ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy couple announce engagement

carladecampo Former Victoria Young Labor power couple Liam O’Brien and Carlo de Campo have announced they will be getting hitched after a long courtship. O’Brien is on the payroll at the Australian Workers Union and is soon expected to move across to the United States to start work for the great steelworkers union. His fiancee designate Carla de Campo, loved by all, was recently in the employ of the Health Services Union before recently leaving to work in the family bookmaking business, is expected to make the move with him to the Land of the Free. Conrad French, the highly regarded HSU official, is strongly favoured as Best Man, in early betting. Congratulations to all.




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3 responses to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy couple announce engagement

  1. Anonymous

    One’s a piece of work. The other doesn’t do much work.

    Made for each other.

  2. HSU fan Club

    Congratulatiosn to you both. A great couple with a great future.

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