OOPS: Journalist's drunken tirade lands him in hot water

milnespirit In a move that would even strain even the lax ethical standards of local newspaper chain Star News Group chief of staff Elizabeth Hart and News Limited scribe Glenn Milne at the Walkley Awards, a British journalist has launched a drunken attack on his employer, confessed to plagiarism and revealed his blatant political bias on video after having a few too many while in Miami this week after Senator Obama’s famous victory.

Naturally, it made its way to the internet.

Choice quotes:

“I jumped on a plane on Friday to volunteer for the Barack Obama campaign. As an ill-advised promise, I’ve decided to say to my paper back home that I’d write about the American election.

“I wanted to be here because I’m here for history. The trouble is, the readers of the Birmingham Mail are going to get my version of history. And I’m just a little bit p—– … Thank god for the BBC, because I’m cutting and pasting, baby!”

“My name is Adam Smith, also known as Steve Zacharanda, who has just resigned from the Birmingham Mail, the Birmingham Post and the Birmingham Sunday Mercury, to set up my own magazine. F*ck you, I’m doing what I want.”

“The normal people in America would believe anything…”

“Europe is so old and cynical. America is naive and believes in optimism…”

Adam Smith, who also trades as Steve Zacharanda, is no longer certain whether he still has a job at the Birmingham Mail after his comments in which he claimed to have resigned. He left this comment on Youtube to his many fans:

Hello Everyone.
Thanks for the kind comments, it has meant a lot to get the backing of so many people I respect. I’m currently in hiding at the Gansevoort South hotel in Miami tryin to come to terms what’s happened whilst sipping rum and coke at the pool. I guess I’m going to have to face the music when I get back.
Adam Smith, aka Steve Zacharanda
Technically, still a Birmingham Mail reporter.
But definitely editor and founder of Goggle-eye magazine and Cheeky Media

In a follow-up video, he explains from an Obama campaign office while wearing a  “Brummies for Obama” T-shirt:

“I think I’ve lost my job… I’m a bit scared to speak to work. There’ve been words like ‘outrageous’, ‘bringing the company into disrepute…”

“I was off duty, I am on official holiday working at the South Beach Miami Barack Obama campaign where I had just done a 18-hour shift trying to make the world a better place.

“Please check every single piece of copy from the BBC and see if I have cut and pasted anything. I have not, it was a joke and should be taken in the spirit it was said.”

Turns out he was leaving anyway – with sixty or so others – due to job cuts at his employer. A cunning stunt of the publicity kind it seems.

The London Telegraph and countless other outlets have picked up the story though.





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3 responses to “OOPS: Journalist's drunken tirade lands him in hot water

  1. Steevo

    It comes down to the sleazy bankrupt audacity of the left on the coatails of O. Its not journalism, just manipulative abuse and in your face at that.

  2. James

    Give him his due Steevo. You don’t have to agree with his politics to be able to spot a great publicity coup when you see one.

  3. loves2spooj

    The audacity of drunken stupidity!

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