DEVIL'S PACT: Will Fowles's Deputy linked with gay hate group while claiming God tells him things

The running-mate of Socialist Left Melbourne Lord Mayoral candidate Will Fowles has been exposed as an extremist right-wing fundamentalist Christian who believes gays and lesbians will burn in hell and claims that God regularly speaks with him personally.

Incumbent councillor Pastor David Wilson – the former head of the Kingsley Bible College – claims that God tells him things:

God was telling me that He had His people planted strategically in every building. People who lived in the city, others who work in the City, all of them a part of God’s strategy to reach the City and make it more of what He wants it to be. But then I felt God saying that the problem was they didn’t realize how important they were to His strategy.

One of his council colleagues – who asked not to be named – told VEXNEWS that “Wilson is an extreme right demagogue. I’m telling you, he’s a nice person to your face but his beliefs are sinister. I’m still amazed he was elected to any public office. He’s a slightly less obnoxious version of Danny Nalliah. He thinks Satan is the cause of the drug epidemic on our streets. He truly thinks gays and lesbians have a disease that needs to be cured. I think it’s very strange that Will Fowles would form a devil’s pact with this very nasty man. He’s also been one of the laziest councillors going, check the local papers the last few years he’s hardly been in them…”


Amusingly, the Will Fowles website has attempted to sanitise and secularise the account of the Pastor’s past.

The Fowles site says the Pastor was the “Principal of a tertiary college for eighteen years“. That’d be the Kingsley Bible College. Why so shy about it?

Fowles is also probably understandably shy about naming the shadowy groups the Pastor is involved with:

He is currently involved in membership and/or chairmanship of a number of Community service organizations(sic)…


On the fundamentalist Christian website that reported Pastor David Wilson’s claim that God tells him things is an unfavourable reference to John So’s Deputy Gary Singer for encouraging gay tourism to Melbourne.

Immediately below that rather hateful reference, the site congratulates their Pastor David Wilson on his election with the offer of “heartiest congratulations and prayerful best wishes to David.”

The pastor’s organisations “Urban Encounter” and the Kingsley Bible College are listed as part of a network of militant Christian fundamentalists which includes Saltshakers, a group that has been criticised for being homophobic. Click here to see Saltshakers pronouncements on the subject of gays and disease.


Pastor Wilson is entitled to his faith. While homophobia is disgusting, there are probably worse things than thinking God speaks with you personally.

But it remains a mystery that perhaps only the Lord above could explain why the Pastor’s extreme right-wing fundamentalist socially conservative Christian views led him to team up with a nihilist, self-important, blustering, blundering buffoon Will Fowles (complete with $50,000 campaign car known as the Fowlemobile) whose principal political activity seems focused on waiting patiently for his Socialist Left faction to deliver up the state seat of Melbourne or Richmond upon the retirement of Ministers Bronny Pike or his Department’s favourite minister, Richard “Gone Native” Wynne.



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22 responses to “DEVIL'S PACT: Will Fowles's Deputy linked with gay hate group while claiming God tells him things

  1. revolting

    How will Will explain this to his comrades ???

  2. good times

    I think this election is going to be a lot of fun…

  3. Leave Fowlesy alone! He tried to help me out with my recent, ummm… electoral troubles

  4. During a phone conversation with a patriot, I condemned Fowles for helping out the clowns at Monash

  5. Zoe Edwards

    He’s promised me a cushy job. Hope I get to go on more junkets.

  6. Who's the leak this time?

    Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2008 01:23:32 -0700
    Subject: Go! auctioneer for Melbourne City Council!

    Hey guys,

    Some of us on the weekend will be helping out Will Fowles to get
    elected Lord Mayor of Melbourne. He helped Go! out as the auctioneer
    (where we raised almost all the money for the campaign!), so we are
    hoping that Go! people can give back some support.

    We are helping by door knocking areas to help people to enroll to
    vote. You’ll be in a team, so it isn’t nearly as scary as day three of
    the elections! And we’ll give you a brief so that you know what to do.

    Please let me know if you can come, 0418 592 ****.

    Sunday September 21st, 10.30am onwards, in the city (meeting place

    Cheers, Mat

    You received this message because you are subscribed to the Google Groups “Go! 2009” group.
    To post to this group, send email to
    To unsubscribe from this group, send email to
    For more options, visit this group at

  7. Anonymous

    Will has popped Zoe many a time, common knowledge at MSU.

  8. Obi Wan Kenobe

    This is most disturbing and bizarre.

    It means that Fowles/ Pastor Wilsons’ preferences are not only going directly to McMullin & Tim Wilson who is an extreme right free trade ideologue and Liberal Party hopeful, but also Gay – and believes the Marriage Act should be repealed as it is discriminatory against Gays and Lesbians!(ABC Q&A program)…

    How ridiculous is this race going to get?

  9. Ollie

    He doesn’t know the gay fun he is missing.
    Maybe he should he should spend an evening with Chris Pearce, Chrissy Pyne and myself playing leap frop.

  10. Ollie (the real one)

    I would never play leap frog with Pearce or Pyne – I have played with Tim Wilson though…

    Not very much fun.

  11. Ollie (the false one)

    There are sure a lot of homophobes who use this blog… and the ALP Right.

  12. foul by name; foul by nature

    How much more embarrassment can the SL endure before disavowing Will Fowles ?

  13. Cameron

    I’m just shocked that Peter would team up with a young gay man!

  14. Anonymous

    David Taft. Condemns the Monash leftards in a phone conversation to a patriot then assists the same leftards by supporting them at the election tribunal

    Cognitive dissonance?


    The Night of Betrayal and shame pushes McClown out of the race for Lord Mayor

    Peter McMullin’s non recipicated preference deal has virtually handed the keys to the LM001 Limo to Robert Doyle. Whilst his aim may have been to stop the Greens from being a contender McMullin can not catch the palletone.

    Will Fowles will now take the ALP red jersey, out polling McMullin.

    Whilst the Greens also can not win they will cry martyr.

    Sportingbet Australia have not yet updated their odds. But I would expect that they will shift dramatically over the next day or two as the impact of the preference deals becomes apparent.

    The lesson to be learnt from this is that direct elections of Lord Mayor does not deliver good governance.

  16. Now is a good time to place your bets. You can easily make a profit.

  17. Anonymous

    Michael Paul in the Banyule elections is claiming a link with his local church. Is it the Exclusvie Bretheren?

  18. Anonymous

    He couldn’t get in the door, he is far beyond being described as even morbidly obese.

  19. Anonymous

    Hope he doesn’t try and letterbox, he will have a heart attack!

  20. Anonymous

    Wouldn’t a supplementary election put the cat amoungst the pidgeons?! Imagine McKenna, Sherriff, Langdon etc scrambling for supremacy in that Ward!

  21. Anonymous

    As long as they are all fully clothed that would be OK!

  22. The Showbags

    Pastor David Wilson must be very uncomfortable about his preferences going to Gay Marriage Campaigner Tim Wilson. Timmy has told told his boyfriend Carl to lie low for a few weeks until after the elections!(obviously no marriage proposal happening there). Carl is a waiter at Docklands and part time drag queen who performs under the fetching name “Carla Dubois”. Not a vote winner amongst the happy clappers.

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