SNUBBED: Gavin Jennings doesn't bother writing back to troubled enviro-kids

ministermean The Herald Sun today reports that a heartless and cruel senior Victorian Socialist Left minister has disrespected and ignored primary school students who’ve been campaigning to save some outer suburban kangaroos.

Gavin Jennings has ben condemned by the newspaper and the kids as the “Mean Minister” for ignoring dozens of letters from the class, no doubt whipped into an excitable anti-development frenzy by a young lefty teacher who could herself possibly one day join the ALP, join Gavin’s faction and replace him. Or perhaps join the Greens Party and replace Greg Barber MBA.

Jen Kelly’s excellent story isn’t online so we’ll reproduce it here:

ministermeanletters PEEVED Grade 2 primary school pupils have dubbed Gavin Jennings the “Mean Minister” for failing to save a mob of kangaroos trapped by urban sprawl.
Meadowglen Primary School students are hopping mad that the Environment Minister has ignored their pleas to relocate the rapidly dwindling numbers of distressed animals.
The students’ letters, spelling out their distress at the plight of the animals, have so far gone unanswered.
The Grade 2 class of mostly eight-year-olds continues to be confronted almost daily by the sight of dead or dying kangaroos hit by cars or mauled by dogs.
The once-large mob has become effectively hemmed in at its long-standing home range by rapidly encroaching development around Epping in Melbourne’s north.
Teacher Karin Geradts said her pupils had had enough and wanted ministerial action.
“The kids are upset, distressed and angry,” Ms Geradts said.
“They are distressed about the plight of the roos and they are angry and indignant both Environment Minister Jennings and the City of Whittlesea have refused to respond to their letters sent more than six weeks ago.”
They put pen to paper again this week, angry their original missives were ignored.
Grade 2 pupil Chloe Jordan, 8, is the face of the kids’ kangaroo campaign.
She wrote to Mr Jennings: “I beleve (sic) that you havent (sic) got back to me about the kangaroos . . .
“The kangaroos are still stranded! Imagine if you were stranded. They are going to DIE. Catch them carefully and tack (sic) them to a safer place please.”
Ms Geradts said most locals were sympathetic to the animals’ plight.
“The most obvious option is to relocate them to a safer place. Leaving them there is leaving them to be run over and mauled by dogs or until they run out of feed.”
With wildlife volunteers thin on the ground, local police have increasingly been called to euthanise injured roos.
Ms Geradts said a letter from Whittlesea Council claimed to have attempted to relocate the animals unsuccessfully.
“But it was a very poor attempt and that’s why it failed,” she said.
“They moved a few roos a kilometre away and naturally, as part of their large home range, they simply returned.
“Now they have said they’ll leave them in situ and help them by reducing local speed limits.
“But in the not too distant future, the last tract of land left for the animals is going to be developed as a cinema. They will have no future but almost certain death.”




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11 responses to “SNUBBED: Gavin Jennings doesn't bother writing back to troubled enviro-kids

  1. Martin Kingham

    Andrew Giles is too busy mismanaging his Incredible Shrinking sub-faction to bother doing his ministerial job. That’s probably why the basics like correspondence have fallen away.

  2. David Agnew

    Perhaps Gav is a disciple of the Tim Holding school of correspondence… Any spelling or grammar errors and it gets ignored

  3. nomdeplume

    It is characteristic of the Minister’s modus operandi that correspondence directly addressed to him on policy matters is generally responded to by some departmental bureaucrat. There are also unreleased government reports that have been in the Minister’s in-tray since June and government appointments that have been left unfilled since February. The kids (and the kangaroos) would be well advised not hold their breath waiting.

  4. Sophie Mirabella

    These people should leave Gavin alone; it’s not his fault the Kangaroos don’t know better than to relocate to Arden Street.

  5. Anonymous

    Gavin is the Minister for the EPA-Stasi.
    Any complaints go to the bureaucrat responsible, EPA-Stasi Director Mick Bourke.

    Comrade Bourke (or is it Fuhrer Bourke) responds that appropriate procedures are in place to deal with false complaints. Who does he think he is kidding?

  6. Anonymous

    As an animal lover I think Gavin is heartless.

  7. Anonymous

    Does Gavin support Michael Freshwater, One Nation for the Council of East Gippsland?

    He should.

  8. kk

    hello, kangaroos are at plague levels. time for a cull

  9. Anonymous

    Someone better tell Jennings he’s actually meant to do stuff!

  10. One Nation Campaign Supporters for Michael Freshwater in East Gippsland

    Michael Freshwater, One Nation candidate for the Council of East Gippsland, thanks Gavin Jennings for his support.

    He also thanks the EPA for accepting all his dob ins of bad council officers after reporting them for throwing cigarettes out of their cars.

    He also thanks former officers of the East German Communist regime, the Stasi, for teaching the EPA how to favourably deal with reports from informers.

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