BLAME GAME: Ng does what she does best – nothing

catherineng Catherine Ng has had seven years as chair of Melbourne’s Planning Committee to do something about alcohol-fuelled noise and violence that does so much to disturb residents and disrupt businesses in the Melbourne central business district.

She has presided over the obscenity of King Street, the debauchery of Swanston Street and the rising tide of beatings and begging, vomit and graffiti that sometimes seems to threaten to engulf Melbourne in the wee hours. She was elected Chair of Planning in 2001 and the problem has got worse and worse.

It’s standard fare of course for different levels of government to blame each other for failing to problem solve.

But playing blame games over liquor licensing is getting old. In her case, seven years old.

Cr Ng’s attendance record (the Council’s worst) and her failure to take meaningful action makes her attempts to spin all the more lame.

Her weapon of mass distraction is to put up a King Street style song and dance over the council’s plan to stop pubs and bars over a certain size operating in a particular area.

It’s a plan she’s not even that committed to. She says she just wants to have it “discussed”.

It’s a plan that – like much of what the council has done – probably won’t solve anything which is the reason why the Planning Minister has told them that he won’t approve it because it’s “strategically deficient”. In other words, his Department says it won’t solve the problem and it could quite possibly prompt more booze-swilling capacity with an increase in the number of smaller venues.

Without being too cruel about it, frankly it’s pathetic that after seven years the best Melbourne’s Chair of Planning can manage is an idea doomed to fail and arguably merely designed to distract.

The time has come to elect people who’ll show up to meetings, stand up for residents and fix up the City’s real and many problems.

It is certain beyond doubt that Catherine Ng, dubbed Catherine of Arrogant by Council insiders, is the least qualified of all Lord Mayoral candidates to do any of that.

Not everyone agrees though. At a debate among the candidates last night, one of her Ng’s entourage was former Liberal upper house MP Cameron Boardman. But we thought Ng was politically “independent”. More likely she’s as fake as one of her dodgy Fendi handbags of questionable provenance.



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21 responses to “BLAME GAME: Ng does what she does best – nothing

  1. Anonymous

    She’s very severe looking.

  2. sustainable

    No need for a Lord Mayor limo, she looks like she travels by broomstick

  3. not that there's anything wrong with it

    Is she – I don’t mean to be offensive – a “lady-boy” ??

  4. hag

    Stop preaching at us about pubs and clubs. What’s the booze bill at the Town Hall. I hear it’s thousands of dollars a month.

  5. typical

    Catherine Ng like many politicians is a cynical practitioner of the game of pissing on our leg and then telling us it’s raining.

    No wonder John So has distanced himself from her train wreck.

  6. Fifi

    Good to see my running mate, Nick Columb, slagging off Fatty Doyle on 3AW this morning! That’ll teach Fatty.

  7. Fifi's Passion

    I can neither confirm, nor deny, that I spend thousands of dollars a month on red cask wine.

  8. Peter "Russell' Clarke

    Where’s the cheese?

  9. Honeypot

    As a resident of the city of Melbourne, I urge all people to not vote for Where’s The Cheese Clarke. I also urge all branches to ensure they have enough members to vote for my good pal and mining magnate, Fatty Mando. And as a citizen of Victoria, I urge all citizens to unite behind Tricky-Yellow in his quest to be elected Mayor of Knox again, and then be dumped from that position.

  10. Ryan Smith

    I agree with everything Honeypot has said. He is my hero. I only wish I had a lisp too.

  11. Peter "Russell" Clarke

    Honeypot, you are a dog!

    You supported some guy that had been in the Party literally the day he lodged his application form for preselection, over me!

  12. Anon

    The voters of Warrandyte deserve better.

    One notorious dud has been replaced with another.

  13. Freedom Brother

    Running on the same ticket as an ALP hack and then preferencing another ALP hack is worse than a freedom lover who betrays his brother.

  14. Cr Just_In McKeegan

    Given that I am not running again for the City of Kingston, I will have more time to spend working for the honourable Senator DJ Mitchy Fife.

    The day I decided not to renominate and give up the trappings of the role of Deputy Mayor so I could devote more time to serving the forces of Kroges, was almost as liberating as the day I resigned from being a Ted-staffer.

    You should have seen the look on Red Ted’s face when I told him that I was resigning because I was changing factions!

  15. Tobin Brothers

    Interesting that you mention the man I most aspire to be … TrickyYellow. I too was once Jeffista Filth, but then resigned from my faction, and became an incompetent YL President, and was a local councillor. But I am smarter than Tricky. Perhaps trickier. Rather than let the voters turf me out, I resigned on top. My good friend Just-in who works for the very important Aunty Mitch has also followed my advice. We are clever.

  16. Jindy Cheese

    I think I’ll do some TV ads to help out the local ALP councillors

  17. Anon

    Isn’t Catherine Ng a Liberal, if not a signed up Party Member, isn’t her husband a staffer to a Liberal MP?

  18. douglas

    Yes Catherine is married to a Ted Baillieu staffer, I don’t see why you’d think she’d married a no-hoper, if that’s what you’re saying.

    She is the City’s Mother.

  19. Ann Peacock

    I was going to run with her til I met up and smelled that toxic bad breath. Doesn’t she floss?

  20. I was amused by Catherine’s letter in the Age today. She was quick to call on the State Government to “allow public debate”.

    Whether Melbourne City Council has got it right or not with its draft policy, it should give Melbournians an opportunity to comment on it and the council the chance to make the necessary amendments

    She most certainly did not apply the same principles when it came to calls to review the City of Melbourne’s electoral system?

    Catherine Ng and members of her faction on Council Included Gary Singer voted against the City of Melbourne calling on the State Government to subject the City of Melbourne to a municipal representation review.

    There is wide dissatisfaction in Melbourne electoral system and the direct election model in particular. It has failed to deliver good governance.

    Earlier this year Catherine Ng and Co voted down on the casting vote of the lord Mayor a request to have Melbourne subjected to review. Catherine Ng and her colleagues denied the City of Melbourne ratepayer’s the opportunity to be heard.

    The City of Melbourne is the only municipality that is excluded form the regular review process. WHY?

    The last review (Held behind closed doors) was back in 2001 when the State Government Minister for Local Government Bob Cameron, introduced the direct election model for Lord Mayor.

    I think there is no meat or justification in The city of Melbourne’s policy. It is an obvious attempt at political grandstanding to try and gain some brownie points in the lead up to the November 28 Election. Catherine Ng needs to be seen as doing something. After all as you have correctly pointed out she has done very little other then to deny Melburnians the right have a say in the way they are governed.

  21. Pigz

    She looks suspiciously Macedonian…

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