NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Mayoral candidate admits skipping 50% of council meetings

catherinengpartygirl Lord Mayoral wannabe Catherine Ng has scandalously admitted today that she missed as many as 50% of Council meetings in her seven long lazy years as Melbourne councillor.

She was asked:

Q: On a blog yesterday, one of the readers said you’d only been to 50% of council meetings. is that true? how do you justify that?

A: Hi there Worker. That is untrue. Over seven years my attendance record  for council meetings exceeds 50 per cent. I stand by my record. Currently I am a full-time employee of William Angliss Institute. If I can’t come to a meeting, I have a very good reason but not an excuse. I will be a full-time lord mayor that would avoid conflicts with other business commitments.   I am committed to be the most progressive lord mayor of Melbourne.

Despite missing half the meetings, the public servant at one of Victoria’s TAFEs and 50% effort councillor Ng has been no slacker in going to Council-paid lavish black-tie dinners of the kind photographed above. She is often the first to RSVP, according to her council colleagues and is often the last to leave a function, relying on her dutiful consort Douglas to drive her home lest she breach the ban on drunk driving.


And while her attendance record is the worst of any councillor she’s been collecting the $35,000 annual or $700 per week council allowance in full and has refused calls from ratepayers to return the money she hasn’t earned.

One residents association activist told VEXNEWS this afternoon “Council meetings rarely exceed seven hours a week. So she’s being paid $100 per hour by ratepayers and still won’t turn up. It stinks. Over seven years, it adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ill-gotten gain. If she had any decency she’d return the money.”

In a startling online forum conducted by our friends at the Herald Sun online, the chair of Melbourne’s planning committee responsible for the rising tide of booze-fuelled violence in the city:

â–  LIED when she claimed there were only two A4 posters in the city that had been displayed and that she had removed them. VEXNEWS obtained photographic proof of what must be A2 concert promo sized ego posters which are still being displayed. A source within Catherine Ng’s campaign has already confirmed with us that Ng paid for the posters to be distributed;

â–  DENIED fudging her political affiliations;

â–  FALSELY DENIED that the City of Melbourne is the biggest taxing and spending municipality in Victoria, when it clearly is the largest by revenue and spend, according to Victoria’s Local Government department.

Even worse she appeared not to understand the question:

Q: On your watch the City of Melbourne has become the biggest taxing and spending municipality in Victoria. Will you cut rates if elected as Lord Mayor?

NG: Money, what you claim is untrue. The auditor-general has conducted an independent audit of the council. We have maintained a strong budget, lowest rates in Australia and a Triple A rating.

â–  PROPOSED a major upgrade of the Lord Mayoral limousine to a luxury Lexus hybrid sedan which costs over $200,000.

â–  PLEDGED to lead by example, despite failing to attend 50% of council meetings by her own admission.

â–  GAVE a confused answer about her plan to cut lighting in the city which could endanger the public.

â–  STRUGGLED to defend her bizarre plan to create the Council’s own vigilante posse of “City Safe Ambassadors” who would enjoy no Police powers and could be sitting ducks to the drunken violent thugs her planning regime have allowed to roam the City’s streets late at night.

â–  DEFENDED her lengthy service as Councillor over seven years, saying it gave her the experience she needed. Perhaps she’s still feeling fresh because she missed half the meetings.

â–  EXPLAINED her name Ng is actually Wu but is pronounced NG. Some locals are saying this stands for No Go or No Good or Not Going unless there’s champagne on ice.

It was easily the most interesting of the Hun’s online forums so far. Click here to see the whole thing.



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8 responses to “NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Mayoral candidate admits skipping 50% of council meetings

  1. poster girl for rorts

    **pass the cognac** LOL

    I can’t believe this piece of work is seriously running for Lord Mayor. Gary Singer is much more in touch.

  2. half and half

    Please return ratepayers money, Ng.

  3. sleazy

    Why does she think she can be Lord Mayor if she’s failed as a councillor.

    She has taken on an obligation she hasn’t honoured. How can she be trusted?

    Did she have a medical certificate?

  4. Singer in the rain

    NG = NO GO

  5. Disappointed

    I was pretty saddened by Catherine Ng’s response on these issues. I’ve met her at community functions and she seemed OK.

    But not showing up to countless council meetings – half of them I find hard to believe – is pretty pathetic.

    If her full-time job prevents her from being on council, that’s fair enough. But if she doesn’t have the time and commitment, she should let someone else have a go who could.

    It’s a shame all of this came out about her.

  6. Independent

    Interesting that the comments above mimic the language in Peter McMullin’s recent dirt sheet against Catherine recently doing the rounds.

    Do I here the echo of little McMullin Labor muckrackers scuttling about peppering blog sites and spreading malicious gossip?

    Given the dearth of policy the McMullin/Labor machine has managed to think up (much of which they have appropriated from Gary Singer’s campaign) their time may be better spent focussing on the issues that matter to Melbourne (yes kids, it is about the people/businesses of Melbourne) and less on undergraduate personal attacks.

    This sort of dirty politics only reinforces the importance of Keeping Party Politics out of Town Hall.

  7. Spotless

    What’s dirty or underhanded about addressing a candidates record?

    Surely the public has a right to know and discuss the performance of its elected office bearers? Or is Catherine Ng a protected species.

  8. Affiliated and proud

    Hear we go again the “keep politics out of politics” con. A sure way to deflect and avoid criticism whilst falsely claiming the high moral ground of independence. Just how independent is independent.

    Party affiliated members do not get involved because they are members of political party.

    People who join political parties do so because they are concerned and want to be involved in community issues.

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