STOP THIEF: Socialist Leftist Gaetano Greco nervously awaits probe


Recently three young girls letterboxing for popular local medico Stanley Chiang in the bitterly fought contest for LaTrobe ward in Darebin’s council elections discovered El Greco aka Gaetano Greco following them pulling their pamphlets out of the boxes.

Legal experts tell VEXNEWS this is a breach of Victorian criminal provisions and of the laws governing elections. “He could end up in jail over this. Not sure what the other prisoners would make of him,” a leading barrister said this afternoon.

In the theft incident, a slightly-built young woman confronted the Alien-headed Greco, and said she had photographic evidence, and brandished her camera in defence of justice and freedom.

The cowardly Greco covered his face with the stolen pamphlets (what a picture it has made!), and fled.

In the absence of the real picture, which cannot be published for legal reasons as it could be evidence in a criminal prosecution, we provide some more showing the Council aspirant’s amazing resemblance to the aliens in Mars Attacks.Brothers



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8 responses to “STOP THIEF: Socialist Leftist Gaetano Greco nervously awaits probe

  1. Anonymous

    Gaetano has been in a spot of bother before. He took action in the Municipal Election Tribunal against respected Cr Salata and lost. Cr Dean Sherriff, the respected Banyule Councillor, acted as campaign manager for Cr Salata, and ran a superb campaign that resulted in her great win against El Greco and the Greens.

  2. el Greco

    I insist I am innocent of all charges. I left my criminal past behind me when I moved planets.

  3. The resemblance is incredible. Who is the creature on the right?

  4. Anonymous

    Removal of mail from a person’s letterbox is a serious criminal offence.

    Evidence of such a breach should be reported to Victoria Police so a full criminal investigation can proceed.

  5. Phil the Greek

    Which one’s Gaetano? It’s a bit hard to tell!

  6. Garth Head

    Isn’t that a Labor Party logo my leftist friend is hiding behind? I was under the impression that I had written to that little nerd telling him he’s got to leave off doing that, since he’s unendorsed.

  7. Tim Lawrence

    I don’t know why my silly friend and dummy didn’t do what I suggested and use a picture taken before he looked so weird – if there was ever a time when Gaetano didn’t look weird. I didn’t take any chances – my own electoral poster picture was taken so long ago they hadn’t invented colour photography, and I had to send it out to be colourised! This has the great advantage that nobody knows what I really look like, and I can follow people around and film people like Michael Leighton and his son without being recognised! They all said I was MAD – I’ll show them!!!

  8. Anonymous

    It’s no good telling Greco to “stop doing that”, Garth – judging by his googly glasses, he clearly never took any notice of his parents when they said “stop doing that or you’ll go blind”!

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