DANGER: Melbourne's Planning Czar puts bicyclists at risk of death

catherineofarrogant Melbourne council’s chair of Planning for seven years Catherine Ng has failed to take action to protect vulnerable Swanston Street bicyclists, risking lives according to a bike rider’s lobby group.

The disgraced councillor who has refused to return her councillor’s allowance despite admitting that her attendance record at council and council committee meetings barely “exceeds 50%” has clearly done nothing about the danger zone since the tragic death of the cyclist on her watch.

Ng is married to Ted Baillieu’s economics adviser and long-time Liberal party member Douglas Campbell.

Her campaign director – shrewd Tory PR strategist Ian Hanke – set to be paid $20,000 for his campaign services – is believed to be devising a Children’s Overboard style spin plan to deal with the pesky bicyclists who find themselves under the wheels of large coaches. Blaming them for being suicidal Buddhist bikies. Might just work.

Meanwhile the TAFE worker Ng is buckling under the pressure, perhaps from a guilty conscience over the deaths by negligence that have occurred on her watch.

At a Docklands meeting last night, Ng was “too unwell” to speak to the gathering of locals and instead asked her Deputy, the big-spending former Town Hall bureaucrat Terry Makings to step into the breach and explain Ng’s plan including the big C’s of *Can’t show up *Corrupt decision-making *Cover-up political ties *Contempt for elders in Chinese community *Crushing staff spirit through bullying, harassment and intimidation.


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6 responses to “DANGER: Melbourne's Planning Czar puts bicyclists at risk of death

  1. Jamie Briggs

    A good reason to vote for her. Kill the bikies.

  2. Docklands forgotten

    We’ve been trying to get her to take action on getting some services for Docklands for years. Lazy biatch hasn’t done a thing.

  3. Ian Hanke of the Pacific Solution

    A few dead for the greater good is my stock in trade.

  4. Biked

    Bicyclists are a dangerous nuisance. Kill them all.

  5. Selling a turd

    Catherine will bomb. 5% market share is all she’ll get. Singer will climb over her.

  6. Justin Larkin

    What kind of people advocate the killing of other people like they were bugs?

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