HSU: Internal union fight rumours

jeffvpauline Reports of an internal stoush at the Health Services Union in Victoria have triggered much speculation about the invigorated union in meddlesome ALP circles.

The union – gloriously led by Jeff Jackson (who could have been played by Marlon Brando at the peak of his powers) – is said to be the scene of discord between him and the branch President Pauline Fegan.

Last week, a branch committee of management apparently passed a series of motions designed to do the impossible, curtail Jackson’s clout and throbbing power. Gossips claim they were overwhelmingly passed and that one of the motions restricted Jackson’s ability to hire and fire staff. Jackson’s defenders insist that he is a highly consultative and inclusive employer, who has invigorated the union with excellent staff choices.

It is said that Fegan was behind the “coup” attempt. Some say she was motivated by disappointment that she was not promoted to the national secretary’s position.

The Jackson camp insists it is much fuss about nothing and that while every big family has its fights occasionally, this one will – as ever – be amicably resolved with peace, goodwill and happy endings for all.

One close observer remarked “There are plenty of people who’ve underestimated Jeff. Most of them are now in retirement.”



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15 responses to “HSU: Internal union fight rumours

  1. Kathy

    Wow, I love the black suit. My loving Jeff reminds me of Zora, er sorry, Zoro! There one minute, gone the next.

  2. nsw jeff supporter

    smash the bitch jeff crush her disloyalty is punishable by death

  3. Freedom Fighter

    True Patriots will save the HSU from the despotic rule of Fegan. In the history of the HSU the is only one incumbant to have lost an election for Secretary- Fegan.
    Jackson Hudson 2010 I’m Ready!
    No parachute this time for Fegan everytime the Action Jacksons have pulled her out of the gutter but not this time. Fegan has no support of Freedom Loving staff from what reliable sources tell me.

  4. Diana Asmar

    Fegan will not win over the patriotic staff at the HSU. Apparently one of the motions was to remove Jacksons power to remunerate staff. That means an effective pay cut for the hardworking staff. Apparently that is ok for Fegan as she has alternate income streams that will be revealed in due course but allows the HSU staff to be paid well below other unions.

  5. Jan Armstrong

    Top marks for treachery. Apparently only 2 of the Branch Committee remained loyal to Jackson and Hudson. Apparently the Coup was planned secretly at a meeting at Lygon Street. None of the treacherous Committee members bothered to ask Jackson or Hudson what the truth was. Clean out the Committee Jeff and make them pay!


    Bring on her funeral Jeff

  7. BRETT

    your a disappointment to the entire union movement Pauline let alone the members whose interests you purport to represent. This is not the way forward but back, way back. You clearly don’t care. Shabby self serving work.

  8. Thomas Paine

    It is not a field of a few acres of ground, but a cause, that we are defending, and whether we defeat the enemy in one battle, or by degrees, the consequences will be the same.

  9. Magenta

    Is Fegan a decendant of the original ‘Fagin’ from Oliver Twist?

    “Born in London, Fagin is described as “disgusting” to look at, he is the leader of a group of children, whom he teaches to make their livings by pickpocketing and other criminal activities in exchange for a roof over their heads.

    Fagin is hanged following capture, in a chapter that portrays him as being pitiful in his anguish.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fagin

    Only a narcissistic megalomaniac would think she can survive a poorly staged coup against some of the most brilliant leaders in the Union Movement.

    The fight hasn’t even started yet, bring it on baby…………..you are going down !!!!!!

  10. terror alert

    Conrad will save the day

  11. Irene Webber

    Oh dear, I think I can work out who wrote the above. All staff of the HSU. I actually like Jeff Jackson but I think that the BCOM have a right to question things.

    I worked there for a while and found Pauline Fegan a hardworking a dedicated official and SHE CARED ABOUT THE MEMBERS. I have this very strange feeling that there are egomaniacs pulling his strings in the background. Sad really.

    I worked in the MAL and was subjected to unbelievable workplace bullying and harrassment and like we used to advise members, I kept a diary – very interesting.

    Come on guys, not this shit again look after the MEMBERS remember they pay your wages.

  12. Irene Webber

    ome on guys, it seems like the staff of the HSU are commenting on this article.

    I actually like Jeff Jackson and also think that Pauline Fegan is a dedicated and hard working President.

    Surely, if the BCOM are not happy they should be able to express their views.

    I worked in that place and I feel that Jeff is being guided along by an egotistic person who would stop at nothing to get what they want.

    In the Member Advice Line, the department was run on bullying and intimidation of staff – a union which preaches to its members about not coping this. Good thing I kept a diary so I have it all documented.

    You have been an inspiration Pauline, what you see is what you get.

  13. The Angel of Death

    These people at the HSU are the scum of the earth. Let them distroy one another and the world will be a better place. They are all corrupt and parasites.

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