JUSTICE: Terrorists no longer smiling in Bali

justicebyzeg Zeg – our favourite cartoonist – speaks for many with his cartoon.

The mass murderers – who killed 88 people in a bombing on Bali – have now been put to death and sent to hell.

We see imperfections in our legal system and say its verdicts are too uncertain to allow courts to mete out the death penalty. This of course is an argument too for not punishing any crime, ever. For as sure as it is that the death penalty cannot be reversed nor can those sentenced to jail wrongly be given their time back.

Few seriously disputed the imposition of the death penalty for Iraqi tyrant-butcher Saddam Hussein or Nazi war criminals for that matter. In the pantheon of villainy, Amrozi and his fellow killers have certainly deserved their place on the bonfire.

While both sides of politics enthusiastically trip over themselves to oppose the death penalty, it might be better for them to focus on opposing terrorism and the vicious killing of eighty-eight Australians:

Gayle Airlie

Belinda Allen

Renae Anderson

Peter Basioli

Christina Betmilik

Matthew Bolwerk

Abbey Borgia

Debbie Borgia

Gerardine Buchan

Steve Buchan

Chloe Byron

Anthony Cachia

Rebecca Cartledge

Bronwyn Cartwright

Jodie Cearns

Jane Corteen

Jenny Corteen

Paul Cronin

Donna Croxford

Kristen Curnow

Francoise Dahan

Sylvia Dalais

Joshua Deegan

Andrew Dobson

Michelle Dunlop

Craig Dunn

Shane Foley

Dean Gallagher

Angela Golotta

Angela Gray

Byron Hancock

Simone Hanley

James Hardman

Billy Hardy

Nicole Harrison

Tim Hawkins

Andrea Hore

Adam Howard

Paul Hussey

Josh Iliffe

Carol Johnstone

David Kent

Dimmy Kotronakis

Elizabeth Kotronakis

Aaron Lee

Justin Lee

Stacey Lee

Danny Lewis

Scott Lysaght

Linda Makawana

Sue Maloney

Robert Marshall

David Mavroudis

Lynette McKeon

Marissa McKeon

Jenny Murphy

Amber O’Donnell

Jessica O’Donnell

Sue Ogier

Jodie O’Shea

Corey Paltridge

Charles van Renen

Brad Ridley

Ben Roberts

Bronwyn Ross

David Ross

Kathy Salvatori

Greg Sanderson

Cathy Seelin

Lee Sexton

Tom Singer

Anthony Stewart

Julie Stevenson

Jason Stokes

Behic Sumer

Nathan Swaine

Tracy Thomas

Clint Thompson

Robert Thwaites

Jonathan Wade

Vanessa Walder

Jodie Wallace

Shane Walsh-Till

Robyn Webster

Marlene Whiteley

Charmaine Whitton

Gerard Yeo

Luiza Zervos

Lest we forget.



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4 responses to “JUSTICE: Terrorists no longer smiling in Bali

  1. Paj

    One of the things that jumps out is the diversity of the names. This country will take in so many and unite them under a flag and an attitude. May god bless all of them. Australia forever.

  2. Jap

    Yeah, Indonesia is such a monoculture, no diversity at all. All have abu and mohammed in their name. Which helps cause the list of Indonesians killed is quite simple to list.

  3. Anonymous

    Executions should have been streamed live on the web.

  4. macca

    Actually they killed 202 people – 88 of which were Australians. You only count Australian deaths?

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