DAM CRAZY: Greens party Senator and Xenophon back dam plans for National Park

craigingram The Independent Member for Gippsland East, Craig Ingram, has slammed the South Australian senators for backing protest group, Plug the Pipe, which has campaigned to dam the Mitchell River in Gippsland.

The Senators, Greens Sarah Hansen-Young and Independent Nick Xenophon, attended the rally on Sunday at Yea.

Mr Ingram said that by fully backing this protest group, the Senators were giving support for the Plug the Pipe group’s anti-Gippsland dam policies.

“Plug the pipe protestors have previously held rallies in Melbourne with banners promoting damming Gippsland rivers and have issued press releases supporting damming the Mitchell River as an alternative to the north-south pipeline,” Mr Ingram said.

“While it may be politically popular for South Australian Senators to fight for increased flows down the Murray, it should not come at the expense of another river system or the already stressed Gippsland Lakes.

“These fly-in interstate senators need to explain why they think that Gippslanders should be considered second-class citizens when it comes to water politics and why our rivers should be surrendered in their media stunts.

“For the Greens to back a pro-dams group is the height of hypocrisy, particularly Sara Hansen-Young originally hails from Orbost in the Gippsland region.

“Unlike the Mitchell Dam being pushed by Plug the Pipe supporters, the water for the proposed north-south pipeline will be sourced from verified water savings projects.

“Damming the Mitchell will just take water from another rural community and condemn the Gippsland Lakes and this heritage river to ecological harm,” Mr Ingram concluded.



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4 responses to “DAM CRAZY: Greens party Senator and Xenophon back dam plans for National Park

  1. Walter Plinge

    Damming the Mitchell — should have been done 2 decades ago. Let’s jsut get on with it.

  2. Muttley

    Finally someone is talking sense. I just wish the useless water minister and his government would listen. A Dam on the Mitchell River would also save communities downstream from flooding as has happened many times. There would still be water flow past the dam just less fresh water would flow out to sea as it does now. The only reason that area is a national park is because of the dirty deals of the Brack’s government and there need to keep sweet with the independents at the time. That was followed by the distresses rule of the minister for no water John Thwaites.

  3. anon

    Sarah Hansen-Young is a filthy Green slut and as for Xenophon DON’T bend over in front of him if you a male – he is a stool pusher.

  4. philip travers

    This is all new to me,and generally I am a Australian Democrat supporter,so Be hostile,if you like.It seems strange to me email responses,here, and even odder what the Member is saying.I might go to the Green’s Blogsite after this.Being Ex-Victorian,and love bagging the place,it is very difficult to think Greens want dams,and do so to stop a pipeline that isn’t wanted.And now in Melbourne this Flemington Racecourse matter,and Batchelor’s attitude.The word threat,seems to have high meaning for him.But I think they just want the money from the water use,and they’ll miss out,if not.If they have a problem with revenues,as most governments always have,why this dishonesty!?Very strange,like communication has been reduced to grabs to suit American Resident Murdoch’s standards.I am not actually saying that about Ingram as yet!

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