COUNTING SHEEP: Helengrad has fallen

nzcount Labour’s Helen Clark has been defeated and has quit the leadership, the conservative National party has prevailed winning even some of Labour’s once strongest seats like Auckland Central, former merchant banker John Key will be Prime Minister, famed reformer Roger Douglas is back in Parliament and the incoming New Zealand government is not expected to change its website that insists that Australia has more sheep than people too.



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4 responses to “COUNTING SHEEP: Helengrad has fallen

  1. anon

    It is to be hoped someone that Merchant Banker .

  2. Anonymous

    The electoral system is biased against right wing populist parties. The Greens with six per cent are represented in parliament. New Zealand First, led by the pragmatist Winston Peters, gets less than the five per cent threshold and is not represented.

    Just think if Pauline Hanson had any brains. One Nation would still be a force in Australia like New Zealand First in the land of the kiwis.

  3. Anonymous

    Vexnews is looking good. Commentary on the DPRK is spot on. So is its news on Helengrad.

    On the first subject the DPRK Friendship Society once said on the old Erik Locke blog it welcomed Red Ted as a member but didn’t like people in the ALP. In NZ its sister organisation didn’t like Helen Clark but liked National.

    Vexnews must have something going for it. It’s banned in both Iran and the DPRK.

  4. Southern Cloud Islandander

    New Zealand, like Tasmania, is over governed. They should merge Tasmania and nNew Zealand and call it the Southern Cloud Islands State (SCS) of Australia.

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