HIS BAD: Green admits his shame after attack on child // Will Beecher maintain his silence on Mongrelgate?

ebeecherarrogantoad The hot-air emitting vehicle of inner-urban left-wing arrogance Crikey has been humbled and shamed over its deplorable attacks on a defenceless baby boy Trig, who happens to be the son of the Republican’s candidate for VP in the 2008 US Presidential election.

On Friday, they referred to the lad as a “mongrel”, in one of its most hateful displays ever. Today, they apologised. “When will they apologise for Guy Rundle who – while not a mongrel – is almost certainly a bastard?” one VEXNEWS correspondent suggested this afternoon.

Johnathan Green – who authorised the attack on the child – felt so very sad, not because he’d cruelly and hideously insulted the defenceless, but because “the galling part of course, is giving ammunition to the billious (sic – he can’t spell of course without the benefit of paid staff- it’s bilious) rabble of the blogging far right.”

He’s game enough to link to former Labor voter Tim Blair, former Labor staffer Andrew Bolt but not to an article penned by former ALP member Andrew Landeryou (20 years of service, 3 Purple Hearts) here at VEXNEWS. Perhaps we’re just too cruel.  Not cruel enough to tease any of Green’s children though.

Of course a Google search reveals all, listing our offering quite prominently. Long may it endure. Perhaps long enough for Green and his sanctimonious boss Eric Beecher to write a letter of apology to the lad when he’s old enough to understand.

Green and Beecher see all their critics are all part of a vast blogging far right conspiracy. Or rather more likely to quote the Green (who votes Green too of course) he made a “bad, bad call”. Fair enough, we’ve all made them.


Jonathan Green’s apology is welcome though and we look forward to the man who bankrolls Crikey through its $10,000 a week losses, Eric Beecher, expressing similar public thoughts. Perhaps he’ll step up to his shame the next time he’s tempted to pontificate about how much better he’d run Fairfax Media than the current buffoons or the next time he describes the much-awaited ousting of Bruce Guthrie from the Hun as the “revenge of the nerds.”  If Beecher is not a nerd, truly there has not ever been one, Bill Gates included. Beecher’s children concur. Perhaps his nerdish insecurity explains his desire to beat up on the less fortunate. And on others he think can’t strike back at his smarmy, bespectacled face of piety.

Lest there be any doubt about Beecher’s involvement in the scandal, it is clarified by his own website’s assertion of his hands-on management style:

The crew behind Crikey are an eclectic bunch. Sitting around the Crikey news desk every morning (unless they’re off following a story) are publisher Eric Beecher, editor Jonathan Green, deputy editor Sophie Black, website editor Jane Nethercote, production coordinator Leigh Josey, and writers Thomas Hunter, Eleri Harris and Ruth Brown (plus the occasional intern).

At least eight full-time staff, plus hangers-on. Not one of them with enough decency to say “Not on my watch.”




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9 responses to “HIS BAD: Green admits his shame after attack on child // Will Beecher maintain his silence on Mongrelgate?

  1. I endorse Fatty Doyle to be Lord Fatty of Melbourne.

  2. I also endorse Fatty Doyle, the dearest of all dear Fatties.

    Fatty Doyle will ably defended the human rights of all Melbournians if elected Lord Fatty.

  3. disgusted

    What is wrong with the Left?

  4. There is nothing wrong with the left. I should know.

    As a lefty, it is may proud duty to ask all citizens to support Fatty Doyle to be Lord Mayor of Melbourne.

  5. Ben Stein

    Landeryou is usually described in the Press as a crusading journalist and blogger.

  6. Qartas

    It’ll be a refreshing change when someone decides to hound Vexnews for likely Fraudian slip.

    Left or right, new media seems to be a big fat whinge.

  7. Anonymous

    Crikey equals bankruptcy, both morally and financially.

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