POL POT WOULD BE PROUD: Greens party continued embarrassment over selective school shutter scheme

greenshippies The extremist Greens party have been slammed in the Melbourne council election over their disgraceful plan to shutter selective schools in and around the City of Melbourne under their “all proles must be equal” education policies.

Peter McMullin, the Lord Mayoral candidate, is strongly opposed to the Greens party plan to close selective schools and has put the issue firmly on the agenda in the council election in a way that has the Greens more anxious, bug-eyed and sweaty than a hippy mid-acid-flashback.

One-time Slater and Gordon solicitor Adam Bandt, the officially endorsed Greens party candidate for Lord Mayor, says:

now they’re are delving into matters that are not even in the council’s controls (sic) to try and run smear campaigns.

prolesequals It’s not a smear campaign if it’s true. “Phasing out selective schools” couldn’t be any clearer. Click here to see their vile policy that would close some of the state’s top performing schools. It’s on the Greens party’s own site.

And of course, as an endorsed party candidate, it’s well within Adam Bandt’s “controls” to change the Greens party policies on closing schools that promote academic excellence and opportunity for highly talented young people whose folks might not be able attend the elite private schools that many Greens party apparatchiks were sent to by their rich parents.

For a long time, the Greens party’s opponents in the ALP, Liberal party and crusading journalists like Gerard McManus at the revitalised HeraldSun took the Greens party to account for their pro-drugs policies.

They didn’t like it. And used to squeal about it, arguing that prohibition doesn’t work and that focusing on curing/saving addicts would be more humane.

Now, under weight from their soccer mum voter base, the Greens party have abandoned this once all-important policy position.

So too will the Greens party eventually be dragged kicking and screaming into dumping the Australian Education Union (Socialist) vision.

That union employs a number of senior ranking Greens party members. The union also gives the Greens party money. That’s why they have adopted that policy.

But they won’t do it without being called on their policies. In every possible forum. Even when they least expect it.

The Lord Mayoral candidate and Labor moderate Peter McMullin – running in a bi-partisan coalition with the Liberal rising star Tim Wilson – is to be commended for holding the crazies to account and fighting the good fight for education opportunity for everyone regardless of wealth.

He explained his position well to The Age:

“A lot of people within the City of Melbourne are making decisions about their education for their children and they need to know what the Greens’ policies are,” Mr McMullin said.

He said it was important that education was discussed, even though the council has no policy responsibility for it. Melbourne City Council had an “advocacy role” in the area.

Mr McMullin said the Greens were happy to talk about State Government transport issues.


Now it’s time they stopped talking about shafting disadvantaged kids and changed their policy. Until they do, they’ll be held to account on it constantly.



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7 responses to “POL POT WOULD BE PROUD: Greens party continued embarrassment over selective school shutter scheme

  1. impressed

    Good work by McMullin. The Greens really are dreadful sometimes.

    I never thought I’d vote for an ALP candidate but he’s teamed up with a Liberal so it seems pretty balanced.

  2. wrong policy

    All kids should be able to perform to their potential. Turning Melb High into a school for South Yarra kids is policy vandlaism…

  3. wrong policy


  4. Right Said Fred

    Greens should be thankful that Peter McMullin is a nice guy. If he were a bastard he would have also raised the racist attack on overseas fee paying students that is contained in the Greens Policy

  5. translation

    TRANSLATION: Andy’s big story died in the arse when the Age ran the wrong graphic. Next …

  6. Will Fowles

    Yeh they instead ran an ad for McMullin and his HTV.

    No fair!

  7. Squeaky

    From the Greens education policy:

    “3.3.6. Phasing out selective schools, streaming, and other models in the government
    system that channel students into separated pathways.”
    = No selective schools

    “3.6.1. Expanding specialist programs and resources within the public system,
    including provision of adequate numbers of teachers and other professionals
    with specialist skills to undertake early assessment, and implement modified
    or extension programs to accommodate the needs of every student.” = ummmm bring back selective schools?

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