AWU: WA Labor's ideological opposition to uranium is anti-worker says union

awufights The Australian Workers’ Union has called on the leader of the West Australian Labor Party, Eric Ripper, to fall into line with Federal ALP policy on uranium mining.

The AWU National Secretary, Paul Howes, said West Australians had shown in the State election they would not object to the new Premier, Mr Barnett, lifting the ban on uranium mining.

Labor abandoned controversial three-mines uranium policy last year

“Federal Labor abandoned the three-mines policy at its national conference last year in an important step for the party.

“I think that WA Labor should take heed of that decision by the Federal party and support Labor policy, which is that there is no need for ideological opposition to uranium mining.

“Economically it makes no sense, politically it makes no sense because there was a very clear message from the electorate at the last State election that this is not a major issue for West Australians.

“AWU members are eager to support opening up the new opportunities  that uranium mining offered for Australia’s economy as well as the opportunity to win good new secure jobs for our union’s members,” Paul Howes said.

Supporting Minister Ferguson

Paul Howes agreed with the Federal Resources Minister, Martin Ferguson, who has also demanded that Eric Ripper drop his opposition to uranium mining.

Mr Ferguson accused the State Labor leader of “patently false” and irresponsible scaremongering.

The Federal Minister rejected Mr Ripper’s claim that expanding uranium mining to WA would increase the nuclear and terrorist threat and inevitably lead to nuclear power stations in Australia.



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5 responses to “AWU: WA Labor's ideological opposition to uranium is anti-worker says union

  1. patriot

    This is the price Labor is paying for Carps and his latte sipping agenda.

    Bring back Burke.

  2. evil bastard

    bring on nuclear power stations & cut the energy contribution to the current account deficit

  3. Walter Plinge

    The West has always been about 30 years behind the rest of Australia. Look at shop opening hours – very 1970s.

  4. Anon Annonski

    Paul Howes is not just a patriot, he is a Great Man and the AWU is a great union!

  5. More Anone

    Let’s drink to Anon Annonski’s comments. Hear Hear.

    The AWU is not just a great union it is the best union under the leadership of the Great Man.

    Suport the Great Man theory – fight all splitters and deviants from the Patriot Line.

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