OOPS: Ted Baillieu and Gary Singer applaud "Greece is Macedonia" chant

tedinflames The Victorian Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu, and Gary Singer, Deputy Mayor of Melbourne, have unwittingly ignited ethnic tension in Melbourne after they attended a controversial Greek community rally in Melbourne’s Federation square this past Sunday sponsored by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, a State government body.

Mr Baillieu who was on stage with Mr Singer, and Mr John Pandazopoulos, a former Labor state Minister, all cheered and clapped after the MC of the event shouted in Greek “Ellas, Ellas, Makedhonia,” which in English is translated to mean Greece, Greece, is Macedonia.”

redted4Members of the crowd carried balloons in Blue and Gold carrying the slogan” Macedonia is Greece.”

Members of Victoria’s Macedonian community have now claimed that Mr Baillieu and Mr Singer have taken sides in a long running historical dispute from the Balkans.

The highly influential and largest circulation Macedonian community newspaper, The Australian Macedonian Weekly, has placed an embarrassing front page photo of Red Ted Baillieu with the headline:

(Vo nedeleta vo melburn – grcite mavtaa Makedonija e Grcka)

newspaper front page�
Tensions have traditionally run hot over the issue of Macedonia, as Greece refuses to recognise the existence of The Republic of Macedonia, which declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. In recent times, the United States, Canada, Russia and many other nations have recognised the existence of Macedonia and a separate Macedonian ethnic group. Australia, in order to calm Greek opposition, refers to Macedonia as The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), a term also temporarily used by the United Nations.

The Greek argument is the term Macedonia belongs to Greece. Melbourne’s large Greek and Macedonian communities have been involved in violent disputes at demonstrations and soccer matches over the issue in the past.

The Kennett Liberal Government made a controversial political decision in the 1990s to support the larger and more politically savvy Greek community in the dispute. This led Kennett to re-name Melbourne’s Macedonian community as Slav-Macedonian in response to Greek pressure. But a Supreme Court Challenge by the Macedonian community led the Kennett government to drop the term.

Tensions have been lying dormant but critics are asking is it wise for the Opposition Leader to revisit Kennett style divide and rule ethnic politicking?




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62 responses to “OOPS: Ted Baillieu and Gary Singer applaud "Greece is Macedonia" chant

  1. Anonymous

    Chocolate gelati. Yum

  2. cretins

    Michael Kapel lets boss down, once again.

  3. anon

    The short answer is yes. The Libs need the greek vote more.

  4. Panda

    I would like my presence to be acknowledged.

    I believe concentration camps to be the solution to the Masso problem.

  5. Honeypot

    I like ice cream.

  6. Anonymous

    Baillieu needs votes from Nick Kotsiras and Petro Georgiou.

    There are no Macedonians in Parliament.

  7. Fifi's Passion

    No fatties for lord mayor.

  8. Queen Mary of Aldred

    That means that you can’t be Lord Mayor, either, Fifi.

  9. Fatty Doyle

    Fifi might all ready be in Town Hall but you behave more like a Town Bike.

  10. Boris

    Well, I read here that Macedonia is Greece,
    and the funny thing is that
    I don’t understand what is wrong with that…

    Macedonia IS Greece/Greko/Hellenic.
    It is not Greece’s problem if the ‘new born state’ neighbors of Greece, decided to use some Greek names,
    a Greek flag, some Bulgarian linguistics, and some Greek history in their mix bowl when they were envisioning their future..

    It is really not Greece’s fault!

    If they had not acted as they did,
    erecting Greek statues in villages and cities,
    re-naming their airport Alexander the great, and other such stuff,
    who knows?, Greece might have let them have the name.
    But as things are, and as FYROMS actions show, they dont deserve this heavy name..

    I am English and I have studied history.
    Macedonia is Greece.
    It was wrong for the former Yugoslav republic to head to the direction it is heading..

  11. kennett

    woops sorry ted this is my fault

  12. balance

    why doesn’t the story mention that Brumby’s rep at this event, panda and richardson, also took part?


    The story does mention Panda:

    Mr Baillieu who was on stage with Mr Singer, and Mr John Pandazopoulos, a former Labor state Minister

  14. boosh

    how would we feel if a breakaway state in our neighbourhood (for example an ethnic minority in Indonesia) declared their sovereignty under the name of Australia?? Would we have an issue with it?

  15. GG


  16. evil bastard

    well actually philip of macedon, alexander the great’s father, gave athens the biggest whipping, completely subjugating them, a fact that greeks have resented ever since. but macos overwhelmingly vote labor, so why should ted care?

  17. Anonymous

    Greece should invade !!!

  18. kapel is cute

    Fighting over a name, who do they think they are Israel and the Palestinians or something?

  19. Stento

    Macedonia is Greece? That’s not even remotely grammatically correct.

    As for the nature of the Greek argument, it isn’t either.

    The Republic of Macedonia has been recognised by almost every country in the world, including The United States, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Germany, Turkey and Canada.

    Greece is fighting a losing battle and it is no surprise that the struggling Liberal party adopt this approach in Melbourne, where the Greek population is the 3rd largest in the world only to Athens and Salonika.

    Pity for the Greeks however that Melbourne is hardly the centre of the universe and that the Macedonian name will remain, north of the border…and in many villages south of the border too where people, non-Greeks, associate with their norther neighbours… but that’s a different story… 😉

    Macedonia for the Macedonians.

  20. Pigz

    Oh no! The people of Mt Macedon – like rightwing faction boss Noah Carroll – have stolen the name of Macedonia from the Greeks too!

  21. bing

    hey stento…what does ‘Macedonia’ mean in your language?

  22. Peter

    Figures this kind of racist shit would take place in bumfuck Australia — the only Anglo country that doesn’t respect the principle of self-determination. Keep kissing Greek ass you ignorant Australian politicians.

  23. matt

    boris your full of crap your greek
    u have studied peanuts

  24. matt

    boris is not a english name

  25. anon

    We need to be careful here. Ted nor the Liberal party have not endorsed the issue. Ted was a guest, and he did his best to be present and show enthusiasm. How was he to know what the host was saying in greek?

  26. Teddy bare

    Ted was unwittinlg clapping to some foreign propaganda and the Greeks got excited. The class that as “support”. Most of the world including all the large nations support Macedonia. The support is getting BIGGER not smaller. Compare this to Ted’s unwitting clapping to a foreign language and it’s all the funnier! Federation square was not funded for all these racist rallies and they should not be given permission to hold them.

  27. anonymous


  28. Anonymous

    Macedonia is part of Greece. Always has been, always will.

  29. Reality

    The fact is, modern “greeks” are not related to Ancient Hellenes. They TRIED to resurrect ancient Koine, and ended up with a mangled language that resembles Ancient Greek. Thus making their claim to Macedonia even more ridiculous.

    Lets not forget that under INTERNATIONAL LAW, no one has the right to deny someones existance. Self-determination is a universal right. What “greece” is doing is illegal to say the least.

    Albanian was the dominant language in Athens in the 19th century. Albanian was under serious consideration to become the new “greek” nations’ official language.
    Macedonian land was stolen in 1913 by a UK/German creation that was desperate for territory.
    The process of cleansing the ethnic and native Macedonian minority began and the land was subsequently populated by Christian Turks and other ethnicities from Asia Minor.

    This is how “greek” Macedonia is.

    The mal-treatment of the ethnic Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish, Gypsy and Vlach minorities continues to this day.

    Politicians should be careful of attending propaganda filled rallies. A community gathering is one thing, handing out balloons and other things with politically fueled slogans is another. It is propaganda by definition.

  30. Anonymous

    Classic Fyromian Propaganda.
    Fyromians cannot even pronounce Makedonia, Alexandros, Thessaloniki correctly because their Bulgarian dialect doesnot support the delta and thita.

    They comment on Greek Koini but cannot realize that Koini is an ancient Greek word and that all Greeks can read Ancient Macedonian Inscriptions which all of them are in Greek (6000 found).

    They are so brainwashed that they use Inscriptions written in Greek and think that this proves their relations with Macedonia.

    All their names ending in ski like Russians and Polish. Their language is a Bulgarian dialect. Their national heroes are Samuil (the founder of Bulgaria) and Sandanski and Delcev which are Bulagrians heroes and cities in Bulgaria.

    They call Alexander’s sister Solun. LOL.

    They call Greeks from Minor Asia Orthodox Turks, but they don’t know anything about the Greek presence in this Area. In fact Turks are very proud of the dozen of Ancient Greek Temples and theaters that exist there and millions of turists visit them every year.

    30% of Fyrom population is Albanian and the percentage increases all the time since the albanian birth ratio is 3 times greater. In fact in 20 years the Albanians will be the Majority.

    In fact the real Macedonia area belongs 95% in Greece. And is full with artifacts that connect this area and this civilization with Greece. Greeks cannot close their eyes or forget their language for some politicians who play games.

    Thessaloniki, Alexandria, Edessa, Pella, Amintaio, Ptolemaida, Stratoniki, Atalanti, Stagira, Kassandra, Cahlkidiki and so on are Ancient Macedonian Names that are cities and areas in real Macedonia that are widely used today, names that most of them cannot even pronounced by Fyromains.

    Therefore these people don’t have any right to monopolize this name and fabricate history.

  31. Solun

    It never seems to amaze me how brainwashed these athenian long nosed geeks manipulate the story.

    Till 1988. Macedonia didnt exist to the geeks because it was forbidden to be Macedonian, let alone speak the language, evidence with maps of macedonian were deliberatly destroyed, people were persecuted by government spies.

    (I will only summarise this in 1 word “GENOCIDE”

    let me tell you most of my family is from there.

    My my why have things changed so much all of a sudden and in paticular from 1988. out comes this evidence,maps, artifacts and so on on how great Macedonia is and its in greece. The brighter people with half a brain understand and know the truth: With the help of the superpowers Macedonia was partitioned in 1912/1913 to block out any invasions by Russians etc. True Historians know the history of the Macedonian empire, no matter how hard they try they cannot find any links between the Macedonians and the Geeks so how can Macedonia be Greek. Why is all this paranoja, histeria all of a sudden. THE TRUTH WILL SURFACE. Macedonia is Macedonia.

  32. Trevor

    I dont know whar all the fuss is about


  33. Makedonka

    Macedonia never was and never will be greek….
    Greece told half of macedonian land in 1913 and now are saying that the word macedonia belongs to them and that there is no such thing as a macedonian
    they seriously need to think things over because all they seem to do is spread proaganda…..
    and unforchantly for them the word is starting to uncover the truth about there lies………
    the only reason why greece is spread proaganda is that if the truth is revealed they will have to give our land back that was taken in 1913………..

  34. Just_In McKeegan

    I am not standing for City of Kingston again, I am destined for higher office, I too will be an Important Man just like Mr Fifield.
    Besides I will have much more time to play with my lengthened pee pee, which I love so playing with.

  35. Makedonija

    This gay should be sued!!! One more time HE WILL “PASS” as Mr. Kenneth does! IN MENTAL HOSPITAL!!! No one supporting the FASHISTIC so called “Greeks” finished “gracefully”, neither will HE!!

  36. Skippy

    Bloody hell guys/gals,

    We live in Australia. You came here to join our country, became welcome citizens and enjoy the opportunities this wonderful land has to offer.

    Leave your petty feudal differences in Europe please. If you can’t let go of them… you know where the airport is.


  37. Macedonia

    IF he is a “politician” he should know that this kind of “campaigning” are unlawful and risky not only to his “political career, but to his country as well. Rising instead of calming the ethnic tension are NOT good at all and wouldn’t like to be in his shoes NOW or in the future!!! But one more time, this clearly shows type of people the so called “Greeks” can ONLY mate with.

  38. Makedonec

    @ “Skippy”

    Your comment those NOT differ in any way of the FASCISTIC so called “GREEKS”!! You must be one of them, pretending to be someone else OR you are some uneducated MORON!!!!

  39. Aleksandar

    Alexander the Great became king of Macedonia when his father, Philip II , was assassinated in 336 bc. He took immediate measures to quell insurrections, both at home and abroad, establishing himself as a powerful Macedonian leader. Alexander led his Macedonian troops in campaigns against ‘Greece’, Egypt, and the Persian Empire successfully conquering all, extending Macedonia and ruling most of the classical known world by the time he died in 323 bc at the age of 33. His celebrated Macedonian military and tactical genius share renown with his egotism and ruthlessness.

  40. Greek Macedonian

    The event in question was the annual sister city celebrations between Melbourne and Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the capital of the Macedonian province in northern Greece. Why would the chant ‘Greece Greece Macedonia’ be a surprise to anyone with half a brain..??

    The people of FYROM should grow up and realise their true Bulgarian roots. Just change your name (and trust be it will happen if you like it or not)(unlucky skops), as the name Macedonia belongs to the Greeks.


  41. Istanbul Belongs to the Greeks. Should Turkey give it back? Australia fort in the Crimean War against Russia who was seeking to restore constantinople to the Greek patronage. Who cares where the state border lies History is history and they both share a common past. With FY/Macedonia will eventually join Europe and they can then both coexist.Both can celebrate their past history together. Besides was not Alexander gay? At least that is what the movie portrayed him to be.

  42. That explains Gary Singers interest in Alexander. He just loves Greek Andrious Boys.

  43. Makedonec

    There are NEITHER “Greek Macedonians” NOR just Greeks who are at the same time “Macedonians”. Only people without identity can claim been something else of what they truly are and CRIMINALS offcourse – witch they become as soon as they’ve decided to steal our identity as well, after STEALING OUR TERRITORY.

    So the “GAME” JUST BEGAN!!!!

  44. Makedonec

    Looking through the Greek eyes, EVERYHTING is gay, is it?? There is NOT evidence stating the same or similar to that conclusions. The movie mentioned above went through many censures from the Greeks, starting from the fact that IT WAS NOT shown in cinemas, even that was made for it. If you bay a copy of the movie’s DVD, listen to the beginning what the author has to say, about the troubles they went through making it, from the Greek’s authorities!!! Don’t you think that they should have been “proud” of the fact that “the World will know more on their history” and ALLOW the producers FREE to walk through Greece while collecting the informations for Alexander??? We, Macedonians have made MANY complains to the producers about that movie (even that is just on DVD). Here are some, for you to read; http://www.historyofmacedonia.org/AlexanderOliverStone.html

  45. anonymous

    It is pointless to debate this here as none of us has the power to change anything

  46. Seres, Macedonia

    Today’s Macedonians are descendants of the Antic Macedonians, says research results from the Swiss Genealogy Institute iGENEA. For a second time an independent research institution confirms what Oxford and Madrid University confirmed a decade ago.

    iGENEA is the most famous global Genealogy institute who once again frustrated the Athenian government by confirming the direct connection between the Macedonians today and in Antic times.

    The question came from a Athenian citizen who asked iGENEA the following question: “What are the roots of today “SlavMacedonians”.

    The Institute responded: “Before all, they are Macedonians, not slavMacedonias as you referred to them for political reasons.

    The Macedonians are direct descendants of the Antic Macedonians.

    iGENEA backed up their findings with hard numbers. However, tying the today’s Macedonians with Antic Macedonians is not the only disappointing information for Athens.

    A large portion of Athenian citizens have arab muslim roots further explains there appearance and that 31 percent of Athenian citizens have Celtic roots, 12 percent Germanic and Slavic origin, while 11% have Illyrian roots.

    In the past several months, the iGENEA Genealogy Institute had been flooded with requests by Athenian Citizens who, ironically, did not care for their own origin, but all questions were aimed at the Macedonians’ origin.

    iGENEA in its research uses DNK analysis, historical, archeological, and anthropological sources.

  47. Drama , Occupied Macedonia

    Russians confirm Alexander was Macedonian

    ‘Alexander the Great was Macedonian, tied to the present Macedonians” says in the faximille edition of the Russian ‘Illustrated Notes’ from the 16th century

    The book has 10,000 pages, covering all of history until the 16th century. It was made on direct orders by the Russian czar Ivan Grozny. His wish had been for the Russian children to know the world’s history.

  48. Pella, Macedonia

    Leader of main athenian opposition party PASOK, Jorgos Papandreu fired his Media Advisor,
    because of his view that Macedonia should keep its name and there are ethnic Macedonians in athenian.

    Advisor Grigoris Valianatos was promptly fired, after showing up as a guest on a TV show, in which he expressed views different from official Athens.

    Mr. Valianatos, for TV Station “Extra 3” said that he was for athenian northern neighbor to be called Macedonia and nothing else, as well as athenian should recognize the ethnic Macedonians, reports athenian daily Kathimerini.

    Not too long ago, the athenian Ambassador to Macedonia, Mrs. Dora Grosomanidou was promptly fired after making a statement that official Athens should acknowledge the fact there are Macedonians living there, as well as that Macedonia has been around before athenian was.

    For athenian it is unacceptable for anyone, particularly someone in Government to express views different than official Athens and then keep their jobs. Dozens of people have so far been fired, though only the very high profile cases make the news.

    The Athens museum curator had also been fired for refusing to hide Macedonian relicts that were previously on display.

  49. Aristotle

    Macedonia was never a region of Greece.

    On the contrary, ancient Greece was subjected to Macedonia.

    In 1913, modern Greece and her Balkan allies partitioned Macedonia.

    If today a portion of Macedonia belongs to Greece, it is by virtue of an illegal partition of the whole and occupation of a part of Macedonia.

  50. Aristotle

    Macedonia became a world power when the Macedonian king Philip II conquered Thrace, greater part of Illyria, and the whole of “Greece” .

    At the battle of Chaeronea in 338, the Macedonian army destroyed the united “Greek” army, and put an end to “Greek” freedom and ancient “Greek” history.

    To secure the Macedonian conquest, Macedonian garrisons were established in the cities, just like they were established in Thrace and Illyria.

  51. Anonymous

    Jeepers. How about you bring your hate to Australia next time you dunbasses.

  52. anonymous


  53. niko

    hear we go!
    now who’s going to shut up these greeks cough cough turks


    Ted Baillieu is a CRIMINAL (may gays in hiding) and he do get all support he need from the gay community in Australia AND Greeks offcourse as the creators of the gays in general.

    Ted Baillieu; “Aconex in Australia shares court row” (HE IS A MAFIA INDEED)

    Baillieu supporters; Gay not socialist!

    And what about Gary Singer? He is OPENLY GAY and he had his solemate with him too. Tim Wilson running for the Deputy position is openly gay too.

    “But Gary Singer is not the only openly gay candidate running for the position. A Director of at the Institute of Public Affairs and a Midsumma festival patron, Tim Wilson [bottom picture] is also a candidate for the Deputy Lord Mayor position. Nominated by Mayor candidate, Geelong councillor Peter McMullin, he has stated that public safety and improved transport are key points on his agenda.”


    Very dangerous poison, called “Greeks in action” has been spread through Australia – watch out people, don’t let insanity get’s into your lives. DEMON HAS MANY FACES, SO THE GREEKS!

  55. MK

    This was a very ignorant act by the Liberals, they have no idea what they have done.

  56. JM

    That’s something!
    At least somebody knows some history

  57. Boris

    Here is a 1944 statement by US Secretary of State Edward Stettinius, which clearly shows the beginnings of an organized attempt by Tito to claim Greek territory by creating a non-Greek “Macedonian” ethnicity…

    “The Department has noted with considerable apprehension increasing propaganda rumors and semi-official statements in favor of an autonomous Macedonia emanating from Bulgaria, but also from Yugoslav partisan and other sources with the implication that Greek territory would be included in the projected State. This Government considers talk of “Macedonian Nation”, “Macedonian Fatherland”, or “Macedonian National Consciousness” to be unjustified demagoguery representing no ethnic or political reality, and sees in its present revival a possible cloak for aggressive intentions against Greece.”

    – U.S. State Dep. Foreign Relations Vol. VII, Circular Airgram [868.014]

    Judging by the irredentism that continues to emanate from FYROM, it appears that Tito has gone but the propaganda remains.

  58. Boris

    “General Paulus of Rome surrounded by the ten Commissioners took his official seat surrounded by the whole crowds of Macedonians…Paulus announced in Latin the decisions of the Senate, as well as his own, made by the advice of his council. This announcement was translated into Greek and repeated by Gnaeus Octavius the Praetor-for he too was present.”

    (T. Livius,XLV)

    Again why would they translate in Greek and not in “Macedonian” if they weren’t Greek?

    Then we have your new claims about David G. Hogarth

    (Greek Australian Advisory Council and the falsification of Ancient Macedonian history Part 7)

    Lets see what this historian writes and compare your theories and misquotes..

    “The ancient East” By D.G Hogarth

    Page 80


    It [Macedonia] was inhabited by sturdy gentry and peasantry and by agile highlanders, all composed of the same racial elements as the Greeks,with perhaps a preponderant infusion of northern blood which had come south long ago with emigrants from the Danubian lands

    The social development of the Macedonians – to give various peoples one generic name – had, for certain reasons, not been nearly so rapid as that of their southern cousins. They had never come in contact with the higher Aegean civilization, nor had they mixed their blood with that of cultivated predecessors

    Page 81


    A year after Chaeronea Philip was named by the congress of Corinth Captain-General of all Greeks to wreak the secular vengeance of Hellas on Persia


    While Philip was in Thebes as a young man, old Agesilaus, who first of Greeks had conceived the idea of invading the inland East, was still seeking a way to realize his oft-frustrated project.


    The idea had certainly been long in the air that any military power which might dominate Hellas would be bound primarily by self-interest and secondarily by racial duty to turn its arms against Asia

    page 88


    Looked as a whole, and not only from a Seleucid point of view, the ancient East, during the century following Seleucus´death (forty-three years after Alexander´s) was dominated politically by Hellenes over fuly nine-tenths of its area.


    As for Seleucus and his successors, thought the latter, from Antiochus Soter onward, had a strain of Iranian blood, they held and proved themselves essentially Hellenic.


    Ptolemy Lagus and all the Lagidae remained Macedonian Greeks to a man and a woman and to the bitter end, with the greatest Hellenic city in the world for their seat


    As for the remaining tenth part of the East, almost the whole of it was ruled by princes who claimed the title “Philhellene” and justified it not only by political friendlisness to the Seleucidae and the Western Greeks, bt also by encouraging Greek settlers and Greek manners.


    Tradition held the other element to be Hellenic, and no one in the fourth century seriously questioned its belief.

    “Philip and Alexander of Macedon” by David G. Hogarth, page 5


    The king [of macedon] was chief in the first instance of a race of plain-dwellers, who held themselves to be, like him, of Hellenic stock

    “Philip and Alexander of Macedon” by David G. Hogarth, page 8


    From Alexander I, who rode to the Athenian pickets the night before Plataea and proclaimed himself to the generals their friend and a Greek, down to Amyntas, father of Philip, who joined forces with Lacedaemon in 382, the kings of Macedon bid for greek support by being more Hellenic than the Hellenes.

    “Philip and Alexander of Macedon” by David G. Hogarth, page 9-10


    Archelaus patronized Athenian poets and Athenian drama and commisioned Euripides to dramatize the deeds of his Argive ancestor.

    “Philip and Alexander of Macedon” by David G. Hogarth, page 10


    “Macedonia” therefore, throughout historical times until the accession of Philip the Second, presents the spectacle of a nation that was no nation, but a group of discordant units, without community of race, religion, speech or sentiment, resultant from half-accomplished conquest and weak as the several sticks of the faggot in the fable.

    Philip and Alexander of Macedon” by David G. Hogarth, page 10

    D.G.Hogarth quotes

  59. Mary Smith

    To Boris,

    AWESOME! You rock!!!!!!!!

    PS> Obviously Macedonia, was, is AND always will be GREEK.

    To all Readers: Please spare yourselves an hour or so and read up on your history.

    BY THE WAY> If you ask someone what nationality they are, and they say ‘Macedonian’, spit in their face. Or, enlighten them by saying to them, ‘No. Only Greeks are Macedonian. You are a thief. A Slavic Gypsy from the border, who most likely has a surname ending in -SKI. You don’t sound Greek to me!!!!!!’

    Cheers everyone.

  60. Macca

    Hello Readers,

    I’m with Mary Smith (previous view posted). I’m Anglo too. I’ve read up heaps about the Greeks vs Gypsies.

    I, and many of my educated Uni friends, have debated about this. Only to come up with one & only ONE conclusion:

    To put things into some perspective for you….It’s like a place near a border eg. Deniliquin, wants to claim ALL of Mildura, Bendigo, Ballarat, Melbourne, Geelong etc… as THEIRS. Plus, claim ALL the history of these places TOO.

    Or, another example of places (including their own specific languages)…..It’s like Indonesia wants to claim ALL of Australia as THEIRS (even though, obviously there are differences, and Australia’s history can’t be given up at the drop of a hat).
    It’s laughable!
    Do we give up Captain Cook and make him Indonesian? Ofcourse not.

    Get it?


    Cheers 🙂

  61. hi
    good luck

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