FRIED: Fake colonel besmirched by fake king in council fight

kfcattacked Melbourne Lord Mayoral candidate Bob ‘King’ Crawford today attacked the presence of US owned franchises in the city, including the much loved KFC, a brand of YUM Foods, founded by ‘Colonel’ Harland Sanders, whose invention of pressure cooked fried chicken has been equated by some with electricity, penicillin and the internet.

He was asked on a Herald Sun online blog:

Q: Do you think there are too many American owned franchises like KFC in Melbourne?

A: Yes. I hate the fact that we are losing all those signs that used to be Australia.

The octogenarian candidate also said he was “frightened” about the prospect of Robert Doyle becoming Lord Mayor. A fear only exceeded it seems by Ted Baillieu. Despite the attack on Doyle, Crawford insisted he wasn’t intent on bad-mouthing anyone.

He struggled to explain how he was going to get regulatory approval for a “City lottery” given that Tattslotto enjoys a state monopoly.

Crawford explained that he has lives in the municipality, in Southbank, and owns a business in the city called Planet Records.

His odd plan to construct a monorail prompted a cheeky question about whether his plan was inspired by the Simpsons. He didn’t deny it.

He pledged not to fly first or business class if elected as Lord Mayor and that he would adopt a hybrid car as his official vehicle.

One correspondent insisted that his plan to impose “mesmeratic art” on the municipality was much more frightening “than poor old Robert Doyle”. Crawford still had heads scratching when he explained “Mesmeratic art is the creating of works. The more you look, the more you see, whereby it’s possible to sit in front of a painting for numerous hours and still see new things to see.”

The big issues were raised too:

Q: How do you scrub up in black tie? Are you a drinker?

A: In black tie, I look absolutely fantastic. On a good a day, I only look 80. And I’m only an occasional drinker. Cascade Light mainly.

Not all ratepayers were polite:

Q: Having studied your website, I find you to be a meglomaniac with an inflated view of yourself and someone who dwells on blessing bestowed in years gone by. How will you combat this perception?

A; Hi Harry. I’m glad you have visited and you describe me almost perfectly. But I do have a sense of humour and I hope you had a laugh at it.  

Click here to see the entire exchange.



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5 responses to “FRIED: Fake colonel besmirched by fake king in council fight

  1. IN a bold statement of support former ALP Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, and outgoing Lord Mayor, John So, have teamed up to support Peter McMullin’s bid for the keys to the Limo and Melbourne’s Gold Chains and Mayoralty Robes.
    John So’s tacit endorsement has placed at odds Catherine Ng and Garry Singer’s chances of winning. Both Singer and Ng were key players in John So’s Team.
    Garry singer was John So’s running mate and Deputy Lord Mayor in 2004 and Catherine Ng was So’s number one “Lead Candidate” for the Council.
    John So’s support for Peter McMullin is a slap in the face and a final act of betrayal. It has been common knowledge around Clown Hall that John So could no longer work with Catherine Ng and that she had played a pivotal role in John So’s decision to retire and not to seek a third term of office as Melbourne’s “Favorite” Lord Mayor.
    The Backs and So’s endorsement has added fuel and fire to McMullen’s campaign which got off to a poor start when McMullin preferenced his main opponent Robert Doyle ahead of the pack. (See McMullin reconsiders preference recomendation)
    Steve Brack’s clearly places the ALP stamp of approval on McMullin’s bid for office ahead of young Will Fowles’ fresh and green team. John So’s approval has given him that extra edge over his other rivals Catherine Ng and Garry Singer putting McMullin back into contention for a possible win.

  2. Anonymous

    What a pity Jeff Kennett didn’t run? Rumour has it the exposure on the blog of Kennett’s intention to make Diane Anderson his campaign manager forced him to withdraw. Also the boroondara blog claimed Diane Anderson was the force behind both Kennett and Boroondara activist Mary Drost (Mary has been a contributor to Diane’s Higgins News, despite the fact that she’s a very conservative Lib).

    Making Diane your campaign manager is a stupid move Jeff, and I’m pleased you saw the light.

    Also the most recent item on the boroondara blog urges voters in council elections to refuse to support ALP candidates and their dummies, and to support Kroger faction candidates, presumably when they identify themselves and I’ve yet to find any.

    Funny that. Robert Doyle used to contribute to the Erik Locke blog all his press releases so lazy journos would pick them up, and sometimes they did. On the Locke blog last time Doyle urged voters to reject ALP candidates and their dummies. Seems one of his supporters is using identical language on the boroondara blog!

  3. if you cant say something nice...

    Talking about candidate statements, what about the crap flying around Darebin. For a start, get this one- GOVAN, Jayne
    Conservative Independent for Cazaly Ward. Last I heard she was a lapsed ALP member with application for rejoin sitting on the secretary’s desk. Conservative my ass-sitting on single mother benefits after a turkey baste pregnancy. Then there is the loony lefts’ GRECO, Gaetano who says “…Simply capping Darebin’s CEO $280,000 salary and cutting wasteful spending we can also make dog and cat registrations free for pensioners.” Now there’s a solution, cut salaries so that we can have more dogs and cats!” He also promises to set up a charitable trust with half his allowance from the first year. He calls himself an accountant so should know he’ll spend that much setting it up. And then there’s World War eleven ASMAR, Diana
    Australian Labor Party member, current Darebin Councillor and Former Mayor. “I have a strong track record of getting results for our local community”. Bullshit. I’ve seen the Annual Report and she can’t even be bothered to turn up to meetings. “Our residents deserve a Councillor that will continue to be proactive, listen and be accessible.” Leave me alone, she is the laziest witch to draw a cheque from Darebin since the gooses that were sacked by Jeff in 97 including Matty Bilias, and Stephen Tsistas and Laurence Singh(current Candidates). The future at Darebin is so bright I’ve gotta wear shades.

  4. crime can pay

    You haven’t got near the bottom of the barrel yet! You can’t have met Arfur Daley Fontana-grubby character who you don’t want teaching your kids ethics.
    Ex-mayor disqualified from running liquor store
    May 6 2003
    By Steve Butcher
    A former northern suburbs mayor has lost his liquor store licence after admitting to dealings with a couple who were arrested wheeling a shopping trolley loaded with bottles of spirits.

    Vince Fontana, a Darebin councillor who recently finished a one-year term as mayor, has been banned from holding a liquor licence for 15 years.

    His company, Housewine Pty Ltd, also lost its licence for two years and was fined $5000 in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

    The penalties follow an investigation into Mr Fontana and his business, Northcote Cellars.

    The tribunal heard that a young couple who appeared to be under the influence of drugs were arrested by police in Camberwell in November, 2001, wheeling a trolley containing 28 bottles of spirits.

    Mr Fontana later admitted to police he had sold the couple the liquor for $20 a bottle for them to on-sell on consignment.

    The couple had previously been caught stealing liquor from a Camberwell outlet.

    In VCAT yesterday, defence barrister Sharon Cure said Mr Fontana accepted the facts of the case, but he did not accept that any inferences could be drawn. Nor did he admit to any criminal behaviour.

    Ms Cure said Mr Fontana accepted that he had made an error of judgement and had “engaged in conduct that compromised his position”.

    He now planned to leave the liquor industry, she said

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