ERNIE: Sophie Mirabella's contribution to national debate acknowledged by opponent

sophiemirabella4 Much honoured federal MP and young mum Mrs Sophie Mirabella has won another award. This time she has been recognised for making a “sexist” comment as deemed by Labor lefty NSW MP Comrade Meredith Burgmann.

The ABC reports:

The Ernie for remarks least helpful to the sisterhood went to Federal Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella.

She won for taunting the Deputy Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, about not having children.



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25 responses to “ERNIE: Sophie Mirabella's contribution to national debate acknowledged by opponent

  1. Tehan for Indi

    Got fat hasn’t she?

  2. Anonymous

    Sophie is a great lady. She will be the next Liberal PM.

  3. Anonski

    Dan Tehan is a joke – sick and tired of idiots being spoken of as potential MPs just because one of their parents was an MP.

  4. Anonymous

    Baby fat looks to be plentiful on her frame.

  5. Tehan for Indi

    Obesity becomes her.

  6. anon

    Her large labium could swallow a large bus.

  7. Abu dala

    She looks like the Queen from Star Wars.

  8. Anonymous

    A MILF? I think not…

  9. Anonymous

    how bad was Gregs first wife
    if he left her and went to that thing

  10. Childless and content

    She has the burden of having children. That is her choice.

    There are many childless couples/women today. With the population growth effecting sustainability be it Gillards decision by choice or biological she has the right of privacy in such personal matters.

    Sophie, The Parliaments mum, did over step the mark by making a callous and cold jab of such a personal nature. Gillard should not be judged or stigmatised in anyway for not having children.

  11. anoonynous

    Gillard is a power freak who couldn’t give a rats ass about anyone else, which includes any child she would have had.

  12. anon

    I still would love to know who of the good Lt Colonel’s squaddies fired the live pellet into her big round plump belly.

  13. Anonymous

    one ugly mummy. bet its a big hairy poon she’s got.

  14. Sir Les Twentytonneguts HRH

    I wouldn’t mind slipping her a length of Les’s Lund.

  15. Cwissy Pine

    but i would have to be drunk and keep my eyes closed while she talked with a deep voice, had a fake beard on and went down on me

  16. C Pearce

    Why Chrissy, aren’t I enough for you?

  17. Just_in

    I wish I hadn’t resigned from the Ted run franchise of the Jeffista Fiefdom. Kooyong would be rightfully mine now.

  18. No Dear Just_In, if I fail in my attempt to become Lord Fatty, I will run for Kooyong and do the Krogerites proud.

  19. Rosky

    With Freedom Lover as Deputy Lord Mayor and me as the Member for Kooyong, the IPA Jeffista-Filth sub-faction will be most powerful.

  20. Kennett

    I will replace Petro and get rid of that turd Malcolm.

  21. Felicity

    That’s what you think Jeff.
    Do you want another fight in the street?

  22. Nice point of view. Keep it up.

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  25. Enjoy reading. Nice article.

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