RUPED: The Bruce Guthrie experiment is over

guthriegone Just a week or two after a quick visit to Melbourne by News Corporation Chairman Rupert Murdoch, the Herald-Sun editor Bruce Guthrie has been sacked.

Former Age man Bruce Guthrie is a chum of Crikey proprietor and ASIC investigation target Eric Beecher and is believed to have been the best man at Lawrence Money’s wedding in kilts a few years back.

Seen looking somewhat stunned in the newsroom, Guthrie’s termination was only made known to him today. The swift sword of Rupe’s justice fell cleanly and with the righteousness that makes him the world’s most admired media proprietor.

It is seen by News Ltd insiders as being Rupe’s final judgment on those odd lifestyle supplements, that really odd chock full of oldies yarns page two column, other oddities like the constant movement of popular sections of the paper and a slight decline in sales.

Compared with other papers, like The Age and interstate equivalents, the Herald Sun’s sales have actually been holding up pretty well, so it’s really about the editorial decisions Guthrie made which some critics say were turning (at least around the edges) Melbourne’s finest newspaper into The Age lite.

Presiding over the Herald & Weekly Times will be the Sunday Mail’s editor Phil Gardiner.

Although the editor of the Herald Sun itself will be the highly regarded Sunday Herald Sun editor in his late 30s, Simon Pristel.

Damon Johnston, the deputy editor of the daily, will become the new Sunday Herald Sun editor.



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4 responses to “RUPED: The Bruce Guthrie experiment is over

  1. blunden faction

    Knee-capped, as promised.

  2. When?

    When do the changes take effect?

  3. Timmeh

    When will Ellen get the head job?

  4. agent spencer

    Maybe Guthrie and Money will start their own paper.Beecher could pay for it!

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