MIA: Robert Doyle's low profile campaign attracts Youtube criticism

robertdoyleMIA With an authorisation from someone in Queensland, unnamed Youtube comics have ripped into former Liberal leader Robert Doyle for his very low-profile Lord Mayoral campaign. Some suggest Gary Singer is involved due to a strategic decision to push down Doyle’s vote so he can benefit from his preferences.

It’s quite well produced in the style – Michael Moore meets Sam Newman – and features a cut-out pic of Robert Doyle who probably met with more voters in his cut-out form than he has during his curious bid for office.

Doyle has puzzled council observers by not attending many campaign functions and candidate debates and by not committing to being a full-time Lord Mayor. He hasn’t door-knocked either, other candidates report.

He has many other commitments it seems, a good reason not to seek the position. But certainly not a good excuse for being unable to press the flesh, talk with and persuade voters and debate rivals.

“It’s left cold many people naturally inclined to support Doyle” one Liberal supporter told VEXNEWS.

Because of his former prominent position as state Liberal leader and his pole position on the ballot paper, it’s still expected he’ll poll well. He’s listed among the favourites on Sportingbet and on the Hubdub prediction market.

He hasn’t campaigned completely below the radar though, with a big billboard in North Melbourne and a Youtube video below.

UPDATE: An ad that possibly inspired the one on Robert Doyle – and should perhaps have been adapted for the no-show councillor Catherine Ng – has been sent in by a patriot. Enjoy



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9 responses to “MIA: Robert Doyle's low profile campaign attracts Youtube criticism

  1. Some people are just silly billies!

    I have been at lunch with my very important friend and adviser, McPerton.

    Actually – I’m still at lunch and will be for most of the rest of the afternoon.

    Sent from the Blackberry Device.

  2. evil bastard

    where are his preferences going? has anyone got a copy of his htv?

  3. Anonymous

    He doesn’t have an HTV. He only has registered preferences with the VEC. Which are here:


  4. Party hacks

    Doyle has been in Canberra for over a week working on a contract. His poor 2nd in command has been bumbling her way around Melbourne making bad excuses for his leave of absence.

  5. capital watcher

    Yes, Doyle has been in Canberra and seen enjoying fine food at Crowne Plaza where he has been part of a bio science CRC get together.

  6. Fatty Doyle

    Now I am off to get my ‘Relaxation’ Massage, it brings such relief to my throbbing niggling organ.
    Ah Candy!!

  7. Lindy

    Fatty “Fatty” Doyle, Candy and I would vote for you – if only we were on the roll.

  8. McPerton

    I feel slightly ill.

  9. Michele Anderson

    Email send today..they must have just found him..


    My name is Robert Doyle and I am standing to be Lord Mayor of Melbourne. My team for the Council is Activate Melbourne. Please see our website for detailed policy statements and personal details and experience of the team. http://www.activatemelbourne.com.au

    I ask for your support to ensure that Melbourne is a vibrant place to live and work over the next four years. My experience as a Member of Parliament in Victoria for more than 14 years including four years as the Leader of the Opposition and my present role as Chairman of the Royal Melbourne Hospital mean that I understand how to watch every single dollar while continuing to deliver services at the highest possible level. These are the skills and the leadership that I will bring if elected Lord Mayor.

    Voting is compulsory, it is postal and must arrive by close of business Friday the 28th of November, 2008.

    I ask for your support to be Lord Mayor and to return the Activate Melbourne team to rejuvenate the Melbourne City Council.

    Robert Doyle

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