DONKEY VOTE: Stephen Mayne slithers lower than before

maynelame Melbourne’s most sour media tart Stephen Mayne was letting it all hang out on the ABC on its Talking Heads programme last night.

In a bizarre interview included a rather sensational disrespecting of Mayne’s elderly father and subsequent teary moments.

When Mayne recalled that back in 1999 when Mayne had quit his Sydney based gossip column job at the Financial Review, in order to mount a quixotic bid against a highly successful Premier in his then very safe seat of Burwood and then turned out not to be eligible to nominate, he choked with emotion and the tears flowed.

Mayne claims that his father – who cannot be named for legal reasons – allegedly banished him from the family home for his mistake and – Stephen claims – ordered him not to return until he had found a job.

Nasty stuff. Or tough love perhaps, depending on how old school one rolls we suppose.

Either way, VEXNEWS thought, none of our business. And, remembering it’s Stephen Mayne, assuming it’s true is probably risky business anyway.

An ugly missile to launch at his elderly old man. There had to be a reason for this tearing of shirt in public.

With Stephen, there’s always an angle.

He’s running for election. Yes, in a very low profile effort to date, Mayne is running for election to Manningham council. And the postal ballot is arriving this week, so his TV interview was perfectly timed. Or not, if you consider it probably cost him votes.

With many hundreds of thousand of dollars sunk on an equities portfolio that only a mother could love and massive trading losses in his failing Mayne Report, the council allowance of $500 per week would be very handy for his stressed family finances.

Mayne’s pledges “accountability” of the kind he’s always sought to impose on others while avoiding for himself including in his corporate governance debacle at the failed and disgraced People Power political party and his outrageous fleecing of co-founders and investors in the email newsletter Crikey.

He’s topped the draw of the ballot, and there’s never been a more deserving recipient of the donkey vote. No doubt his old man agrees.



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8 responses to “DONKEY VOTE: Stephen Mayne slithers lower than before

  1. boo hoo stevie

    nice teardrop

  2. rotfl

    looking at the field, he might actually win. finally a political success is on the horizon.

  3. sneering

    Desperate for $ methinks

  4. paula pickininy

    Talk about a dummy candidate.

  5. johnno

    I think the big question is will paula still love him when the dough runs out?

  6. Anonymous

    Any more casey news?

  7. Anon Annonski

    What’s happening with the Ombudsman’s investigation of the infamous brimbank council?

  8. ted stevens

    i’d love to suck on johnnyCowards redundant balls. man, he rammed up the arse and booted out last nov. so sad for him and his right whingers. pssst-dont talk about julie bishop, her twat needs a checkup, it was copied onto Bolts face

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