FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Socialist Left candidates adopt a platform of low taxes and cutting government waste

reagansocialists Ros Spence, the clever spouse of Victorian ALP Assistant Secretary Kosmos Samaras, has been pinged for using the same happy pic of a working family as two other Socialist Left candidates in the Hume elections in different wards.

Former Socialist left member Moe Abbouche told the Hume Leader that using the same pic was misleading voters, opening up a potential court challenge to Spence’s successful election, which most observers consider likely.

rosspence Even more impressive than Spence’s clearly good choice of big-city designer is her policies, which are pure economic rationalism.

Keep in mind that Spence and her fellow travellers are paid-up, card-carrying, power-wielding active members of the leadership of the Victorian ALP faction called the Socialist Left. Indeed they are part of the group aligned with Senator Kim Carr, which enjoys most of its support outside the Latte Curtain heartland of Melbourne FEA and among many of the union secretaries associated with the Left. Spence works for Liz Beattie, the Socialist Left’s Member for Yuroke.

Spence implores voters to be concerned with the tax-and-spend Hume council:

Do you want to stop 15% rate hikes? As a mother and local resident I know how hard it is for ratepayers and their families. The cost of food and petrol just keeps going up but Hume councillors have ignored these pressures and raised rates by 15% over 3 years. That’s why I will oppose council rate rises above the CPI and put the needs of local residents first.

Can’t argue with that. Indeed it’s positively Reaganesque.

And it doesn’t end there. There’s waste and Spence is going to cut it:

From 2005 to 2008 Hume councillors spent over $80,000 of ratepayers money on travel. I will not travel overseas at your expense.

There’ll be a new era of Reagan style accountability for the money spent by the Hume bureaucracy. Impressive.

I will provide an annual report directly to you on how your money is being spent.

helenp Spence is not the only Socialist Left candidate in Hume committed to the virtues of limited government, tax cuts and fighting government waste.

Her fellow user of the working family pic Helen Patsikatheodorou is committed to the same:

Hume residents pay some of the highest rates in Victoria, but receive very little in return. Since 2005 our rates have hiked by 15% adding to everyone’s financial pressure. That’s why I will oppose rate rises that are above the CPI. I will not use your money to travel overseas. Some Hume councillors have spent over $80,000 of our money on travel alone.

Go you good thing.

dougallv Vic Dougall, married to an electorate officer of SL federal MP Maria Vamvakinou, is on the same track of righteousness too, with an agenda designed to appeal to working families that he might not feel the need to boast about at Socialist gatherings:

I will also ensure that our rates remain at CPI and put a stop to unfair rate hikes.

There’s no disputing the common-sense and clear thinking of the candidate’s policies.

But you have to wonder where all the tax and spenders have gone from the Labor Party.

If Ronald Reagan were alive today and had relocated with Nancy and his Secret Service detail to Roxburgh Park, chances are he’d have little to quarrel with about the policies of the Hume Socialist Left brigade.

If the moderate Labor Unity faction of Victoria Labor hadn’t recently made it more difficult to join their ranks than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, they would do well to make an approach to the tax-cut trio.



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18 responses to “FREEDOM FIGHTERS: Socialist Left candidates adopt a platform of low taxes and cutting government waste

  1. Anonymous

    Hume Councillors like Gary Jungwirth and candidates like Burhan Yigit are true patriots and deserve election. They don’t use SL claptrap. I know who I’d rather vote for. In the long run SL mismanagement will do more damage to Hume than even the election of redneck One Nation types like crime victims advocate Steve Medcraft (who also uses the name Jack around his bailiwick of Sunbury).

  2. Anonymous

    Ann Potter too is a patriot who deserves re-election to Hume Council. Much rather her than One Nation’s Medcraft.

  3. Anonymous

    Michael Freshwater, the One Nation candidate responsible for the election of Craig Ingram by preference direction in 1999, and hence the election of the Bracks government (and that is bizarre) is standing for the Council of East Gippsland. Crikey was positive to Mr Freshwater (but had the good sense not to come out and actually say he deserved re-election) at the previous East Gippsland Council election. Mr Freshwater lost, mainly over his opposition to his council wanting tree beautification around Mallacoota. Mr Freshwater is standing again. Will Pauline Hanson be visiting East Gippsland to show her support?

  4. Anonymous

    Helen Patsika is the wife of an SL member who used to live in Northcote, He is in fact the second most defeated SL candidate for the old Northcote Council. Andy Mylonas, another SL stalwart, has the distinction of being the most defeated. Patsikatheodorou has only one credit to his name. He was an opponent of the Northcote Library Apology Committee that wanted an apology after one ultra right councillor opposed an apology after a ten year old was refused borrowing rights by the library. They took their politics seriously in Northcote, but some Greeks didn’t. It was an Italian, streaker Helen D’Amico’s sister Graziella, who ran the apology committee. Some Greeks in the SL didn’t like her because she wasn’t one of them.

  5. Anonymous

    Fairfax down to $1.20 today. Liquidation, bankruptcy all on the cards.

  6. anon

    God help Hume if Medcraft gets back there

  7. fellow designer

    I really cant see what all the fuss is about, in the design industry, quite often stock photos are used to best communicate the message..

    That happens to be a good looking family and they photograph well, the designer obviously made the decision that that particular image best represents a typical Hume family and used it accordingly.

    As for the candidates not knowing the family personally, is hardly surprising, How many MP’s know every person in every photo that is used in a campaign..

    The Hume Leader is obviously running light on stories if this went to print..

  8. anon

    these are not MP’s they are running for council and obviously being funded and organised by the same person which is Liz Beattie and Maria Vamvakinou.

  9. anony

    that Medcraft man is nasty business, I hear that if he is elected that all the other councillors will ignore him, cause he is a wanker

  10. Anon

    It is rather laughable that the only people putting it out there about Medcraft at the moment are a husband and wife bloggers.
    The husband of the duo latest effort has tried to tie Medcraft in with the Peter McMullin incident. Give it a rest.

  11. Anon

    Yes but it seems they are not the only ones to realise the duplicity of Medcraft and his the antics of both JAKASSES. Both have proven themselves to be dubious in both antics and lacking in ethics. Clearly demonstrated in their conning of Ward to give prefs to them and then openly attacking her in the media.

  12. Anon

    if Medcraft get in it’ll be a waste of ratepayer money because all he does is complain and object wasting time and resources. Waste of space,waste of oxygen is he.

  13. Sunburyist

    Medcraft is a professional oppositionist, whingeing is all he knows how to do. Last time he was completely out of his depth and simply parroted whatever his more stable and experienced mate Ogilvie did or said. Ironically he ran as an independent!

  14. Anon

    Yet Phil both Medcraft and Ogilvie got more votes than the Potter woman, stick that up your rather large arse Phil.

  15. Anon

    Phil both Medcraft and Ogilvie got more votes than the Potter woman, stick that up your rather large arse Phil.

  16. Digger

    Medcraft cries poor done by ofr the system that defeated him. Can’t have it both ways…but maybe he likes it like that=BOTH WAYS given his latest comment on here about sticking things in unmentionable places. =)

  17. jack

    Well to you gutless wonders who hide behind no names tis me the one who supposedly objects to everything. Wasnt it great news that “I look like Kevin”jungwirth, a staunch supporter of the alleged rapist Theo, and “More of her” White got the flick, gee it helped soften the blow for me after being beaten by a political cheat who has trouble holding her wine glass whilst abusing people sensible people.
    Oh well shit happens> Now you can see why first past the post voting is not popular as the duds wouldn’t get in.
    At least Hume has an Honest Mayor for a change

  18. David

    Whose gutless wonder Claptrap Jack.
    YOU ARE you great porno faced drongo

    you and jack are up the arse of others ask the poor kids rippeed off by mr honesty paying them shit $ for work and threatening to dob them into the dole office if they complain
    just go back to giving bjs to ur mates

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