OUTSKI: HSU President Fegan suspended after bullying finding

feganout The feuding at the Health Services Union looks like reaching its conclusion following the laying of charges against and twenty-eight day suspension of its troubled President, Pauline Fegan.

Consultants have recently been ordered in to investigate staff claims of bullying and harassment against the senior official who occasionally dabbles in Chinese giftware importing.

Union insiders tell VEXNEWS these incidents included threatening visits to staff member’s homes and even locking one union employee in a cupboard. “This is obviously a potential Workcover nightmare” an informed source explained.

The rampage of bullying occurred after Fegan had been disappointed in her ambition to become union national secretary, a union insider revealed.

A deal had been done recently to quietly manage the crisis with a managed retirement plan for Fegan that would respect her previous contribution while minimising the union’s potential legal liability for workplace injuries including compensation for stress-related illness.

Sadly this blew up when Fegan reneged on the arrangement and attempted to assert her dominance at the Branch Committee of Management, where she has many loyal supporters. Indeed other observers say Fegan once enjoyed a lot of support at union workplaces.

Observers say the union needs to be particularly careful in managing its WorkCover risk because of high claims dating from the notorious Zora Marko era where the then union secretary collected income payments for many years for what she said was the brutal treatment she received at the union.

Union watchers believe it unlikely Fegan will be able to return to the union.



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110 responses to “OUTSKI: HSU President Fegan suspended after bullying finding

  1. Workcover claim coming

    She is a brutal thug!

  2. Ex employee

    I left the HSU because of that disgusting PIG!!!!


    That photo is not Fegan now. She has put on 20Kg and looks uglier than ever. Andrew get a real photo not a photo shopped job.

  4. Irene Webber

    Well well, the one that was bullying me was not Pauline Fegan, in fact this person bullied more than one person, and is still doing it.

    Have you guys had the guts to call in Worksafe and get something independent to look at it.

    Please, do not hide behind fake names, show some guts and identify yourself.

    The sad part about all this is you are neglecting your members, remember the ones that pay your wages


    Good thing Irene left the HSU, just before she was charged with sexual harassment. Irene, Dirty old woman in love with the Bully, Pauline. Oh how shit sticks together!!!

  6. Debbie J HSU member

    In every workplace and walk of life the are some bad eggs. Unions are no different. For my experience the HSU team are great and do a great job for the members. I now they have done a great job in representing me agaist a nasty manager ripping me off with my entitlements. Get rid of those few bad eggs and the smell will go with them. Rock on HSU.

  7. Union man

    The word around the union movement is not to go near the HSU because of that dangerous woman, the stories about her antics defy belief

  8. Micky J

    I hear you could fill a footy team with the number of peple who have walked out of that union because of her outragous behavier

  9. Irene Webber

    Dear Victim – well I gave 3 months notice and you say if I did not leave I would be charged with sexual harrassment – if you mean suggestive comment – fine guilty – old yes I am 64. Physical sexual harrassment – no way –
    Anyhow, show some guts and say who you are.

    I always thought the one who was making the charges against Pauline was her best personal friend and the other one behind it was also her close friend. With friends like this who needs enemies. STAY
    hope someone remembers that

  10. Anonymous

    Let’s hope she hangs up her strap on and retires disgracefully

  11. Anonymous

    Taxpayers will end up paying for this with WorkCover no doubt going to pay a hefty bill.

  12. Class action pending

    This OBESE pig has no idea what is coming her way

  13. Terrie Seemore

    Jeff is just keeping the seat warm for me.

    Pauline should be in jail for what she’s done.

    My dirt files on everyone enable me to Seemore.

  14. Corruption

    Is it corrupt if you run a union and sell overpriced goods to that union ?

    Should the police be called in ?

    Bullying is the most innocent of Fegan’s actions. It’s probably the most charming part of her.

  15. Corruption

    I am not sure Pauline Fegan should be worried about the finances

  16. Micky J

    Those overpriced goods were made by child labor in China, Where are the Police?

  17. Dug Byron

    Hey, lay off you venomous bastards!
    Those dairies that started their working week on a Tuesday work brilliant. I for startes, don’t do Mondays. So, Fegan should be respected as a genius for thinking of that!

  18. BRETT

    As I understand it, the HSU is an organisation on the move, not without its flaws, but growing by the week under the stewardship of somebody with vision, Comrade Jackson and a team bristling with talent.

    I’ve met you Pauline and this is where you dip out. HSU members might be familiar and somehow comforted by your old school bullish and contrary ways but not when they are the collateral. They are the ones you are killin here. As you did with those itchy ill-fitting Your Rights At Work T-shirts in 07. Classics. Well sourced!

    Any member that reads this be aware that Pauline’s Dreamy Team, minus one charismatic but waywardly loyal scot, are committed to an old world that values you not one bit (but recruit away if you could). They do not work, they are not accountable, and with their wayward mate and president they want to stay that way if thats alright with you.

    Time to go Old Girl.

  19. The Coburg Lawyer

    Good point DUG, and for what its worth Fegan only charged the union $30,000 for them

  20. Obese

    Ah those ultra tight shirts she made the union buy, a bargain at $25,000

  21. Diana asmar

    Hell im stills usings thats diarys no wonders everyones thinks mees is idiot

  22. Garth

    Ultra tight in a Labor Unity union = XL

  23. Senator Feeney

    Wrong… Unless you are referring to condom size.

  24. Control order

    Why is the only Hicks on anyone’s lips David ?

  25. urchin giftware

    I am going to be rich.

  26. anon

    Thugery is alive and well when people like Pauline Fegan,Mary Cook and Terrie Seymour are arround. Irene Sexual harassment may have something to do with the inapropiate emails you use to send around, you are lucky no one put a complaint in about the discrimination or bullying that you did so people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  27. MaryAnn

    Ultra tight Garth ….XL if you’re talking about cup size.

  28. Terrie Seesmost

    Jeff & Pauline will finish each other off.

    I will conquer.

  29. Obese Pig

    I will eat my way back to the top!

  30. Loyal Union Member

    Dug, you say you dont do Mondays because of the diaries? whats your excuse for the rest of the week then? Is it because your lazy lazy lazy?

  31. Loyal Union Member

    Time to go Fegan! Let the union service its members, you do remember the members, dont you?

  32. Angry

    Fagen, take the hint and go, maybe you should open a $2 shop and flog your cheap asian shit.

  33. Child Labor

    Maybe Fagen can think about the (9year old kids that were forced to make her products on a 16 hour shift for 20 cents a day

  34. captain marvel

    It seems that having exploited chinese children to manufacture crap product at almost zero unit cost, Fagen now wants to loot HSU coffers. With her partner in crime, a Maltese Arthur Daly, and their business Urban Shitware (for Misguided Compulsive Consumers), Fagen has wrenched a burgeoning profit from the sweat of enslaved children. But that is not enough to satisfy her insatiable materialistic greed. She has also seduced a Dream Team consisting of a Conveyancing Lawyer, a Pink Nosed Alcoholic masquerading as a pathologically lazy Organiser, and a dubious senior Fagen Zealot with a taste for young girls. With this motley crew, she thinks she can stage a coup and return the HSU to the glory days of the late 90’s, where under her rudderless stewardship, the Union bled members like an arterial rupture, and delivered nothing for the membership.


    I’m BLIND drunk again

  36. Anon Annonski

    It will be fascinating on Tuesday to see union reactions to the Fair Work Australia Bill.
    No doubt there will be cries of betrayl and ongoing complaints about the heroic ABCC.
    All of which is extraordinary when you consider that the workplace practices regularly alluded in our Labor Movement would make members of the ABCC star chamber blanch!

  37. The sleeper

    Hey Captain, you forgot to mention her cheif adviser Vici shitlatos

  38. Watkin

    Irene, The sad part is that your mate’s ill-timed and self-serving grab for power is paralysing the union but fortunately only jeopardising the servicing of members. That is because, fortunately for HSU members, HSU staff tolerate a heap more shit than they would allow their members to tolerate and are soldiering on in spite of the egomaniacs attempt to disrupt and discredit.

  39. COWARDS!

    All u people need to get a life & grow up! Why voice your opinions on a forum under false names… I’ll tell you why cos you all have NO BALLS to say it to their faces. COWARDS!!!!

  40. irene webber

    Hey Cowards – just what I have been trying to get across. They hide behind falso names but it does not take many brains to work out who it is.

  41. sue mccormack

    Hey “Cowards” why put a comment bagging people who use an alias then dont have the guts to use your own name?
    The union is here to unite everyone and act as a whole not to break into factions and go against each other . Remember we are here for each other and to grow the union

  42. concerned member

    I think all hsu members need to be concerned regarding the quality of mentality that we have as our board of management! We all know they tried to support Pauline!! We fight for our rights here and she thinks its ok to purchase items from slave labor in China. Get a grip woman I don’t want you representing me!!

  43. The truth will come

    Slave labor, bashing union officials , just another day in Fegans mad mad world!

  44. Anonymous

    My god bless the HSU and kick that pig out!

  45. what goes around comes around

    Which HSU official was head butted within an inch of his life last week? Why? Why has VP Lawler been relocated from head of the health panel of the AIRC? Where was Pauline at the Delegates dinner?

  46. Fegans BACK

    YES the QUEEN of EVIL is back stopping workers from having their unfair dismissals being heard in the AIRC

  47. [deleted]

    Indeed she has sank lower than herself, and tried to invoke Workchoices, the good old less than 100 employees chestnut! The pitiful amoral [deleted].

    I hate the [deleted], she abandoned me and my brother when we were babes, so you don’t need to tell me that she’s a [deleted].

  48. Captain Marvel

    I’m delighted to hear all deals are off, and it’s back to battle with Fegan and the BCOM. So it’s eventual execution for the lot of them, and the three stooges of course. No deals, annihilation, lovely!

  49. Bill Ricketts

    Just when I thought there was going to be peace! There I was laying back with a firm farm boy either side of me wearing nothing but a slouch hat. As I gently fondled their genitalia, I blissfully thought of even more farm boys, and getting a script for viagra. Now I again face the stress of been publicly cursed and ridiculed for being a fascist and a pervert. It’s not fair.

  50. The Oracle

    I predict unemployment for Yianoulatos, Byron, and May within 6 weeks.

  51. Captain Marvel

    Fegan’s Back, I’ve just received the transcript, it’s already in circulation, what a gem.

    Fegan the so called trade unionist seeks to dismiss the unfair dismissals of the three she sacked, on the grounds of Jurisdiction: LESS THAN 100 EMPLOYEES. WORKCHOICES!

    Now that’s a suicide bomber for you.

    Attagirl Pauline, absolute gold! My won’t the membership love you…..about as much as a pedophile. You desperate idiot.

    No deals sweetie, you and your goons are about to be carpet bombed.

  52. Vicki Yianoulatos

    I fear having to compromise my self respect for money, Yianni soon to be unemployed.

  53. Viki Yianoolatos

    I fear having to compromise my self respect for money, Yianni soon to be unemployed.

  54. Fegans CRACK

    Captain Marvel,Is it true there is transcript to prove Fegan has been using Workchoices to sack employees?

  55. Captain Marvel

    Quite precisely Fegan’s Crack.

  56. Captain Marvel

    I love the Editor

  57. Captain Marvel

    Dear Editor,

    I see you are moderating anything in my name.

    Is this freedom?

    Practice what you breach sonny.

  58. Biff

    Landeryou your deleteds betray your prejudices you poor compromised bastard

  59. brett

    Steady on there Biff. Give the great man a break.

  60. biff

    Am I being moderated away?

  61. Bill Ricketts

    Oh shit! I’m gonna lose myself in a Farm Boy calender and fantasy. I don’t wanna face what’s coming.

  62. Anti Fegan Militia

    No deals plumper, total war and nothing will be sacred.

  63. Captain Marvel

    It is delightful to hear the disgracefully sacked three have been reinstated by order of the AIRC, including back pay, and costs.

    Justice is sweet and so will be the retribution.

  64. Fegans crack

    Deloris Bannon – Fat disgusting PIG

  65. Pay up

    Is Pauline Fegan set to face Jail Time? Will She be able to pay her own Legal fees?

  66. Pig trail

    Well well well, the fat PIG fegan has been thrown off the HESTA board for being a criminal, it’s enough to make a farm boy weep.

    coming soon
    Fegan steals members money to pay her own legal fees

  67. Jenny banks

    Whats wrong with elder abuse?

  68. Defend the HSU 3

    HSU members rally outside the Australian industrial relations commission 9.30 am Wednesday 11 th of March.
    Join HSU members in condemming Fegan and her thugs who are appealing an order of the commission that found the sackings of the 3 HSU employees harsh and unjust.
    This is a chance for all HSU members to have your voice heard

  69. Mick

    OMG, how could a union official use workchoices on her own staff?

  70. Defend the HSU 3

    HSU members rally, Wednesday 11th March 9.30am outside the Australian industrial relations commission,
    Stop Fegan from spending members money and using workchoices

  71. Defend the HSU 3

    Workchoices is a product of EVIL, stop Fegans rampage

  72. one hung low

    MMMMMMMMMMMM 8th of April, is that centre link calling a few people?

  73. Anonymous

    May god bless the HSU 3

  74. Defend the HSU 3

    HSU members rally 11th of March 9.30 am outside the Australian industrial relations commission,tell Fegan to stop attacking workers with workchoices

  75. Anonymous

    Only 2 sleeps to go , end game Fegan!!

  76. Spuriouser and Spuriouser

    Will any of the scumbag BCOM members have the guts to turn up to the appeal in the AIRC on Wednesday?

    They have all the confidence in the world when they are sitting around the HSU Boardroom table passing unlawful resolutions. Put them in a real world situation and it’s a whole different story.

    My guess is Fegan will be flying solo again, with only the sound of her polyester trouser legs rubbing together to keep her company. Someone had better leave the lady a packet of Monte Carlos. It’s going to be a mighty disappointing day for her.

    Pathetic excuses for trade unionists – the whole fucking lot of them!

  77. the sound of death

    Times up Fegan- not a HESTA in hell you will win

  78. Anonymous

    What is Fegan spending the members money on?



  80. Anonymous

       pAULINE fEGAN
    a person, as a psychopathic personality, whose behavior is antisocial and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience

  81. The Reckoning

    The games begin now El Presidente.

    These battles are not won in the courts, or by wielding extremist workplace legislation which will rightfully cease to exist in 3 three months.

    Who will win the hearts and minds and how? This is the question.

  82. Fegans crack

    WELL done HSU BCOM, You’ve made history, Your use of workchoices will never be forgotten, make sure you pay your own legal fees

  83. the smell of death

    Who am i?

    sociopath – someone with a sociopathic personality; a person with an antisocial personality disorder (`psychopath’ was once widely used but has now been superseded by `sociopath’)

  84. Anonymous

    A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

  85. Anonymous

    MMMMMMMM BCOM workchoices

  86. who am i

    A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse.

  87. Stuart Marshall

    this union needs a good dose of workchoices, now f*** off so i can get back to my staff time and motion study!

  88. supercookie777@hotmail

    Terry Seeless I bet that is who you are

  89. Stuart Marshall

    Fegan has lost her mind, how will i pay all these legal fees?

  90. Herman Borenstein

    Such an overrated little grub is Herman Borenstein!

    This so called Union Lawyer, has wielded ‘Workchoices’ in it’s dying days against Trade Unionists.

    This grey, shabbily dressed old harlot of a so called union lawyer, has used Union members’ money to deploy the less than 100 employees jurisdictional argument in an appeal against the reinstatement of disgracefully sacked Trade Unionists.

    This relic lives off a myth that he saved the MUA. In fact he, a bumbling MUA leadership, and that overrated twit of a talking head Combet, actually stuffed up and conceded 700 members’ jobs to a Corrigan bluff.

    Why is he overrated? That will be revealed shortly.

    In the meantime keep your gnarled greedy little paws off Union Members’ hard earned Herman, and go find something useful to do. Like buy a new suit and spend some of your loot on personal hygiene.

    Enjoy it while you can, because your business from Unions is about to sharply decline. The campaign against you the opportunistic harlot starts now.

    There’s a job for you at Freehills scumbag.

  91. Dr Phil

    Poor little Herman, the voices in his head trouble him again.

  92. Jenny Banks

    Fegan, more focus on your attempt to lose that massive amount of weight you carry and less on spending members money will be better for your health!

  93. Deloris Bannon

    My arse is massive but my brain is very small

  94. biff

    Dolores sweetness, I think what you meant to say (in your own naval (unsic) way) was that ” My tiny tiny brain is small (a given) and what is mooore my arse is massiff”

  95. Sir Hugh

    I say supercookie, I think your answer to the ‘who am I’ riddle is incorrect.

    I shall render you assistance with a clue – swishing polyester and a muttley smile.

    One hopes that you do not spend too much time on ‘who am I’ trivia.

    There is a cracking Work Cover statement in circulation. To a few it’s a statement, to some it’s a burgeoning manifesto of conspiracy, and to most it’s the diary of a madman.

    The author’s name escapes me at this time, however it is a ripping read. Every page will guarantee you great merriment and chortles, and you will marvel at the imagination of a simple man.

  96. Hell on earth

    Get ready for SUPER MONDAY Fegan!

  97. Prominent Coburg Lawyer

    The Statement Sir Hugh refers to is mine. I have put it on public record, as a testament to the ongoing conspiracy against me. I condemn Sir Hugh’s assertion that it’s some sort of comical manifesto.

    For a long time I have been a victim of telepathic bullying. So called workmates have threatened me via psychic messages.

    In satanic rituals they have summoned demons to taunt me and terrorise. They have danced naked around burning Steggles chickens, and consequently all sorts of grotesque spiritual entities have appeared before me and subjected me to horrible things, such as calling me names and poking my bottom.

    Recently I witnessed a UFO landing in a remote area near Mildura. There I witnessed little gray men with big heads a small gangly bodies, meet with the HSU 3 and other HSU operatives.

    In exchange for a defiled goat, a beheaded koala bear, and a souvenir boomerang. The aliens agreed to abduct my friends and I, and subject us to anal probes.

    The world needs to know!

  98. Freedom from hunger

    two FAT wild beasts set to storm the HSU office on monday morning. Oh what a suprise awaits them!

  99. beast tamer

    Fatross will eat all the staff

  100. Toni sack em all Joyce

    Fegan will be around the corner giving instructions on the phone,

  101. Sir Hugh

    I say, offer them some cucumber sandwiches.

  102. Mulder & Scully

    We’re happy to look at the Prominent Coburg Lawyer’s statement.

  103. one hung lo

    OMG, Thats not Pauline Hanson on the front page of today’s hun its a young Fegan before she took up her 50 dim sims a day habit!

  104. Irish dolly

    Run for your life Bolano, there are two wild beasts thundering towards 208 Park st and they intend to feast out on you like Fegan in a dim sim factory

  105. Sir Hugh

    As I have said, give them cucumber sandwiches.

  106. Irish dolly

    Hey Fegan,

    Stop calling the country organisers and filling their heads with your twisted lies, you and your gang need to focus on how you intend to pay back all your legal fees to the HSU.
    The 8th is fast approaching my dear!

  107. Bannons massive arse

    Where are you Attaturk? life is not the same without you!

  108. Attaturk

    Up shit creek!

  109. Bannons massive arse

    My Darling Attaturk you are back!

  110. biff

    Hope you paddling Atta?

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