commensurate with ability.

    Times are tough and Victoria can’t afford to have a lefty stacktard like Mikakos anywhere near a departmental budget.

  2. Anonymous

    You can bet “Jenny” isn’t her real 1st name either.

  3. You would have to be mad to appoint Mikakos to the front bench. If it happened then it is a sure sign that Bumby will lose office in 2010.

  4. Anonymous

    Greasy Greek.

  5. anon

    Theo couldn’t have been THAT pissed.

  6. Freshwater for East Gippsland Council

    We of the campaign to elect Michael Freshwater of One Nation to the Council of East Gippsland thank Jenny Mikakos MLC for her great and generous support for our campaign. We also thank Gavin Jennings for his generous support.

  7. Two Piece Feed

    Andrew, this is a low blow even by your standards. To reduce a rape allegation (whether true or false) to a petty factional stoush is just disgusting.

    To quote the line delivered to your mate McCarthy. ‘ Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?’

  8. Anonymous

    Two Piece Feed is disgusting. Andrew is a great defender of freedom and a true patriot. Not so the friends of Michael Freshwater, One Nation for the Council of East Gippsland.

    Mikakos and Jennings are supporters of Michael Freshwater. Both should be expelled from the ALP.

    Mikakos is nothing but an vile opportunist. She is hated by most Greeks because of her Turkish background. She claims to be Greek but is not a real Greek. She will do anything to promote herself, and to destroy anyone who might destroy her Cabinet ambitions.

    Brumby will lose in 2010 if he promotes Mikakos.

  9. Reds are better in bed

    Typical Lambros promoting racism. If the puppet patriot gets elected on Saturday watch for the streets of Moreland to turn into an ethnic battlefield.

    The Rudd government could do worse and deport this vile racist, at the very least he should be sent to Baxter for re-education.

  10. The Worker

    Maybe she could work for Fegan

  11. Anonymous

    Who’s on David Feeney’s staff?

  12. runningscared

    Tapinos for Mayor

  13. anon

    She is a Stoolie alright in every sense of the word!

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