IN STEP: Victorian Premier John Brumby (left) gives an eyes right salute to the eternal flame at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne, 11 November 2008…
The Premier has gone out of his way to make himself known as the Veterans’ Premier…

STANDING TALL: An Army Chaplain stands tall, despite the heat and his age, probably in his 80s, to show the flag of the United States, Australia’s ally in World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam and now Iraq and Afghanistan.
He was offered a chair to sit down but wanted to stand to remember the fallen.

COSTLY PRICE: A plaque in St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral, Swanston Street, Melbourne, shows the great cost of war. Three members from the Steele family were killed during World War I.

Editor:  Thank you to Sasha Uzunov and to all those who died or risked their lives in defence of our freedom.

Photos by Sasha Uzunov. copyright 2008.


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