PLANTS: Has the Greens Party been infiltrated by a shrewd northern suburbs Liberal machine?

liberalspygreens Canny northern suburbs Liberals have planted operatives within the Victorian Greens Party to run as “dummies” in support of pro-development councillors, according to close observers of the Banyule council.

The shrewd move has caused a panicked response from Greens Party High Command, with a belated background check and investigation occurring into Ian Kirk, their endorsed candidate in Bakewell Ward in the Banyule municipality.

The “Green” Kirk has stunned political observers in Banyule by delivering his second preference to Councillor Peter McKenna, a staffer of rising Liberal star Matthew Guy MLC.

mckenna McKenna is considered a loyal vote for development along with wily former Lib MP Mayor Wayne Phillips. Both have ushered in an unprecedented era of prosperity for developers in the area. Planning approvals championed by Phillips and McKenna could potentially bring the area 15000 units for Greensborough and surrounding areas, as it escapes its low density housing past.

Banyule locals explain that Ian Kirk is in the building and plumbing supplies business and has been seen chatting in a local restaurant with Phillips over the past year. It is unknown whether Kirk and Phillips have a commercial relationship. Kirk joined the Greens Party quite recently.

Winning the Greens preferences in this way has been considered an astonishing coup by McKenna given his public declarations of hostility to Greens Party and Penny Wong “Dark Ages” emissions tax policies in recent letters to the Herald-Sun.

McKenna had previously been thought to face an uphill battle for re-election after failing to honour a campaign promise to freeze rates and instead voting up a 22% rates increase which raised many tens of millions of dollars for council bureaucrats to spend.

A senior Greens party operative – talking on condition of anonymity – said a preference deal was one thing but the policy pronouncements of Kirk “clearly indicated something untoward was going on”.

liberalspyiankirk Kirk’s conservative agenda – shown here on his campaign material – includes “keep(ing) rates low”, “smarter city planning” (not the usual Greens party pledge to oppose ‘inappropriate development’), an assertion the council doesn’t do enough to tackle graffiti and a commitment to “co-operate with local traders”.

Greens party sources indicate that despite Kirk’s use of the party logo and his endorsement as a candidate that he has failed to “clear” any of his material and that he has quite possibly “turned rogue”. The suggestion that upper house MP Greg Barber might have sanctioned the establishment of a Blue-Green “Aqua” faction of Greens Party pro-development low-tax conservatives was vigorously denied by the source.

Sources explain that a Damian Magner brought candidate Kirk into the party although it is unknown whether he will be involved in the internal investigation. Magner is running in another ward in Banyule – where he has also done a preference swap with a pro-development conservative – but was widely known to be involved in negotiating preferences on behalf of Kirk, which might cause him to also be investigated.

Under the Greens party constitution, members guilty of disloyalty to the party can be suspended or expelled.



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43 responses to “PLANTS: Has the Greens Party been infiltrated by a shrewd northern suburbs Liberal machine?

  1. P Costello

    I’m thinking of joining too. Australia needs my leadership.

  2. funny

    Good yarn. How could they stop this though?

  3. Gough for Mayor

    The people of Banyule are jealous that they don’t currently have a much loved Mayor who delivers on his promises.

  4. Kirk caught in the act

    Heidelberg Weekly had a great story saying that Kirk couldn’t explain giving his preferences to climate change sceptic McKenna while claiming climate change cred in his electoral material.

    Kirk said he had many things on his agenda other than the environment. He insisted he is a “serious candidate” presumably contrasting himself to other Greens.

    McKenna said that he and Kirk “had many things in common”.

    I’m sure they do.

  5. Right Said Fred

    This circumstance is create purely as a result of the unprofessional and indolent nature of the Greens that allowed this to occur.

    What do expect from a bunch of lazy hippies anyway.

  6. Rohan

    The Greens aren’t a preferencing machine for the ALP, Slanders.

    Sometimes, just sometimes, a Liberal candidate will be the best of a thoroughly bad bunch.

  7. Eat your greens

    That comment by Rohan, could it be the same Rohan not running for melbourne Council who screwed up the pref’s for Cathy Oke?

    Could be he only worried about By passing the lead candidate and recieving himself.
    Ratted on his own
    Eat your grens coz Rohnan sure does.

  8. reds are better in bed

    Barber is up to his ears in this; socially liberal economicly conservative twat.

    where’s our train extention to South Morang Greg? That’s right you haven’t got the talent, stamina and nerve to put the blowtorch to the Brumby Government.

    Amanda Stone though will be getting the blowtorch apllied, right up her clacker!

  9. Anonymous

    Would you seriously propose the Greens give Michael Paul (ALP member and one time loser to McKenna) a preference? (roll on the floor laughing!)

    Paul’s attempts at local politics are at best farcical. His letter box drops show him to be a rather strange individual.

    Given the shabby nature of the previous ALP council, who would give the ALP a preference anyway (except stooges) ?

  10. Hold the Horses

    Back up 19:03 Briffa runnig around town spurting inderpendance? when clearly his campaign material land in the front yards of liberal members? please counter!

  11. Hold the Horses

    19:03 Dickhad!!

  12. Hold the Horses

    A green blue alliance, seems fitting the libs turn to floting scum to find a place in this world, we may be looking for that elusive ameba to sprout and give birth to a whole new politcal pary

  13. de blonay

    Michael Paul..the candidate for Bakewell.. has done a fine job in Banyule to expose the developers and their friends on Banyule Council,,,the links to Ian Kirk the
    Green(?( candidate are interesting too!,,what a strange deal.!!!!.
    What is the Green candidate Kirk doing giving prefs to the Liberal “Climate-Change denialist “..McKenna??
    You have exposed a really unsavoury
    deal here… and the way to go is to vote for Michael Paul…

  14. Forward

    The Banyule marriage between the Green candidate Kirk and the Clmate Chamge Denialist McKenna is rather shocking…especially when Michael Paul ,the candidate seen by many as a likely winner,..has a good record on support for truly green initiatives
    in the area.
    Green voters should be alert to Kirk decisions to support the Liberals McKenna.

  15. Fairy Rat Tail

    Is it just me or does it seem to be that candidate Ian Kirk reflects the personality and looks of Harry Potter character Peter Pettigerw AKA Wormtail AKA Scabbers the Rat!

    Attaching himself to who ever he thinks is most in power, even if it is agains his own beleifs, cowering and wimpering wishing he were not there, but low and behold he is!!

  16. True green

    I was planning a Green vote for Kirk.when I saw that his second prefs were going to the very un-Green No Way Mt Kirk!!
    I literally changed my vote at the last minute in the booth…and voted for Michael Paul and put McKenna and his green mate Kirk at the bottom of my list! ..and I once voted Green at the Federal Election too..never again.

  17. Anonymous

    21:03… is “Dick Had” describing your new neutered self?

  18. Anonymous

    Green preferences = michael paul’s end. Never a councillor.

  19. Green alert

    I doubt that many Greens will fall for Ian Kirk’s Green how to vote card in Banuyule…a how to vote card which gives it prefs to Lib. McKenna
    . McKenna who is .a Global Warming Denialist,,,a funny place for the Green preferences..what is Kirk up to..? he a Liberal wolf in Greens
    clothing ???

  20. Brilllant

    Such a good idea…

  21. The Mare

    Who cares!!!!!

    Local government attracts whackjobs like flies to … well you know what.

    A good administrator accountable to an elected state government is the way to go.

  22. Hold the Horses

    the blue green alliance, has a ring about it, oh just finished watching Harry Potter, the resemblance is quite amazing, KIRK the RAT. I wonder how a true green will take this selling of the soul?
    what do think Damien?

  23. Was this supposed to be a joke? Never in all my life have I read such a load of illiterate drivel as I did in this article, and some of the blogs, today.

  24. Anonymous

    Bye bye Michael Paul. With this preference deal, a 2 time loser to the great McKenna.

  25. Hold the Horses

    The only great McKenna played for collingwood the rest are just that hasbeens

  26. Only God can sit in judgement. I am appalled at the mud slinging! “HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE”? I think you should put down your bag of rocks Michael Paul and cohorts, leave your glass houses and GO TO GOD. REPENT! Judgement day is coming.

  27. Anonymous


    Michael Paul visited Ian Kirk and said that if he didn’t “give me number two” then he would cancel all environmental projects if elected!

    Michael Paul needs to read “HOW TO WIN FRIENDS AND INFLUENCE PEOPLE”!

  28. Anonymous

    If the Greens want to save the whales they should push Michael Paul back into the ocean!

  29. Hold the Horses

    With lies like that you have to be a lib or green, and just like them the word anonymous sits well with you

  30. Michael Paul

    When I first met and spoke to Ian Kirk at his home, I gave him a copy of this policy document.

    Councillor McKenna recently released a statement identifying him as a “climate change sceptic”. McKenna is also well known as being a handbrake to climate change initiatives when discussed at Council. He basically believes that it is all bulldust. “This is disappointing as Community leaders should be leading on this issue, not closing their eyes and putting their fingers in their ears.” The science is irrefutable. We need to do something and we need to do it now!

    “Climate Change is one of the most significant issue confronting this generation”. I believe it could be an important issue at the coming Council elections.

    For ever we have been told to think globally and act locally. Local Government is a great vehicle to deliver real attitudinal and behavioural change on this important matter.

    Recycling has been a major success throughout Banyule because it allows the community to participate in the process in a positive way. I believe the Community will also respond positively to initiatives and incentives regarding reducing our carbon dependence.

    Banyule Council must lead the Community in our battle to confront the Climate Change:
    As a candidate for the upcoming Council elections, I will be advocating that Banyule Council will:

    1. Review systems and processes so Banyule Council can reduce its emissions across the board and thus reduce the Council’s carbon footprint.
    2. Provide information, incentives and services that encourage ratepayers to reduce their carbon outputs at a home and at a business level.
    3. Build climate change considerations into Banyule’s Planning processes.
    4. Plant more trees.
    5. Encourage better public transport and alternative modes of transport.

    Climate Change is real and Banyule Council must act positively. Banyule needs Councillors who are attuned to this issue and will respond positively. Our children and future generations are depending on us.

  31. now confused citizen

    How do we know this is true? I have never seen your environmental policies in public before now.

    All we seen before your anti progress and anti business policies which seems to be very comy red.

    And your only other policy is to do with traffic problems. Are you supporting state labor agenda to put buldozer through BANYULE and build missing link?

  32. Robert

    I agree with “now confused citizen” and I fear that you will be a puppet for the state government.

  33. I hate comys

    is it true Michael are you one of those bastards red communist?

  34. Michael Paul


    I am certainly not a Green!

  35. Hold the Horses

    Well said Michael Paul ,
    For all you select sceptics, the sting in the tail is honesty unlike the bull droppings we hear from them and those, keep up the good fight

  36. I hate comys

    So Micheal you are not green at all and you bastard red comy and a puppet for the state government and you are going to allow the buldozer through Banyule duck pond and build the missing link?

    So the newspaper headline should “red Comy and Daughter Try to take over the Council to push state labor agenda.

  37. Hold the Horses

    the only puppet over the years in Banyule were the duo of Peters and Sherriff, now that Peters has been defeated by Appleby, it only leaves sherriff in the gun and he has allready shot him self in the foot, leg,head etc, etc

  38. I hate comys

    So Michael now is trying to join the club with his Daughter. as the new puppets for the state government.

    So are they all red comies and is a red comie plot.

  39. Me Too

    O’My God comy invasion !!!!!
    Call the army !

  40. I have alway voted Labor First NOT NOW

    “VEXNEWS is ‘free’ because we cherish freedom. Freedom from the fundamentalisms of our time, from the Islamists to the extreme GREENIST and all those in between who struggle to understand that the vast majority of people just want to live their lives with a minimum of unnecessary meddling from others”.

    I love VEXNEWS at least if you look between the lines the all the truth has come out this is a

    GREENY BASHING website.

    This is also a CLIMATE CHANGE DENIALIST website.

    If poor Mr Kirk’s story was true VEXNEWS would love him.

    Here is one of the storys on this website.

    OUCH: Barack Obama says he’ll bankrupt coal powered electricity generators.

    Michael looks like he a supporter of the coal industry which is one of the biggest polluting industry in the world.

    By Michael’s association and support of this website and the attack on Mr Kirk on this website.
    Please don’t take my word for it have a look around at the website and have LAUGH.

    MICHAEL Paul’s true colour has come out now it looks like he is in self denial about being a CLIMATE CHANGE DENIALIST. He has said on this website yesterday “I AM CERTAINLY NOT GREEN!

    He hasn’t Denied his support for the state labor agenda of taking over the council and to put buldozers through Banyule and destory our environment. What other dirty tricks are planned for poor Mr KIRK and his poor family. Michael to be invited into one’s home and go away and allow this to happen make you a very sad man.

    I thank VEXNEWS for allowing the real truth to come out.

    This free for all tell me that the greens are coming of ages and shows that they want to look after people as well as the trees. I have never vote green in my life but now I am about to. Thank VEXNEWS for giving me Mr Kirk’s HOW TO VOTE card. I will make one change and put Micheal No 8.

    I really hope Mr Kirk and his family is OK.

    I hope Mr Kirk sues the whole lot of you for what clearly look like ONE BIG FAT LIE.

  41. Hold the Horses

    well thak god you are not any more with dumb ill-informed dribble like that it shows the type of thinking labor can do with out

  42. anonymous

    I agree with hold your horses, the labour party thinking can be reserved to state members whose wife leaves them because their daughter gets drunk and gives brith to an accident. ouch!

  43. Steven Walpole

    Hold the Horses we at the Labor party take on criticism and advise, like:
    1. Don’t abuse candidates in public.
    2. Don’t Spend Hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer money on council election
    3. Don’t put out shit sheets, and…
    3. Use a Condom

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