LUCKY: Peter Lloyd's drug trafficking charges dropped

Peter Lloyd, the ABC journalist busted in Singapore with drugs in his apartment and in his system, has succeeded today in his campaign to get drug trafficking charges dropped.

His former wife Kirsty McIvor has been loyally fighting for his release, even speaking at a benefit raising funds to help with his legal defence. She’s flown to Singapore twice since his arrest.

She recently told the Australian press that her husband is unwell “He had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and was undergoing treatment.”

It’s not all good news for the ABC journalist. While the gravely serious drug trafficking charge is gone, he still faces four lesser possession related charges.

He appears likely to plead guilty to those charges, express remorse, identify those who supplied the drugs and hope that he is sent home to work at the ABC as soon as possible.

The sentencing hearing is on December 2nd.

The drug consumption charge has a maximum jail term of 10 years and/or a 20,000 Singapore dollar fine (about $A20,000). It is not expected he would be given jail-time for the consumption offence, given his co-operation with the authorities.



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3 responses to “LUCKY: Peter Lloyd's drug trafficking charges dropped

  1. eddy groves

    One standard for ABC joiurnalist another for everyone else

  2. Anonymous

    Half of ABC journo’s are on the blow.

  3. gerry hengel

    great to see nothing worse than middle ages justice.

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