THE LIST: Every member of race-hate British National Party exposed // We name and shame

The British National Party is a despicable terror/political organisation that promotes an agenda of racial hatred through fear and occasionally physical intimidation.

It is successful, electing dozens of councillors throughout England and polling over 5% in recent London Lord Mayoral elections. Its website is – according to Hitwise – the most visited site of any of British political party.

The BNP is opposed to “non-white immigration” and advocates “firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home.” Charming.

Once viciously anti-semitic, its deranged members focus their hatred on Muslims now. The leader Nick Griffin explains that anti-Jewish hatred is still on the BNP’s agenda, they just prefer to keep it on the down-low.

We bang on about Islam. Why? Because to the ordinary public out there it’s the thing they can understand. It’s the thing the newspaper editors sell newspapers with. If we were to attack some other ethnic group — some people say we should attack the Jews … But … we’ve got to get to power. And if that was an issue we chose to bang on about when the press don’t talk about it … the public would just think we were barking mad. They’d just think oh, you’re attacking Jews just because you want to attack Jews. You’re attacking this group of powerful Zionists just because you want to take poor Manny Cohen the tailor and shove him in a gas chamber. That’s what the public would think. It wouldn’t get us anywhere other than stepping backwards. It would lock us in a little box; the public would think “extremist crank lunatics, nothing to do with me.” And we wouldn’t get power.

Like many far-right groups, the BNP has frequent splits among its leadership. One of their ex-fanatics was ordered by a British court to respect the Euro-inspired privacy rights of some of Britain’s most dangerous, racially divisive and scary groups and not to publish the membership list.

The court’s jurisdiction does not extend to Australia.

So – after careful consideration – we’ve decided to follow the lead of the former Australia/Israel Review, Michael Kapel, who once famously obtained a copy of the membership list of Australia’s relatively tame far right party One Nation and published it in its entirety.

Kapel agonised about his decision. For us the decision is simple. If you’re vile and stupid enough to sign up and join a party that resorts to violence and promotes “whites only” policies, then you deserve to be named and shamed. The BNP’s high-priced lawyers will not be able to suppress this information on the internet. For every site they attempt to restrict from publishing this once secret database of darkness, ten will rise in its place.

The file itself can be obtained here with names and contact details for all the bigoted party members.

There are members named and shamed on this list who have since left the party and some who’ve renounced it. That’s a great thing. Hopefully the publication of this list will give many the opportunity to question their hitherto anonymous guilty pleasure of prejudice.

Those who say this list should not be published would do well to consider what would have happened to the German Nazis or Soviet revolutionaries if only a list of their early supporters had have been released to ridicule and shame them before their crimes turned from street violence to genocide.

Never again.

Disturbingly, a number of people with Australian addresses appear on the list, including:

Mr Timothy Beard
19 Solomon Court
Kippa Ring
Redcliffe, Queensland 4021
07390 14647

Mr Trevor Bishop
1 San Marco Court
Forest Lake
Brisbane 4078
0011 61738 792553

Mr Anthony Booth
22 Campbell Street
Diamond Creek
Melbourne 3089

Mr Andrew Brass
Will not be renewing 07 (emigrating to Australia)

Mr Robert Chapman
2/9 Rathay Street
Victoria Park
Perth 6100
07876 194800

Mr Keiran Dinnie
PO Box 202
WA 6991
(08) 93677451
04171 71913

Mr Paul Fox
88 Barkala Street
The Gap
Queensland 4061

Mr Arthur E. Grice
PO Box 141
Browns Plains
Brisbane 4118
610401 775 385

Mr Nigel Hamley
28/2 Shipley Street
South Yarra
Melbourne 3141
03986 66238

Mr Philip Harris
118 Dion Crescent
Tasmania 7250

Mr David Hook
D1216/780 Bourke Street
Sydney, NSW 2016
041 294 4619

Mr Hugo T. Nijenhuis
7 Aberdare Street
Qld 4076
(07) 3375 4807

Mr Daniel Piechnick
36 Aaron Avenue
Darlington 5047

Mr Benjamin Hugh Smith
19 Porter Road
Engadine, Sydney 2233
New South Wales
04237 79149

Mr Rick Smith
14 Lintern Street
Red Hill
Brisbane 4059

Mr Alex Trussler
PO Box 547
New South Wales 1465
04143 08453

Click here to download the complete British National Party membership list.



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46 responses to “THE LIST: Every member of race-hate British National Party exposed // We name and shame

  1. Job

    Agree. Crush these dirty dogs.

  2. Privacy

    I don’t think their private contact details should be available to everyone on Google. Not fair or appropriate.

  3. Ian Hanke

    They took me off the list years ago.

  4. Jimbob

    Quite a few Australian Scum Members as well

  5. Suri Cruise

    Wow! A list that appeared on the Internet two days ago. That’ll show ’em! No marks for originality or research.

  6. Princess of Sturt

    I hope they don’t hate gays too

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  8. Brynn

    If the B.N.P. are electing dozens of councillors throughout the land, then doesn’t that tell you the way the COUNTRY is going and thinking..There are doctors, teachers, vicars, policemen, and other high profile members. These are not bullies and thugs, they are people who are fed up with what is happening to this country of ours. Men, women and children died in two world wars, to keep this country for the british people, NOT to give it to anyone who can get enough of there nation over here and then take it of us.
    The fact that there are groups who want to put a stop to a legal, political party, smacks of of the initial stages of dictatorship??? I hope that the B.N.P. will one day get strong enough to get elected as the governing party of this country, and start to address the relevant issues.

  9. Abu

    These are not all booted thugs, most are probably just misguided individuals who feel excluded from the polity of this country. The person who runs this site is probably more of a fascist than most on this list. I do not see how encouraging intimidation aginst these individuals (some with children even) is going to help in stopping racism in this country. A sad little man, indeed. I feel quite repulsed by this site.

  10. loves2spooj

    Funny – I thought the BNP was a legal political party. Publishing names and addresses of its members so that they can be “shamed” smacks of fascist thuggery, even if we consider their politics vile. The correct way to compete with these morons is to provide a better alternative, which shouldn’t be that hard unless you are trying to sell new labor or the greens.

  11. rick smith

    I’m on the list and I could,nt be prouder. all you left wing facist exstremist, get a life

  12. Left-wing fascist extremist

    “I’m on the list and I could,nt be prouder. all you left wing facist exstremist, get a life”

    You couldn’t be more stupid (or unable to spell) either, you racist dog. And you reckon Andrew Landeryou is a left-wing fascist? LOL

  13. rick smith

    (a racist dog) you have graduated from kindergarten hav,nt you? name calling is the behavour of little children. when you grow up and mature into an adult , maybe we could do what grown ups do and have a rational debate. until then continue sucking your thumb like a good little boy.

  14. Left-wing fascist extremist

    Poor Ricky Wicky. Truth hurts does it? If only you could perform the most basic google search mate. Or, indeed, learn to use capital letters. Then you might realise that this site and its author is hardly the terrain of the left and that yes, dorothy, you are a racist pig. Farewell Comrade!

  15. rick smith

    oh, it’s that little thumb sucker again. you intellectual wit and mental aptitude confirms I am confronting a formidable nemesis.
    (poor ricky wicky) now thats a come back even the greatest of literary talents would be proud of.
    but wait ,theres more. again the use of (racist pig) now I don’t like to criticize but you have allready used this line. please don’t disapoint me now. someone with your formidable talent could surely come up with an alternative discriptive.
    as for the author of this site, I took your advise and discovered him to be a failed bussinessman and a bankrupt. I would therefore credit my dog with more journalistic credibility. ta ta

  16. disgusted

    How many porn lists can one man be added to?

  17. Left-wing fascist extremist

    I reckon he’s on enough porn lists as it stands. Probably getting personal tips from Max Mosley too … Oooh spank me Ricky Wicky!

  18. rick smith

    how pathetic we are becomeing. not only have you got my e-mail wrong you’ve now started to persecute somebody else. typical behavour from left wing exstremists. back to kindergarten for the pair of you.

  19. Left-wing fascist extremist

    Ricky, can you post your correct email address please? Thanks for your help on this important matter of persecution.

  20. rick smith

    it’s that little thumb sucker again. I would dearly love to give you my e-mail address but I’m realy concerned that you may resort to criminal left wing activity. now having your best interest at heart, my conscience just would not allow me to put you in a position to break the law. you can thank me later.
    anyway I suggest you use your time more productivly, go hug a tree or picket a detention centre.

    ps. forgive my spelling, you see I was educated under a looney marxist left wing educational system where homosexual awareness classes took precedence over reading and writing. ta ta

  21. Left-wing fascist extremist

    I thought right-wingers, even far-right racist scumbags, took responsibility for their own failings instead of trying to blame the government? By the way, given your obvious thumb sucking fetish, perhaps you’ve been taking lessons from Dean Mighell rather than Mr Mosley. Will Deano have your real email address?

  22. rick smith

    well you could allways show a little ambition and demonstrate to me that you deserve to graduate to a preschool level of intelegence. but until then I’m afraid its back to kindergarten little thumb sucker.
    as far as these fellows “dean mighell” and “mr mosley” I’ve never heard of them. but it does strike me that you’re very familiar with both of them. maybe a quick google search will quantify the type of people you affiliate yourself with. ta ta

  23. Max Mosley

    Dear Ricky,

    I cannot believe that you are trying to deny our past love … and in public! Don’t you remember those oh so special sado-masochistic sessions – and yes, there twas a little naughty thumb-sucking to be had too – we shared as fellow deranged fascists? Do I not mean anything to you anymore?

    Yours in former friendship,


  24. rick smith

    well little thumb sucker, you’ve clearly demonstrated through the medium of intellectual debate that your a far superior adversary than myself. therefore I shall cede to your great powers of intellect and wit, and bow out graciously. ( your boring me)
    before I leave you to savour your outstanding victory,I shall part leaving you with a little advice.
    1/spend less time going to “ban uranium mining demonstrations”
    2/go to the barber and get your dreadlocks cut off
    3/take the pins and studs out of your face
    4/get a job and start to pay taxes like the rest of us
    and finally join the BNP and stop associating with those wooly wooly bleeding heart left wing liberal marxist exstremists. all your past sins will be forgiven. ta ta

  25. And don’t forget to have a shower or two occasionally, Landeryou, you pinko.

  26. wooly wooly bleeding heart left wing liberal marxist exstremists

    Insha’Allah, Ricky, Insha’Allah …

  27. Rick Smith

    Rick Smith of 14 Lintern Street, Red Hill, Brisbane is a Nazi-loving sadomasochist. You can contact him at

  28. Max Mosley

    With all respect, I don’t think you could describe him as a sadomasochist. Still he is Rick Smith of 14 Lintern Street, Red Hill, Brisbane and you may contact him at

  29. left-wing fascist extremist

    I’ve just joined the “australian protectionist party”
    long live the “bnp”

  30. i’d love to suck on johnnyCowards redundant balls. man, he rammed up the arse and booted out last nov. so sad for him and his right whingers. pssst-dont talk about julie bishop, her twat needs a checkup, it was copied onto Bolts face

  31. bnp member

    I’m spaticus

  32. rick smith

    Hi Ang,

    Send me an email:



  33. Rick

    I just looked at the list did a search for my area and found 2 people who live on my road!!

  34. Peter

    Nice neighbourhood. Do you have enough for a local Klan franchise?

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  36. ha ha.. the right-wingers (whingers?) are pretending that you have the wrong emails! Suddenly cancelled those accounts??

  37. Alex

    I don’t think it’s fair or just that people’s personal details are posted all over the internet. No matter what their political ideoligies.

    And those of you who have spread people’s personal information and who are villifying people just because they happen to have a different opinion to you are as bad as the facist BNP.

    Left-Right …fuck off!

  38. Appalled

    The motto of this site is “let freedom ring’. Surely that should include the freedom for every individual to have their own beliefs (be it political, religious, whatever)? Providing a list of personal contact details is only done for a specific purpose – to incite hatred in itself and the threat of action, otherwise revealing personal details would not be necessary.

    You accuse the BNP of ‘hate’ yet are you not doing the very thing you criticise – rallying hatred (against the people whose privacy you have violated)? Ironic, no?

    Your opening statement is “The British National Party is a despicable terror/political organisation that promotes[sic] an agenda of racial hatred through fear and occasionally physical intimidation”. Yet here you are giving personal details of people. Are you not yourself an organisation promoting an agenda of hatred through fear?

    You make reference to Nazis, a regime that targeted a specific group of people in an effort to eradicate them, yet here you are blatantly targeting a specific group of people (BNP members) in an effort to eradicate them. The methods may be different, but the intentions are not.

    If a Liberal Party disagrees with a Labour Party’s doctrines (for example), or if a Caucasian organisation disagrees with an African-American organisation’s views (for example)- does that give them the right to publicly list the personal address details of each of the opposing organisiations’ members also?

    Surely you see the contradiction in your actions.

    You are clearly trying to incite trouble. This is very poor form akin to schoolyard bullying.

  39. Simon

    I was on that list.
    For belonging to a legal political party i am now considered worse than a child molester.
    I would like to thank the kind editor of this site for breaking the law.
    The last time a list like this was released was in 1938 when the Nazis released all the names and address of all the Jews in Germany.I says alot about who’s in charge of our country….It also says anyone who’s happy to put a list like this on the internet is a NAZI.
    I hope you end up in court.

  40. Jamie

    The BNP does not use ‘intimidation’ because intimidating people does not get you votes.

    Simply representing what your voters want gets you votes.

    The only intimidation is that used by the BNPs enemies, people like you.

    They smash up BNP meetings, try to beat up women and children and threaten venue owners to get BNP events cancelled.

    They also team up with anti-semitic Islamic groups. Where the BNP supports the right of Israel to exist and has Jewish members, even a Jewish councillor, hardly the work of a ‘nazi’ party.

    The only “nazis” are the far left groups that use fascist tactics to try and shut down opinions they dislike, and you are now one of them.

    The previous poster is correct, this is nothing but schoolyard bullying.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  41. W. Tuckey

    Can anyone tell me why the far-right extremist scum on that list are stealing our oxygen? They have no honour, integrity or dignity left and are no just sub-human pond scum.

    Why are the Right so racist?

  42. bob

    your foul mouthed language demonstrates to me where the oxygen is being wasted

  43. Vin

    I’m on that list, and I consider it an honour to be! I am proud to be linked to the only political party in Britain that gives a damn about the real Britons and our homeland. You leftist extremists prove who the real facists are every time you open up another website inciting hate against those whose only crime is the temerity to disagree with your perverted worldveiw. W.Tuckey, it is you and other mouthy internet warriors who are the real pond scum.

  44. Tony

    I’m proud to be on that list too. Long live the BNP!

  45. alastair lee

    what are you people afraid of? The last time i was in Britain it was still a democracy and living in a democracy surely entitles citizens to be affiliated or members of ANY political party or organisation. We had the same witchhunt in Australia a decade ago: people were vilified and spat upon for expressing an opinion that seemingly is at odds with the elitist left wing view of life. Well 10 years later our approach to multiculturism has seen an INCREASE in ethnic gangs and the associated violence that accompanys them wherever they are in the world. Of course the politicians, police and social workers are reluctant to even mention crime and WOGS in the same sentence. Wake up to yourselves Britain! your heritage is being stripped away just the same as ours is here. Get out there and vote for the BNP and ram it up the arses of the real fascists – the LOONY LEFT.

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