THEY NEED HELP: Jonathan Green and Eric Beecher attack a baby boy with special needs

jonathangreencrikey Lefty email newsletter Crikey is engulfed in a hatespeech scandal after denigrating Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s baby boy with special needs as a “mongrel”.

The boy, Trig Palin, has Down Syndrome, a chromosomal disorder which has a variety of effects that include “an almond shape to the eyes caused by an epicanthic fold of the eyelid.”

crikeypoll Apparently prompted by the appearance of people with Down syndrome, Crikey, while running a pointless survey to suggest a name for President Elect Obama’s soon to be acquired dog, offered as one possibility “a mongrel called Trig.”

When one examines the definitions of the word mongrel it is clear that is possibly the most vicious slur imaginable. A quick online search offers a chilling insight into the black hearts of those responsible for publishing the email newsletter:

  • S: (n) bastard, mongrel (derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin) “the architecture was a kind of bastard suggesting Gothic but not true Gothic”
  • S: (n) cur, mongrel, mutt (an inferior dog or one of mixed breed)
  • mongrel (plural mongrels)

    1. Someone of mixed kind or uncertain origin, especially a dog.
      That dog is a mongrel, who knows what breed it could be!

    mongrel – despicable, deplorable person or thing.

    1. a despicable person

    Strong stuff. Strong, chilling, scary, disturbing and ugly hatespeech.

    And all because the lad is the son of a political conservative. If one of Obama’s kids were so hatefully denigrated, the howls of outrage would be able to be heard on the far side of the moon. And rightly so.

    Not even the email newsletter’s readers were interested, with only 3.7% selecting the kick the kid option.

    Kids are not fair game for one reason. They can’t fight back. Which it seems is just the way Crikey editor Jonathan Green and its owner Eric Beecher like it.

    Fortunately, Andrew Bolt and Tim Blair are taking to them with a stick.

    Bolt makes a compelling point:

    It continues to astound me that warriors for the new green morality can be so barbaric. And to think his boss, Eric Beecher, has the gall to pose as a defender of ”quality journalism”. You’d laugh at these hypocrites if you weren’t choking.

    The odd thing about this whole scandal is that under Beecher and Green’s leadership the email newsletter has become the bland leading the bland. Without being too immodest, we are eating their lunch (3 piece meal – yum).

    Their sources have mostly dried up. They break no news. They scare no-one. The best thing they have going for them are two imported blogs about opinion polls. Their format is dated. Their cost-heavy structure is reportedly burning a $10,000 a week hole in Beecher and Co’s pocket. Mayne is a pale imitation of his former margin-called self, reduced to battling the Zimmer-frame majority on Manningham council for a few hundred dollars a week allowance to keep wife Paula off his back about money.

    Only one thing endures from the old days. They might not stand for much, but they know what they hate.

    Apparently that even extends to babies with Down syndrome, if they’re the offspring of people they disagree with politically.

    No wonder subscriptions are so far down.



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    11 responses to “THEY NEED HELP: Jonathan Green and Eric Beecher attack a baby boy with special needs

    1. Anonymous

      Are you for real? who are these left-wing scumbags? So typical of the left, two-faced and nasty little men.

    2. ouch

      Nasty, even for them.

    3. Well, I am not really surprised. The intolerant Atheist lefties are capable of anything. If you don’t believe me have a look at this.

    4. Anonymous

      Anna Bligh – what a disgrace as a Premier.

      QLD – never elected a female premier.
      VIC – never elected a female premier.

      These female hacks only get in on political correctness and not elected by democracy.

    5. Anonymous

      Add Carmen Lawrence to that – never elected by the people.

    6. Anonymous

      So no female Premier has ever been elected by the people? How very interesting.

    7. Well thankfully no premier has ever been directly elected by the people. The Premier is appointed by the government who in turn is appointed by the people’s democratically elected parliamentary representatives. Even in the USA the people do not elect their president, they are appointed by the electoral college.

    8. Anonymous

      Why has a woman never been elected Premier? Tell me that feminazis.

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    10. Hmmm

      Most of our current premiers were not elected anyway, just inheriting the job after others left. Brumby, Rees, Blight, some dude in Tasmania …

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