CRISIS: Greens Lord Mayoral candidate threatens to quit, eats meat and wants to meet Queen


The Greens party endorsed candidate for Lord Mayor of Melbourne Adam Bandt today left open the option of resigning – and the leaving the council in a leadership crisis –  if a conservative majority is elected to the council, which appears highly likely, whoever wins the Mayoral poll.

He told a Herald Sun online forum:

Bandt: As Lord Mayor, I would hope to be able to implement the policies I’ve been elected on, subject only to what the council tells me to do.

Q: So if there’s a conservative majority on council, you’d obey their directions? Just say they voted to do something you disagreed with, would you resign?

Bandt: Good question, Majority. I think it would depend on the issue. The Melbourne City Council has Australia’s most undemocratic voting structure: mobile phone towers get two votes and residents only one. If there’s an undemocratically elected majority I’d have to consider my position very carefully.

In a live blog facilitated by the Hun, the candidate Adam Bandt expressed his support for a plan to build a mosque within the municipality and refused to answer questions about whether he’d decline to fly first or business class if elected to the City’s highest office.

The Greens party endorsed candidate for the Lord Mayoralty of Melbourne has also admitted to “lapsing” as a vegan/vegetarian and joining the ranks of the carnivore majority.

Greens party policy proposes the complete banning of meat and eggs, except for highly expensive “free range” production which at least triples the cost to consumers.[pdf] In the days prior to intensive chicken farming, in per kilo terms, chicken cost more than lobster, putting it out of reach of working families.

He also stunned local Greens party supporters and other radicals when he revealed his life partner is looking forward to meeting Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth if the occasion arises.

He contrasted his record his Planning Committee slacker Chairwoman Catherine Ng saying “I’ll be a full-time lord mayor, and my council team and I are committed to attending council meetings.”

Bandt appeared to admit he is a trainee barrister or a pupil having left the ambulance chasing law firm Slater and Gordon over a year ago. He denied being a shareholder in the listed law firm.

He also denied being in Greg Barber’s “power” faction in the Victorian Greens which has seized control of their preselection process in recent years.

Bandt declined to answer questions about whether he was sending tonnes of paper to voters by direct mail.

To read the whole exchange, click here.



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6 responses to “CRISIS: Greens Lord Mayoral candidate threatens to quit, eats meat and wants to meet Queen

  1. Greg

    Is that me lurking in the background, counting the numbers?

  2. !

    what a bloody idiot. Monarchist!

  3. Krudd

    Well, nobody’s perfect. And you can bet that in the 2010 double, he’ll be lining Tanner and Pike again…

  4. Andrew can you publish the timetable and link to the online blog. I could not find it.

  5. Hi.

    Here is the timetable..

    And yes Doyle is missing. We think he declined to participate. he believes voters already know who he is and he doesn’t need to campaign.

    Personally I would put him last. His running mate “Susan Riley” was one of the worst Deputy Lord Mayors in Melbourne’s recent history and his lead candidate Carl Jetter is not far behind.

    Give Doyle the Doyly wave good bye.

    Herald-sun Time Table

    From Monday, Herald Sun online gives you the opportunity to ask questions to the people who want to be Melbourne’s next Lord Mayor.

    Each day for two weeks, a mayoral candidate will participate in a lunchtime blog. So, if you care about your city and who will be its leader, join the discussion. It starts at noon on Monday.

    Ballot papers will be issued later this week so if you not in a hurry to cast your vote you may get a chance to hear what’s not being said in this “Policy vacuum election”.

    Governance issues are one Policy free zone that candidates have avoided, along with lurks and perks scams that comes with office (Stay tuned as we expose the Great Australian Qantas Tax payer Rip-off ).

    In case your wondering this election will cost each voter around $25 in direct and indirect costs with the City Council paying out more then 1.5 Million dollars.

    Monday, Nov 10:
    Bob “King” Crawford: Arts pioneer, song-writer and author. Wants to bring the fun back into the city.

    Tuesday, Nov 11:
    Adam Bandt: Greens candidate and lawyer. Wants better public transport and the city to run on renewable energy.

    Wednesday, Nov 12:
    Catherine Ng: Current councillor. Wants 20 safe city ambassadors to patrol the streets at night.

    Thursday, Nov 13:
    Nick Columb: Businessman and racehorse owner. Wants to use his passion for Melbourne to forget the politics and get things done.

    Friday, Nov 14:
    Peter McMullin: Geelong councillor and former Melbourne deputy mayor. Lawyer. Labor Party member but has a Liberal, Tim Wilson, as his running mate.

    Monday, Nov 17:
    Gary Singer: Deputy Lord Mayor. Lawyer and arts patron. Wants to continue the city’s transformation into a global business and cultural centre.

    Tuesday, Nov 18:
    Will Fowles: Businessman and Labor Party member. Offering “a fresh vision” and generational change.

    Wednesday, Nov 19:
    Shelley Roberts: CBD architect who wants fairer rates for residents. Also passionate about the city’s living environment.

    Thursday, Nov 20:
    Joe Toscano: Doctor and anarchist who wants radical activism to shake up Town Hall and the State Government.

    Friday, Nov 21:
    Gary Morgan: Pollster who will forgo the mayoral allowance and limousine. Promising rate cuts.

  6. Blackmambo

    shit. damn shame i missed this. what a joke

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